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Title Author Description Game(s)
Ragmaer, Nord woodcutter Ragmaer A woodcutter's thoughts on the Alliance War
Rain of Burning Dogs! A newspaper article on an unexplained meteorological phenomenon in Cyrodiil
Rajhin and the Stone Maiden A tale of the great Khajiiti thief Rajhin
Ramblings of Audens Avidius Audens Avidius Twisted musings of a former Captain of the Imperial Guard
Rana's Log Captain Rana Log of Captain Rana while stationed at Bleakrock Isle
The Raneviad, Volume II A hero begins her epic journey
Ranks and Titles of House Telvanni scholar Andunririe for the Court of Proxy-Queen Alwinare [sic], Alinor An overview of the social structure within House Telvanni
The Ravings of Fenroy Fenroy (Transcribed by an anonymous editor) The written paranoia and off-beat poetry of one of the Shivering Isles' residents
Rayno's Scorched Journal Rayno Dalvilu An old fragmented journal surrounding a plot to overthrow a founding family of Bleaker's Way
Razum-dar's Journal Razum-dar Razum-dar's report on the Mirror Court of the Proxy Queen
Reach Bedtime Stories Isa Truiand, Teller of Tales A collection of Reachfolk stories
The Reach Food Letters A father's letter about a Reach feast
Reach Hunting Hymn Varana Tappo, Imperial Scribe serving the Longhouse Emperors A Reachman song of the hunt
A Reach Travel Guide Camhain Tharn A guide to major locations in the Reach during 2E 558
Reach Witch Chant Varana Tappo, Imperial Scribe serving the Longhouse Emperors Transcription of Reach Witch Chant
The Real Barenziah Anonymous Unauthorized biography of the famous Dark Elf Queen of Wayrest
The Real Barenziah Anonymous Biography of the famous Queen Mother of Morrowind
The Real Investigator Vale? Adandora, Chronicler at Large An interview with Arabelle Davaux, the alleged author of Investigator Vale
The Reality of Spirits Felari-ko, Scholar of Intriguing Mysteries of Unusual Origins A discussion of spirits
Reality & Other Falsehoods Summary of the basic principles of Alteration magic
Realizations of Acrobacy Master Rhunen Zebavi Story of a struggle between Telvanni councilors
Realms of the Clockwork City: The Radius Provost Varil Arvel Excerpt from a series describing the regions of the Clockwork City
The Real Nerevar A Telvanni retainer's informal history of Nerevar
The Rear Guard Tenace Mourl How a lone man guards a besieged castle and how he obtains his food
Recipe for Book Soup A guide to creating soup from an unusual ingredient
Recipe from Desert Delicacies A recipe for preparing Seared Venomsteaks
Reclamation Priest's Journal A Reclamation priest complains about Tribunal heretics
The Reclamations Thara of Rihad An account of changes in the Dunmer religion following the end of the Tribunal
Recommended Methods of Moon-Sugar Cultivation A deliberately erroneous guide for cultivating moon-sugar
Record of weekly offerings and donations at a Temple of Y'ffre
Red Book of 3E 426 A yearbook of the affairs of the Redoran Council of Vvardenfell District
The Red Book of Riddles Small collection of riddles
The Red Curse Dettethor Pantenne A Breton's account of meeting Red Eagle
Red Diamond, Golden Hill A poem surrounding the fall and rise of the Empire
Red Eagle's Song Varana Tappo, Imperial Scribe serving the Longhouse Emperors A song about Red Eagle
Redguards, History and Heroes Destri Melarg A summary of Redguard history, focusing on Frandar Hunding
The Red Kitchen Reader Simocles Quo Autobiographical musings of how the Master of Cuisine came to adore viands
Red Mountain Drinking Song A praise of drink in the face of a volcanic eruption
Red Mountain's Might Anrunn Frozen-Cove A tale of the Heart of Lorkhan
Redoran Cooking Secrets Dinara Othrelas How to cook "Crab Meat and Scuttle" and "The Hound and Rat"
