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Title Author Description Game(s)
Na-Kesh's Journal Tree-Minder Na-Kesh Notes on the origin and properties of Amber Plasm
The Nameless Mage A short biography of Malkur Valos
Namira's Dance Gemma Pamphelius, Cultural Scribe An eyewitness account of a Reachman ceremony dedicated to Namira
Naril Nagaia Journal A researcher's journal documenting his discovery of ancient Ayleid necromantic experiments
Naril's Notes: Early Experiments Lector Naril Research notes on the irrigation experiments in the Everwound Wellspring
Naril's Note: Simulated Sunlight Lector Naril Research notes on the limitations of the Clockwork sun
Naril's Notes: Origins Lector Naril Research notes on the origins of the Everwound Wellspring
Naril's Note: Success Out of Tragedy Lector Naril Research notes on the sunlight illuminators in the Everwound Wellspring
Narsis Dren and the Cursed Coffin Narsis Dren, Treasure Hunter Adventures of the great Narsis Dren
Naryu's Journal Naryu Virian The illustrated diary of a Morag Tong assassin
The Na-Totambu of Yokuda On the lost wisdom of Yokuda
Nchunak's Fire and Faith Nchunak Nchunak's journey among the Dwemer and his attempts to understand the teachings of Kagrenac
Necessities for Successful Negotiations Oberelle Petit A guide to negotiation
Necromancer's Diary Tumma-Maxath A necromancer's diary about the Shade Sickle
Necromancer's Moon A note of forewarning to the Order of the Black Worm
Necromancy in Modern Tamriel Wafimeles Masteret (Lorekeeper) A treatise on the current state of necromancy in Tamriel
Necromancy: The Great Debate A criticism against the Mages Guild views on Necromancy
Nedes of the Deathlands Argus Mender A research paper surrounding the possible presence of Nedic civilizations in Hammerfell
Nedic Dueling Swords Merethic Society A plaque describing two ancient dueling swords
The Nereid's Dilemma Anthil Morvir A poem on the mono-gendered nature of the Nereids
A Nereid Stole My Husband A cautionary tale
Nerevar at Red Mountain the Tribunal Temple A scholarly description of the events surrounding the Battle at Red Mountain and its aftermath
Nerevarine cult notes Sharn gra-Muzgob Notes on the Nerevarine cult and its prophecies
Nerevar Moon-and-Star An Imperial scholarly work on the legend of Indoril Nerevar
Nerevar the Captain A plaque honoring Indoril Nerevar
Nerulean's Guide to Phantoms Vol. II Nerulean A treatise on the Bargain Man
Netches! Netches! All Around! Anonymous A poem about netches
The Netchiman's Lament Poem of a netchiman's fate
The Never-Ending Scroll Author Unknown An old Summerset folktale about an endless scroll that enthralls whoever writes upon it
A New Cult Arises Ordinator Kilao A report on the Hidden Kindred operating in the Telvanni Peninsula region
New Cult or Ancient Religion? Sulema, Initiate Scholar of the Pa'alatiin An Investigation into the Order of the New Moon
New 'Doomstones' Series! A newspaper article announcing a new series of historical fiction
A New Guild for Fighters? A newspaper article discussing the emergence of the Blackwood Company
The New Lord Monynen An otherworldly encounter within the Knives of Discord
New Moon Obligations Zakarr, Order of the New Moon Requirements to join the Order of the New Moon
A New Recipe? A controversial culinary experiment
New Watch Captain Named A newspaper article on the replacement of Hieronymus Lex
N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! N'Gasta An obscure text written in the language of the Sload by a necromancer
Nicolard's Notes on Ruin Origins Nicolard Lia A researcher's notes on the Bloodroot Forge
Nicolard's Notes on the Forge Nicolard Lia A researcher's notes on an ancient Nedic forge
Night Falls on Sentinel Boali How a knight weeds out an enemy of the king
Nightingales: Fact or Fiction? Wilimina Roth Dissertation discussing whether a mysterious group of thieves actually exists
The Nightingales Gallus Desidenius An insider's account of the Nightingales
Night Mother Rituals! Agnes "the quill is mightier than the ebony sword" Earheardt A newspaper article on the presence of the Dark Brotherhood in Cyrodiil
The Night Mother's Truth Gaston Bellefort A thesis on the Dark Brotherhood and its spiritual leader
Night of Tears Dranor Seleth An inquiry into the cause of the Night of Tears
Night Runner Captain's Journal A pirate's encounter with a Sea Sload
Nilata Search Plan A list of items required from the ruins of Nilata
Nine Commands of the Eight Divines An overview of principles relating to ethics and worship under the Imperial pantheon
The Nine Coruscations Star-Queen Varalias A list of the Star Orphans
Nirncrux: A Study Mendan Flot,
Regent of Roiling Concoctions
A treatise on a primordial element discovered in Craglorn
The Nirnroot Missive Sinderion A description of the enigmatic plant called Nirnroot
