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Lore:The Chosen People of Aldmeris

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The Chosen People of Aldmeris
An alternate history of the Maormer

Many still believe that the Maormer race of Pyandonea diverged from the racial line of the Altmer when they were exiled from Summerset Isle as criminals. This is the great, traitorous lie of the Altmer!

Translations of tapestries in the Crystal Tower reveal that the great Maormer race is directly descended from the purest strain of our Aldmeri ancestors. We certainly did not come from Summerset, but originated in our ancestral homeland of Aldmeris.

The Altmer themselves are a mongrel race. They are the abomination that drove our great leader Orgnum to lead our people through the impenetrable mists to our haven of Pyandonea.

For centuries, we have marshaled our forces in preparation for our triumphant return. Summerset is ours, by our right of birth as the one true Aldmeri race. All trace of the inferior Altmer race and their mongrel blood must be wiped from the face of Tamriel!

Our time has come! Arise, Maormer! Take your place as the rightful heirs to the Aldmeri Legacy!