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Title Author Description Game(s)
The Eagle and the Cat Lord Gharesh-ri, Speaker for the Mane A description of the outbreak of the Knahaten Flu
Eagle Hunter: Against the Dominion A Covenant report on how to fight the Aldmeri Dominion
Earana's Notes Earana Notes for Earana's aid regarding the ruins of Cloud Top
The Eastern Provinces On the benefits and liabilities of the ongoing management of Morrowind and Black Marsh
The Ebon Arm Witten Rol Description of the appearance of Reymon Ebonarm, God of War, in a battle
Ecology of the Death Hound Odgrete Bjersen A description of death hounds
Ecology of the Ornaug Fronto Maecilius Notes about an aquatic predator of the western Abecean Sea
Effects of the Elder Scrolls Justinius Poluhnius A thesis on the four different types of readers of the Elder Scrolls
Egg Mines and You! Kylia Thando, Expert Kwama Wrangler A treatise on the Kwama
The Egg of Time Bthuand Mzahnch A refutation of a popular theory among the Dwemer that the use of Lorkhan's Heart involved unjustifiable risks
Egg-Tender's Journal Haxara A Bright-Throat egg-tender's personal journal
The Eight Steps of Mummification Fezmani of the Steady Hand, Priest of Tu'whacca A short guide on how to mummify a body
Elante's Notes Elante The journal of a mage seeking power within Mordrin Hanin's tomb
Elden Root Safety Precautions Warnings to visitors of Elden Root
Elder Scroll The contents of one the mysterious Elder Scrolls
Elders of Bramblebreach Poem on the Bramblebreach Clan's ancestor spirits
The Eldest: A Pilgrim's Tale Religious rites of the Bosmer
Elenaire's Journal Elenaire A researcher's journal documenting her survey of Hel Ra Citadel
The Elf, the Egg, and the Almost-Dragon The tale of a girl and her mysterious egg
Elphirion's Journal Elphirion A Bosmer villager's plot to poison General Malgoth
Elsweyr My Love Pages from a fragmented play
Elven Artifacts vIII Ith-Mok Notes about the legendary Flask of Lillandril
Elven Eyes, Elven Spies Zwinthodurr Roun-dar A cautionary pamphlet warning of Aldmeri Dominion spies in Elsweyr
An Elytra's Life Karmelle One's account in the family unit of the gentle Elytra
Embracing the Natural Order Parisse Ergalla An account of one of the cityfolk living among the druids
Emeric's Judgment King Emeric King Emeric's decree after the Ranser's War
Emperor Kastav's Epitaph Honor Guard Captain Sadineras-Kor A memorial plaque dedicated to a deposed Emperor
The Emperor of the Villa Valenca Arvina, Historian-in-Residence at Gwylim University A biography of Emperor Brazollus Dor
Enchanter's Primer Sergius Turrianus A guide for novices in enchanting issued by the College of Winterhold
Enchanting Made Easy Fishes-for-Runes A beginner's guidebook to enchanting with runestones
End of the Journey The tale of the journey of Saint Veloth
An End to Isolation Queen Ayrenn A royal decree lifting the border restrictions on Summerset Isle
Enduring Nord Society Nevil Hleran Observations of Nordic social culture by a Dunmer
Engine of Expression Proctor Albacron, Second Innovator of the Sacred Flywheel A collection of Clockwork Apostle idioms related to the Great Gear concept
Enigma of the Runestones Telenger the Artificer On the runestones of Tamriel
Eorim's Tale Eorim The tale of Fildgor Strong-Prince's lover and their adventures with the Stormfist Brigade
The Epic of the Grey Falcon Anido Jhone, editor Tale of the sole survivor of a pirate attack
Epics of Mehrunes Dagon High Chronicler Valentine Liore of the Order of the Waking Flame Tales of Mehrunes Dagon
Epistle on the Spirits of Amun-dro Thava-ko A treatise on a set of old Khajiiti myths
Epitaph of Bjarfrud Skjoralmor An epitaph to the founder of Falkreath
Epode of the Ansei Wards Weltan of Sentinel A poem on the self-sacrifice of three Ansei
Erden Relvel's Note Erden Relvel An invitation from a priest of Dagoth Ur
Ertival's Recounting Ertival A description of a dream about the Abyssal Cabal
Esqoo of Dhalmora Answers Your Questions Esqoo of Dhalmora A guar-herd answers questions on lore
Establish Watchposts Captain Priscus An Imperial officer's orders to establish watchposts in Cyrodiil
Etiquette With Rulers Erystera Ligen The etiquette of speaking with nobles
Eulogy for Emperor Varen Lord Abnur Tharn, Chancellor of the Elder Council A lament for a dead emperor
Euraxian Necromancers Khamira, Agent of the Speaker Information on the cult of necromancers that threatens Anequina
Evacuation Order Porcius Sisenna Details on the planned evacuation of White Rose Prison
Evaluation of Saint Felms Alienist Llandras An asylum caretaker's notes on an insane Temple Saint
Evaluation of Saint Llothis Alienist Llandras An asylum caretaker's notes on an insane Temple Saint
Evaluation of Saint Olms Alienist Llandras An asylum caretaker's notes on an insane Temple Saint
The Ever-Filling Chalice The inscription on a cursed chalice
The Everscriven Tome A short text on the god Xarxes
An Excerpt from the Book of Seasons A short verse praising the season of spring
Excerpts From Fabricated Flora: A Study Acolyte Kelvivi Research notes on a fully organic organism found in the Clockwork City
The Exclusionary Mandates The dictates of the Marukhati Selective
Exegesis of Merid-Nunda Phrastus of Elinhir Thoughts on a rare manuscript
Exiled from Exile, Volume 7 Yasra al-Ash'abah The tale of a man and his daughter's encounter with a cult of Daedra worshippers
Exodus from Summerset Praise for Saint Veloth the Pilgrim
Exodus of the Druids Druid Laurel of the Stonelore Circle A druid historian's look at the druidic exodus from High Rock to the Systres
The Exodus Waughin Jarth The tale of a couple's desperate bid to save their only child
Experiment Journal Necromantic research on the creation of ice-based thralls
The Exploits of Miss Claudina Ildene Phebe Peronard The recounting of ghost hunter's investigation into a haunted stable
An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim Marcius Carvain, Viscount Bruma A brief travel guide for adventuresome tourists in Skyrim
Exploring the Xal Ithix Ruins Looks-Under-Rocks Notes on the ancient ruins of Shadowfen
Exposing a Terrible Evil A journal uncovering the Dark Brotherhood
The Eye of Baan Dar Eilirsu-dro A Khajiiti account of how a Baandari tricked a Telvanni Saint
Eye of Zthenganaz Notes on a cursed Dwemer artifact
Eyes of Nothing Romien Garvette of the Whispering Shadows A Nocturnal cultist's notes on the Wraith-of-Crows
Eyewitness to the Wall A farmer's account on the building of Varen's Wall