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Title Author Description Game(s)
Ladies of Green Cirantille A description of the Green Lady
Lady Carlier on the topic of the Covenant Lady Carlier Justification for why the Daggerfall Covenant should rule Tamriel
Lady Cinnabar Answers Your Questions Lady Cinnabar Lady Cinnabar answers questions on lore
Lady Clarisse Laurent Answers Your Questions Lady Clarisse Laurent and Stibbons A Breton archaeologist answers questions on lore
Lady Edwyge's Notes Lady Edwyge A journal recounting an ill-fated attempt to bend time
Lady Eloisse Answers Your Questions Lady Eloisse, Fifth Countess Manteau A Breton countess answers questions on lore
Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq Answers Your Questions Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq A Redguard stable owner answers questions on lore
Lady Murcien's Folly Anonymous Poem about a lady who thought she was a Dwarf
Lakewatch Tower The tale of Garach Wolf-Father
Lamentations of the Lost Anonymous Poem about a life cut short
Lamias of Craglorn Theoderic Peron A researcher's essay on the mysterious presence of Lamias in Craglorn
Lanath's Journal Lanath A journal regarding an escape from Abagarlas and the search for the Prismatic Core
The Language of Ebon Stadmont Unknown Research notes on a mysterious Summerset forest
Lantern of Lies A nursery rhyme about a dangerous lantern
Larydeilmo is Sane Larydeilmo A collection of ramblings of an explorer of Apocrypha
The Last Addition of Bikkus-Muz Bikkus-Muz An account of the Maligraphies appearing in the Infinite Archive
The Last Battle of Phalevon Vero Sirino Hentor, Elder Historian The story of a Minotaur hunter's last battle
The Last King of the Ayleids Herminia Cinna Chronicles the downfall of the Ayleid Empire in the First Era
Last of the Ayleid Kings Sonolia Vatia, scribe to the court of Emperor Brazollus Dor A recount of the fate of Nenalata's last king
Last of the Old Bones A Bosmeri folk tale chronicling the legend of the Destroyer
Last Scabbard of Akrash Tabar Vunqidh Story of a slaver's daughter and her Khajiit lover
The Last Wish of the Sun-Blessed Solis Aduro A religious sermon from the Root-Whisper Tribe
The Lava Queen A record of the tenth Champion of the Blessed Crucible
The Law of Gears Proctor Albacron, Second Innovator of the Sacred Flywheel A collection of lessons learned from Sotha Sil's Law of Gears
The Lay of Firsthold Poem dedicated to the founding of Auridon
Leave the Dragons Where they Lie R A letter from one Dragonguard to another
Legacy of the Bretons Stefan Mornard A look at the cultural dual-nature of the Breton people
Legacy of the Dragonguard Kiasa-Veda, the Chronicler of Blades A history of the Dragonguard
Legal Basics Anchivius, M.Z.F. A summary of common crimes and their punishments
Legate Minutes: Concerning Goblins Tacita Maenius, Frostfall 26th, 2E 581 A transcription of a complaint about local goblin attacks
The Legendary Sancre Tor Matera Chapel An attempt to chronicle the rise and fall of Sancre Tor
The Legendary Scourge A short story and poem about Scourge, the mace of Malacath
Legend of Arkthzand Neramo, Scholar of Extraordinary Merit A scholar's writings on the Library of Arkthzand
The Legend of Dame Marcelle Seneschal Derric Andras of Castle Evermore Two of the legends of Dame Marcelle Stenric, Knight of Shornhelm