Redoran Cooking Secrets How to cook "Crab Meat Stew" and "Frog Muffin"
The Red Paint How Orcs make their war paint
Red Rook's Journal A farm girl's account of joining a group of bandits
Red Scroll An Imperial ledger regarding the Empire's plans to establish a foothold in Hammerfell
The Red Year Melis Ravel Dunmeri accounts of the cataclysm in Morrowind
Reflections on Cult Worship Cuseius Plecia Comparisons between the Imperial Cult and the Temple
Re-forging the Past Kireth Vanos Kireth Vanos describes her lifelong pursuit of learning to craft in the Dwemer style
The Refugees Geros Albreigh History of refugees fleeing the Camoran Usurper
Regarding the Ebonheart Pact Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination Condemnation against the Dunmer and their allegiance to the Ebonheart Pact
Regarding the "Fists of Thalmor" Canonreeve Falduil A missive regarding the nomenclature around the Aldmeri Dominion's justiciars
A Rejection of Open Borders Kinlady Avinisse of Shimmerene A member of the Summerset nobility explains her opposition to the Queen's Decree
Relics of Saint Veloth A description of the relics of Saint Veloth
Remanada Fragmented, mythical recounting of the conception of Reman and the return of the Chim-el Adabal with the people of Tamriel
Reman II: The Limits of Ambition High King Emeric High King Emeric discusses the decline of the Second Empire
Reman War Drum Notes on a famed war drum
Remember Me The tale of an Argonian seeking to understand his nightmares
The Remnant of Light Beredalmo the Signifier Translation of an Ayleid tract
Remnants of Cyrod The legend surrounding an ancient trove of Ayleid knowledge
The Remnant Truth Horatius Hoff Accounts of a mysterious clan which targets scholars
Report: Disaster at Ionith Lord Pottreid, Chairman An Imperial-scripted dispatch concerning Uriel V's invasion of Akavir
Report From the Wendir Dig Gwindethor
Report of Hiranar, Thalmor cultural researcher Hiranar A letter of suggestion to help unify the Aldmeri Dominion
Report on Atronach Forge Experiments Thoron The Secrets to binding Aureal and Mazken
Report on the Despot of Markarth Lady Nilene Devierin of Stormhaven A report addressed to King Emeric on Ard Caddach
A Report on the Dusksabers Chapel Guard Eratio Flenna A chapel guard's encounter with the Dusksabers
A Request for Relief Defessus Magister An enchanter's plea regarding manufactured glyphs and the collapse of the enchanting market
The Requisite Book of Daedra Excerpts from a lengthy tome describing the nature of each of the Daedra
Requisition Order Dutheil A letter from an undead architect to a servant of Mephala
Rescue Me A mournful song of a sailor
Research Notes Sulla Trebatius Research notes on the discovery of Dwarven Spider Automatons
Research Notes: Chaotica Vampiris Lady Essenia, Master Alchemist and High Chamberlain of Greymoor Keep An account on the creation of bloodknights
Research Notes: The Heir of Verandis Lady Essenia, Master Alchemist and High Chamberlain of Greymoor Keep Notes on Count Verandis Ravenwatch's vampiric bloodline
Research of Nathien Mortieu Nathien Mortieu Research into disease in service of Peryite
Research of Salora Adlaron Salora Adlaron A member of the Saraathu Tong's research into the origin of lucent crystals
Residential Logistics Log AIOS Statistics on the residents of the Clockwork City
Response to Bero's Speech Malviser, Battlemage Commentaries of "Bero's Speech to the Battlemages" book
Response to Citizen Inquiries Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination A Thalmor response to the requests of an enthusiastic Khajiiti citizen
The Restless Unknown A book on the later life of Cyrus
The Restoration of Fort Grief Devastator Idrian Volturno, Spring, 2E 580 Plans to reconstruction an old fort in Niben Bay