Nirwaen's Diary Nirwaen A journal recording the seasonal migration of Falinesti
Nisaazda's Journal Nisaazda The Hollowfang Clan Mother's journal
Nix-Hounds: A Manual for New Owners A guide for new nix-hound owners
Nobility in Theft Zizar-dar A Treatise on Conscientious Larceny
Noble Ranks and Titles Hercian, Steward at Castle Navire A Systrean Guide to Rank and Title
No Fuss, No Rush Old Sculler A seasoned pickpocket's advice to novice thieves
No-h's Picture Book of Wood No-h An interesting book about wood
Non-Standard Techniques Gabrielle Benele A few unconventional tactical suggestions for how to best use the mages in a Covenant cohort
Noordigloop the Clog Notes on a rogue Voriplasm
Nord Armorers and Armsmen Notes on Nordic blacksmithing culture and techniques
Nord Cuisine Gilbard Bacqure A look at Nord Cuisine
Nord Drinking Song A song on forgetting life's problems
Nords Arise! Anonymous Stormcloak's recruitment essay calling for rebellion against the Empire
Nords of Skyrim Hrothmund Wolf-Heart An essay professing the finer qualities of Nords
Nord War Song A Nordic War Song
Northpoint: An Assessment Chancellor Regina Troivois A treatise on House Dorell of Rivenspire
Nostrum's Notes Nostrum Breva Observations on the stages of the Llodos plague
Note found at Winterblade Fine Leathers Thaman Winterblade A son's letter to his father regarding the family tradition
Note found on the corpse of a House Dres slaver An Argonian's taunt
Note from Bakarak Bakarak A letter warning of Goris the Maggot King
Note from the Archcanon Dileno Lloran, Priest of Vivec A note from the Tribunal Temple to the Nerevarine
Note on Strange Arms and Armor A bandit's thoughts on some newfound otherworldly arms and armor
Notes For Redguard History Destri Melarg An unmailed letter from an author to his publisher
Notes found on building plans of Neleminduure, High Elven Architect Neleminduure Reminders about the finer points of architecture
Notes from Huleeya Huleeya Notes on the Nerevarine's history and myth collected for the Blades
Notes of Adalabar, hunter Adalabar The field notes of a duneripper hunter
Notes of Anaelle Bertault, scholar Anaelle Bertault Research notes surrounding a nomadic desert tribe
Notes of Andandon, ambassador Andandon Notes from a Dominion ambassador regarding Valenwood
Notes of Arcorion, High Elven Enchanter Arcorion A dissatisfied mage's plan for more stimulating work
Notes of Eriader, brewer Eriader A brewer describes the latest batch
Notes of Lovirithel the Sage Lovirithel the Sage A scholar's journal detailing their discoveries within Deepscorn Hollow
Notes of Maeva Coutenan, explorer Maeva Coutenan The notes of a wanderer's journey through Bangkorai
Notes of Matheo, royal guard Matheo A guard's thoughts on overstepping his bounds
Notes of Shamiyad, trader Shamiyad A note in the aftermath of an attack
Notes on Dimhollow Crypt, Vol. 3 Vigilant Adalvald A Vigilant of Stendarr's notes on an ancient vampire burial site
Notes on Dissection Dissection notes on a Vigilant of Stendarr
Notes on Doors of Oblivion Morian Zenas A man's thoughts on "The Doors of Oblivion"
Notes on Elven Architecture Gastinus Florus, Masons' Guild Historian Notes on Altmer architecture and its similarities to Ayleid design
Notes on Khajiiti worship A Khajiiti prayer-chant
Notes on Klathzgar's Schematics Pelorrah Research notes on Klathzgar's Animunculi
Notes on Orichalcum A short essay on the properties of Orichalcum
Notes on Racial Phylogeny the Council of Healers, Imperial University About the similarities and differences between the races of Tamriel
Notes on Razak Notes on Razak's attempts to create a self-determining automaton
Notes on the Dreugh A list of research notes surrounding the various species of Dreugh
Notes on the Five Loyal Retainers Narsis Dren A description of the five loyal retainers of King Dynar
Notes on the Mortuum Vivicus Details of Molag Bal's plot surrounding the Mortuum Vivicus
Notes on the Order Skeevera A journal recounting a researcher's attempt to document the taxonomic order Skeevera
Notes on Tho'at Replicanum Malkhest Malkhest's documentation of the Tho'at Replicanum
Notes on Yngol Barrow A scholar's transcription of ancient Nord writings in a Skyrim barrow
Note to Throne Keeper Farvad Priestess Yazhmeena, High Throne Keeper An angry letter regarding the condition of King Ra Boshek's mausoleum
Notice in the Mages Guild A warning for guild members
Notice on Marbruk gates A warning to travelers, and to the worshipers of Hircine
Noxiphilic Sanguivoria Cinna Scholasticus An overview of a vampirism strain common during the Second Era
Nursery Rhymes of Summerset Cuilidan, the Illumination Academy's Professor of Verse A collection of children's rhymes
Nuzava's Anvil Notes on a mysterious Orcish anvil
The Nycotic Cult Ordinator Alurua of the Order of Doctrine and Ordination An Ordinator's letter regarding Clavicus Vile cultists