The Legend of Deadlight A story circulated among the Gleaners of Aurbis
The Legend of Fallen Grotto A cautionary tale surrounding the worship and summoning of Hircine
The Legend of Fathoms Drift Naeruuna, Magus of Eyevea A look at Hermaeus Mora as a Sea God and the realm of Fathoms Drift
The Legend of Grudge-Rock Falls An Orcish tale surrounding the origins of a legendary waterfall
Legend of Haman Forgefire Rogar Cliffside, Talespinner Tale of the legendary Nordic blacksmith, Haman Forgefire
Legend of Krately House Baloth-Kul A play about the ghostly Krately family and how they died
The Legend of Lovers Lament Croll Baumoval A romantic story about a man and woman who keep loving each other until even after their death
The Legend of Red Eagle Tredayn Dren An ancient tale about the invasion of the Reach by the First Empire
Legend of Thane Icehammer The tale of Thane Icehammer's corruption by the Spear of Bitter Mercy
Legend of the Ghost Snake Bonorion the Wanderer Observations on the Mabrigash tribe
Legend of the Yokudan Chargers Honnorah af-Lahreq A pamphlet promoting the Yokudan Charger breed of horses
The Legend of Thukhozod The truth behind a supposedly immortal necromancer
The Legend of Vastarie Afwa, a Student and Friend On one of the most infamous necromancers of the Second Era
Legend of Veyond Ilelnil Duleri Stories about the Ayleid ruin Veyond
Legends of the Forest the Sisters Glumm The adventures of Broggo the Small
Legionary Jadreitha's Journal Entry Legionary Jadreitha
A Legionary's History of Fort Redmane Pristan Vinicio, Centurion, 19 Sun's Dawn, 2E 233 A history of an unused fort
Legionary Ulrath's Report Legionary Ulrath A legionary's explanation of his recent actions
Legion Officer's Notebook Recovered notes from an officer of the infamous Lost Legion
Legions of the Dead An informational book on the undead
Leonaud Niscel's Journal Leonaud Niscel An explorer's entries about Elenglynn
Leovic's Great Spirits Proclamation An Imperial Decree allowing for Daedra worship in the Empire
Lessons on Lucents Roganus Atius, Chief Researcher of House Hexos A researcher's thoughts on Lucents
A Less Rude Song Anonymous A standard bawdy ballad
Letter found in a den of Daedra worshipers Initiate Marcellinus A letter of admiration from one Daedra worshipper to another
Letter found in caravan wreckage Timothe A letter regarding strange happenings on a farm
Letter found within the School of Rahni'Za A father's advice to his son after gaining acceptance into a warrior school
Letter from Alumezi, Dominion spy Alumezi Notes on a possible method to driving the Daggerfall Covenant apart
Letter from an Indoril Retainer Bandusil Falvani A survey of the Bal Foyen area
Letter from a Nord to his son Letter to a soldier fighting for the Pact
Letter from Nothelas Nothelas A letter detailing an apprentice's success at hearing the Green
Letter Home Filpinil An Altmer soldier's thoughts on his Khajiiti and Bosmeri allies
Letters for the Battlespire Hero Vatasha Trenelle or Josian Kaid A series of letters from an initiate to their friend following in their path
Letter to a friend Valentyn A promise to repair a damaged shield
Letter to a High Elven sculptor Cintelmo Instructions for crafting the perfect statue of Prince Naemon
Letter to an estranged son Letter in response to a son's actions
Letter to Captain Oghul Dulzur An Orcish mariner's letter to a fellow captain.
