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Title Author Description Game(s)
The Ubiquitous Sinking Isle Lailfin, Steward of Histories at the Illumination Academy A historian explores the possibility of certain myths becoming historical fact
Uela's Song Uela the Ravener A song of hunting in a storm
Ulfsild's Log Ulfsild Ulfsild's time with the Luminaries
Ulfsild's Notes: The Impossible Riddle Ulfsild Assistance from the past for an impossible riddle
Ulfsild's Notes: The Origin of Luminaries Ulfsild Speculation on the origin of the Luminaries
Ulf's Torn Journal Ulf the Bleaker An old fragmented journal surrounding a conflict between the founding families of Bleaker's Way
Uluscant's Manifesto Uluscant An Ayleid priest's words to his followers in Bisnensel
Umaril is Undone Thadoril A letter reporting the death of Umaril the Unfeathered
The Unbreakable Redguard Mannimarco On the torture of Sai Sahan
Uncommon Taste The Gourmet A cook book containing recipes of a Breton origin
Undaunted: A Life of Glory Turuk Redclaws The autobiography of an Undaunted founder
Undeniable Truths of Attire Elenuume the Impeccable On proper mage attire
Understanding House Dres Solamar Dres, Grand Historian for the House Notes on one of the Great Houses of the Dunmer
Understanding House Hlaalu Hlaandu Hlaalu, Grand Historian for the House A book about the history and values of House Hlaalu
Understanding House Indoril Andor Indoril, Grand Historian for the House Notes on the values of House Indoril
Understanding House Redoran Remoran Redoran, Grand Historian for the House Notes on the values of House Redoran
Understanding the Living Gods Rigurt the Brash, Nord Cultural Exchange Nordic research notes on the Tribunal
Unearthing Garlas Malatar Tharayya A scholar's thoughts on an ancient Ayleid ruin
The Unearthing of Kardala Muhay at-Turna A scholar's notes surrounding his time with the Star-Gazers and the discovery of Kardala
Unexpected Allies Commentary on the Ebonheart Pact by a Nord soldier
An Unexpected Defense A tale of a thief's unforeseen encounter
Unhallowed Legions Phrastus of Elinhir A study into the undead of Tamriel
The Unholy Temple Ancient text regarding growing hostility between two Ayleid city-states
The Unraveling Staff Judicator Umberwen A report regarding a magical staff that causes untold destruction
The Unseen Potential of Clockwork Lector Saelorn Tenar, Apostle of Sotha Sil An essay exploring the true potential of the Clockwork City
Until We Wander Home Again Lyrics of a traditional Wood Elf folksong
An Unusual Alliance Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination An Aldmeri Dominion notice calling for unity
An Unusual Hare Maveld Bearfang A hunter's thoughts on hunting indriks
The Unveiled Azadiyeh Answers Your Questions The Unveiled Azadiyeh The Unveiled Azadiyeh answers questions on lore
Urenenya's Lament Pelorrah, Assistant Sapiarch of Altmeri Heritage, Cloudrest Annex A translation of an Ayleid text discussing a mystery surrounding an ancient Ayleid princess
Uryaamo's Journal Uryaamo A journal entry noting the discovery of Root Sunder
Ushenat's Notes Ushenat The notes of an adherent of Trinimac
Uzdabikh's Helm The legend of Uzdabikh and the Battle of Fharun Pass