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ID 2254
Collection The Devoted and the Deranged
Found in the following locations:
Call to the Faithful
A notice to Khajiit about ruins to be explored

Those who revere the light of the Moons! Take heart and hear the words of the lunar clergy. Our research has confirmed the sites of several ruins dating back to the days of the oldest Manes.

— Ja'zennji Siir, or "Jode's Light" in Reaper's March: north of the modern town of S'ren-ja

— Zennrili Keep, near the center of the bend in Topal Bay

— Shaasanath Point, at the mouth of the Xylo River

It is our hope they may once again sing with moonlight. For those with a stout heart and a strong arm, know of these ruin sites and make of them what you can. Perhaps one day the faithful shall shout your name in the halls of the lunar faith!

Bright Moons hang above us all!