Restoring the Welwas Ambolisse, Sapiarch of Zoological Studies A treatise on the reintroduction of the welwa to the island of Summerset
Return to Orsinium Immigration-Wife Uulitag gra-Orsinium A rallying pamphlet urging Orcs to return to Orsinium
Reverence for the Dead Brother Opilio Congonius A brief essay on Redguard burial traditions and Tu'whacca's Throne
Revolting Life Cycle of the Dreugh Fronto Maecilius A description of the lifestyle of the dreugh
Reynila's Journal Reynila Research notes about restoring lost memories
Reynir the Destroyer A warning regarding a powerful draugr buried in the crypts beneath Windhelm
Rhymes and Chimes Chak-Shushu A collection of Argonian children's rhymes
Riekrs of Wrothgar: Observations A ethnographic diary study of Riekr culture
The Right Mattock for the Job An ogre attack on a mine
Rilaso's Guide to Tamriel, Ch. 21 Rilaso A cautionary guide warning against the dangers of the Rift
Riliadir, viewing gardens in Auridon Riliadir Notes on the strict botanical standards of the Altmer
The Ring of Daggers Aemilianus Falto, Auctor Veritas of the Legionary's Gazette On the secret agents of the Daggerfall Covenant
The Rise and Fall of the Blades Anonymous On the Blades' origins and their fate
The Rise of Cormount The history of the Valenwood city Cormount
The Rise of Queen Ayrenn Nuulehtel of Skywatch A brief account of Queen Ayrenn's life and history
Rise of the Red Sails A history describing the Red Sails pirates' rise to power
Rising Threat Lathenil of Sunhold A multi-volume series on the threat posed by the Thalmor
Rislav The Righteous Sinjin Heroic tales of Rislav Larich, ancient King of Skingrad
The Rite of Boethiah's Gauntlet Thendaramur Death-Blossom, Boethiah's Conduit of Sutch On the competitions of Boethiah's faithful
Rite of Propagation A describe of an ancient Bosmer rite
Rite of Theft Song Lyrics about the Rite of Theft
Rite of the Scion An overview of vampires and their relationship with Lamae Bal
Rites of the Abomination Rites of Reachmen
Rites of the Hunt The Ravener The Ravener's oath to Mehrunes Dagon
Ritual of Appeasement A ritual to receive the mercy of the Daedra
Ritual of Resonance An instructional guide on creating a portal to Coldharbour
Ritual of Unbinding A guide to the Ritual of Unbinding
Rituals of the Harmonious Masters Aritanwe of Lillandril Religious doctrine surrounding Stendarr and the promotion of his healing magic
Rivers of Profit in Riften Eyes-With-Intent A Thieves Guild report on potential business opportunities in city of Riften
The Road to Sovngarde An overview of the Nordic afterlife
Robier's Vegetable Garden A tale of a creature in the garden
The Rotwood Enigma The mystery of a benevolent, silent adventurer
A Royal Embarrassment Aemilianus Falto, "A Concerned Citizen" A concerned citizen's open letter disparaging the Evermore royal family
The Royal House of King Eamond Seneschal Derric Andras of Castle Evermore On the lineage of the King of Evermore
The Royal Lineage of Sentinel Tracing the genealogy of King Fahara'jad
The Ruby Necklace A warning goes unheeded
The Ruddy Fangs Zayreba Sharpclaw Notes on a Khajiiti criminal organization
Ruddy Man Rhyme A children's rhyme about a scary monster
Rude Song Anonymous A ribald and irreverent song about spring in the Iliac Bay
Ruined Watchmaster's Journal A diary surrounding the fall of the Pale Watch
Ruins of Kemel-Ze Rolard Nordssen An archaeologist's adventure through ancient Dwemer ruins
Rultari's Journal Rultari An Altmer's firsthand account of the Thrassian Plague
Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls Septimus Signus, College of Winterhold A philosophical view on the role of the Elder Scrolls
Rumors of the Spiral Skein the Derisive Necromite Notes on Mephala's realm and the Pillar Palace
Ruuvitar's Journal Ruuvitar Experimental notes on Hist sap