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Title Author Description Game(s)
A Year Among the Eagleseer Clan Glabrian Tuliel, University of Gwylim A scholar's account of the Eagleseer Clan
Yellow Book of 3E 426 Gives a list of Hlaalu councilors and house affairs
The Yellow Book of Riddles A small book of interesting riddles
Y'ffelon, the Forbidden Island Ignatius Galenus A scholar's account of his visit to Y'ffelon
Y'ffre's Beckoning Gwaering, the Green Lady The Green Lady speaks of her experiences
Y'ffre's Hymn A hymn dedicated to Y'ffre
Y'frre's Sparkling Steeds Melobrian A treatise on the elusive indrik
Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts A tale of Ysgramor's first adventure in Tamriel
You Are What You Eat Norgic Darkcloak Dietary advice from a mad Nord
Yours for the Taking! Catonius Libo, Aide-de-Camp to General Lavinia Axius A call for Colovians to join the Legion of the West Weald