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Court Sorceress of Wayrest

Karethys is a Dark Elf mage and the Court Sorceress of Wayrest. She is on close terms with Prince Helseth, and occupies an important position within the Mages Guild. At the guild, she is positioned above the Master of Incunabula and the Master at Arms, and she holds the most power among all the factions under the Archmagister.


  • Although skin textures for Dark Elf NPCs were not included in the game, her eyes are proof that she is a Dark Elf.
    • This is confirmed by the game files, where her race is listed as Dark Elf.
  • Third-party mods exist which give Karethys and the other Dark Elves the correct skin textures. These can be found here.
  • Most court sorcerers report directly to the king. Karethys' mutual alliance with the prince could hint at a special relationship or shared background.
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