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The Daggerfall Preview was the first of three demos released in the months before Daggerfall's release, and first appeared in late 1995. It was distributed on preview CDs included with Game Magazines, though it was soon replaced by a second demo, which was perceived to be less buggy and a superior experience. These releases were followed by the rarer Betony Demo.

Features include an animated bestiary, character generator, dungeon demo, and examples of the SpellMaker, Item Maker, and Potion Maker. The dungeon crawling demonstration takes place in a dungeon called The Pit of Jagadha, and provides a pregenerated 16th level Spellsword character to play.


There are a number of notable differences between the demo and the final release:

  • The deities listed in character creation are Akatosh, Arkay, Mara, and Julianos from the final game, though they are joined by "Notorgo, the Messenger God", "Ephen, God of the Wild", and "The Bandit God" (Bajdit, who eventually became Baan Dar).
  • A document entitled REDGUARD.TXT provides early drafts of Redguard lorebooks, including the unreleased The Song of Divad.
  • The following books are present in the game files, though it is not known if they can be read within the demo:
    • The First Scroll of Bajdit
    • A Tale of Kieran
    • Fragment: On Artaeum
    • The Wild Elves
    • Redguards, History and Hero
    • Ark`ay The God
    • The Faerie
    • Oelander's Hammer
    • The Pig Children
    • The Old Ways
    • King Edward, Parts I - X
    • Ghraewaj
    • A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs
    • The MemoryStone
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