Letter to General Tullius A letter from the Emperor requesting the Legion to reclaim the Lord's Mail
Letter to King Maxevian Captain Orrent Retene A Pale Watch letter pleading for aid
Letter to Septimius Junia Severa An apprentice's research on Black Marsh and the Hist
Letter to Thane Ogvar Thunvilde A letter describing historical encounters with Sea Giants
Letter to the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Legion Clarentavious Valisious The last words of the Battlespire's chief artificer under Emperor Uriel VII
Letter to the Icereach Coven R A threatening letter from Rada al-Saran
The Liberation of Leyawiin (song about the Liberation of Leyawiin by Sai Sahan during Varen's Rebellion)
The Library of Andule Instructions on how to enter the center of the library
The Library of Dusk: Rare Books An inventory of rare manuscripts
Lies of the Dread-Father Nisswo Xeewulm A poem regarding Sithis from the Clutch of Nisswo
The Lie We Tell Ourselves Mirabelle Motierre A plea to the Night Mother
A Life Barbaric and Brutal Arthenice Belloq The first chapter in an account of abduction and slavery at the hands of the Reachmen
Life in the Camonna Tong Goval Sadryon A Dark Elf's journey to becoming a member of the Camonna Tong
Life in the Eagle's Shadow A journal recounting the rise of the Aldmeri Dominion in the Second Era
Life In the Scaled Court Valinka Stoneheaver A report on the Scaled Court
A Life of Strife and Struggle King Laloriaran Dynar Notes for the personal memoirs of King Laloriaran Dynar, "Last King of the Ayleids"
A Life of Uriel Septim VII Rufus Hayn A short biography of Uriel Septim VII's accomplishments
The Light and The Dark Irek Unterge A Breton man describes the Light and the Dark to his two grandchildren
Light Armor Forging Revus Sarvani A book detailing various aspects of forging the various types of light armor
Light Armor Repair A guide to refurbishing light armor
The Lightless Oubliette Kynbriefing for the Lightless Oubliette
A Light on the Moor
Lilytongue Notes on an ancient Aldmeri harp
Liminal Bridges Camilonwe of Alinor A Discourse On The Theory and Praxis of Traveling Between Mundus and Oblivion
Line and Lure Aland Sea-Bird A Nord's guide to fishing
Liquid Silver Notes on a prized metal
A Lissome Sprite Nynelle Dumaris, Poet of Galen A poem by a Galen poet
List of Instructions Alchemist Ruuvitar Instructions and guidance on Hist sap extraction
Lithnilian's Research Notes Lithnilian A scholar's notes on Welkynd Stones
Litter-Mates of Darkness Moon-Bishop Hunal An essay surrounding the dro-m'Athra
The Littlest Tomeshell Cipher Mukheesh A true-ish story about a tomeshell
The Liturgy of Affliction Anias Gae (transcribed) A Collection Of The Writings Of Vexis Velruan
Lives of the Emperors Niso A historical text on the Septim emperors.
Lives of the Saints Tribunal Temple Listing and describing prominent saints of the Dunmer
The Living Gods Durillis the Theologian Praise for the Tribunal
Living on the Karth River Aodhsil A Reachfolk's words on life by the River Karth
Living with Lycanthropy Guidance on living a productive, peaceful life while afflicted with Lycanthropy
The Living Woods A brief description of the life styles and uses of Gnarls
Lizards Hatiha A description of desert lizards
The Llodos Plague Alchemist Merdyndril Letter evidencing a Maulborn plot against Narsis
A Loathsome Civilization Telenger the Artificer A scholar's research notes on the Sload
The Locked Room Porbert Lyttumly How a pupil outlocks her cruel lockpick instructor
Logbook of Druid Anwas Druid Anwas The journal of an ancient druid from High Rock
Logbook of Druid Betrys Druid Betrys The journal of the handservant of Druid King Kasorayn
Log of the Emma May Journal of a mutinous crew member aboard the Emma May
Long Fire Notes on an ancient Yokudan tanbur
A Looter's Paradise the Silver-Haired Shadow A treatise on Reaper's March's history of banditry and rival feuds
Lord Bacaro's Journal Lord Bacaro Volorus Druid King Kasorayn's last living descendant plans to fulfill a prophecy
Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius Answer Your Questions Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius A Daedric Demiprince answers questions on lore
Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius Answer Your Questions 2 Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius A Daedric Demiprince answers questions on lore
Lord Hollowjack's Dread Realm Cuilean Darnizhaan About the lord of the Oblivion realm Detritus: Hollowjack, Lord of Mortal Fears
Lord Jaren's Journal Lord Jaren A description of the tragic end of a brave Knight of Lainlyn
Lord Jornibret's Last Dance Song involving men and women's parts
Lord Kelvyn's Will Lord Kelvyn The last will and testament of the last knight of his chapter
Lord Woodborne's diary Lord Woodborne The untitled diary of Lord Woodborne
Loremaster's Archive - Bretons & High Isle Lady Arabelle A Breton noblewoman answers lore questions regarding High Isle
Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the Second Era Camilla Calsivius An arcane naturalist answers lore questions regarding Dragons
Loremaster's Archive - House Telvanni Divayth Fyr Divayth Fyr answers lore questions on House Telvanni
Loremaster's Archive - Infinite Archive Master Malkhest Master Malkhest shares secrets of the Infinite Archive
Loremaster's Archive - Malacath and Maelstrom Madam Whim Madam Whim bargains answers for questions
Loremaster's Archive - Mehrunes Dagon & Daedra in the Second Era Lyranth A Dremora answers lore questions regarding Daedra
Loremaster's Archive: Murkmire Q&A Jee-Lar An Argonian historian answers questions on lore
Loremaster's Archive: Murkmire Q&A Part 2 Jee-Lar An Argonian historian answers questions on lore
Loremaster's Archive - Scribing Votary Nahila Votary Nahila answers questions about the rediscovered art of Scribing
Loremaster's Archive - Tamriel's Dungeons Dhulef A Redguard pirate from the Mages Guild answers lore questions regarding dungeons
Loremaster's Archive - The Arcanists Azandar al-Cybiades Azandar al-Cybiades answers lore questions on Arcanists
Loremaster's Archive - The Druid Circles of Galen Laurel of the Stonelore A druid from the Systres answers lore questions on druidism
Loriasel Tablet Notes A journal detailing the attempted translation of an Ayleid tablet
The Lost Communion An Argonian rediscovers a connection with the Hist
The Lost Fort Faleria The legend of Lord Nunex Faleria and his lost fort
Lost Histories of Tamriel Excerpt concerning the Aedric Prophecies, otherwise known as the Elder Scrolls
The Lost Islands of Old Yokuda Hazadiyya Sea-Queen A poem dedicated to the islands of Yokuda
Lost Legends Talsgar the Elder, Archivist of Winterhold A collection of less well-known folk tales from Skyrim's past
The Lost Prophecy Gilvas Barelo One of the Nerevarine Prophecies
Lost Tales of the Famed Explorer Solis Aduro The story of an explorer's adventure into Black Marsh
Love Poem Yngvar the Singer A poem for Markarth's housecarl
Love Poem LT0782 The Clockwork Archivist A love poem composed by a factotum
Love's Eternal Flame A poem surrounding the mage Anconath
Lucius the Stalwart A record of the fifth Champion of the Blessed Crucible
Lunar Champion Tablets Tablets detailing Khunzar-ri's Adventures
The Lunar Lorkhan Fal Droon A theory about the moons Masser and Secunda
The Lure of the Camonna Tong Vorar Vendu, One-Time Camonna Tong A former Camonna Tong member tells his story
The Lusty Argonian Footman, Volume 1 A short excerpt from a bawdy play
The Lusty Argonian Maid, A Song A musical rendition of everyone's favorite story
The Lusty Argonian Maid Crassius Curio Short excerpts from Crassius Curio's bawdy play
The Lute of Blue Longing Notes on a cursed Nordic lute
Lycanthropic Immunity Exarch Tzinghalis A journal detailing the tests done on werewolves and their immunity to Harrowstorms
Lycanthropic Legends of Skyrim Lentulus Inventius, Order of the Horn A recounting of the unwillingness of Skyrim's inhabitants to share stories of Lycanthropy
Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal Lymdrenn Tenvanni A father's last words surrounding the fate of House Telvanni
Lyranth the Foolkiller Answers Your Questions Lyranth the Foolkiller A Dremora answers questions on lore