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Andyfall's title screen

The AndyFall patch was created for the Daggerfall game by Andrew Polis. Andy claims that it is the first mod created for the Daggerfall game. The mod was originally hosted at this website, but can now be downloaded here.


In AndyFall, the following improvements to the Daggerfall game have been accomplished:

  • Some faces and bodies have been redrawn to better fit the characters.
  • Some clothing and armor has been redrawn to eliminate some of the graphics shortfalls.
  • Some additional clothing has been added.
  • New icons for maps and parchments
  • Some clothing related bugs have been fixed.
  • In Castle Wayrest, the Dark Elf population has been redrawn to look like dark elves (Barenziah, Helseth and Morgiah), and the castle interior has been altered slightly.
  • The weapon damage has been altered: axes cause more damage.
  • The material bonuses have been changed to make Adamantium stronger than Mithril (as in Arena) and the materials above Adamantium have also been correspondingly increased.
  • The Standard Classes have had their skills shuffled around and some other minor changes, for further information see below.
    • These modifications become only active if the CLASS00.CFG - CLASS18.CFG files that come with the Andyfall Patch are in the ARENA2 directory. Note that these changes will also effect YOUR character when you start a new game using one of the standard classes. If you don't want this, move these files to the ARENA2 directory AFTER you have created your character. In that case only the standard-class enemies you encounter will be affected. You can remove these files anytime thus restoring the classes that come with the original game.
  • The Ebony Blade has changed hands, however a bug remained, causing to have two weapons in one hand, if the blade is equipped together with another one-handed weapon.
  • Barenziah's face matches her body.
  • The Angry Porcupine (a.k.a. the Flying Helm inn) has been placed in the town square of Vanshire in Menevia.
  • Town Guards are now on horseback (even when they enter houses to apprehend you for crimes).
  • A very tough enemy, the Overlord, is introduced, which replaces the standard Battlemage enemy in the game. The Overlord is basically a Battlemage with lots of hitpoints (!) and a strong physical attack, but with no more powerful magic attacks than the original Battlemage: Actually he has he same spells as the Battlemage, but far more magicka.
    By default you can find Battlemages in the Main Quest-related dungeons such as Castle Daggerfall, Castle Wayrest, Sentinel palace, and Shedungent and a few other Main Quest locations. These will all turn into Overlords.
    • You can even start the game as an Overlord. Just use the CLASS02.CFG file that comes with Andyfall and choose the Battlemage as your class. However this must be considered as a blunt cheat. You can remove the hostile Overlords from the game anytime by removing Andyfall's CLASS02.CFG file from the ARENA2 directory. The Overlords will become standard Battlemages again, after you reload the game.

Changes to predefined character classesEdit

If not explicitly mentioned, special traits (armor restrictions, spell point bonus etc.) are the same as for the original classes.

Class Primary Skills Major Skills Minor Skills Special Traits
Mage (Class 0) Mysticism, Alteration, Thaumaturgy Illusion, Destruction, Restoration Medical, Short Blade, Blunt Weapon, Impish, Daedric, Dodging
Spellsword (Class 1) Axe, Long Blade, Destruction Archery, Mysticism, Alteration Restoration, Thaumaturgy, Critical Strike, Short Blade, Hand-to-Hand, Dodging In addition to the original traits the inability to regenerate Spell Points, but without the spell absorption ability. This is very likely an oversight, so if you want to use Andyfall's Spellsword, hack you savegame or use a savegame-editor to correct this after the character creation.
Batllemage (Class 2)
used for the Overlord
Sorceror (Class 3) Mysticism, Thaumaturgy, Destruction Alteration, Restoration, Illusion Short Blade, Axe, Blunt Weapons, Stealth, Daedric, Dodging
Healer (Class 4) Restoration, Medical, Mercantile Thaumaturgy, Mysticism, Alteration Dodging, Streetwise, Etiquette, Short Blade, Hand-to-Hand, Blunt Weapon
Nightblade (Class 5) Illusion, Stealth, Short Blade Backstabbing, Critical Strike, Lockpicking Alteration, Dodging, Streewise,Destruction, Restoration, Mysticism
Bard (Class 6) Streetwise, Etiquette, Short Blade Stealth, Pickpocket, Lockpicking Dragonish, Daedric, Centaurian, Impish, Nymph, Harpy
Burglar (Class 7) Lockpicking, Stealth, climbing Running, dodging, Short Blade Jumping, Mercantile, Critical Strike Pickpocket, Streetwise, Backstabbing
Rogue (Class 8) Long Blade, Stealth, Dodging Pickpocket, Backstabbing, Blunt Weapon Critical Strike, Streetwise, Lockpicking, Hand-to-Hand, Climbing, Swimming
Acrobat (Class 9) Jumping, Dodging, Running Climb, Hand-to-Hand, Stealth Pickpocket, Critical Strike, Streetwise, Short Blade, Blunt Weapon, Swimming
Thief (Class 10) Pickpocket, Stealth, Lockpicking Running, Climbing, Dodging Critical Strike, Jumping, Backstabbing, Short Blade, Streetwise, Mercantile
Assassin (Class 11) Critical Strike, Long Blade, Stealth Backstabbing, Short Blade, Lockpicking Streetwise, Archery. Medical, Mercantile, Climbing, Dodging
Monk (Class 12) Hand-to-Hand, Critical Strike, Dodging Stealth, Medical, Daedric Climbing, Running, Swimming, Restoration, Jumping, Mysticism In addition to the original traits 1x Intelligence in spell points
Archer (Class 13) Archery, Critical Strike, Dodging Short Blade, Long Blade, Hand-to-Hand Stealth, Axe, Climbing, Jumping, Running, Swimming
Ranger (Class 14) Long Blade, Archery, Climbing Swimming, Stealth, Critical Strike Axe, Hand-to-Hand, Short Blade, Running, Dodging, Spriggan
Barbarian (Class 15) Hand-to-Hand, Long Blade, Axe Jumping, Running, Swimming Stealth, Climbing, Dodging, Critical Strike, Archery, Giantish
Warrior (Class16) Axe, Long Blade, Critical Strike Hand-to-Hand, Archery, Short Blade Blunt Weapon, Jumping, Dodging, Running, Swimming, Medical
Knight (Class 17) Long Blade, Etiquette, Blunt Weapon Axe, Archery, Short Blade Medical, Dodging, Hand-to-Hand, Jumping, Swimming, Climbing

Installing and running the patchEdit

Just unzip the ANDYFALL.ZIP file into your Daggerfall game-directory. To run ANDYFALL type Andyfall at the DOS prompt.

How the patch works and possible troublesEdit

Upon executing the ANDYFALL.BAT file, the program moves all files from the ARENA2 directory that are modified by the ANDYFALL patch into the ANDYFALL\BAK\ARENA2 subdirectory. The original file FALL.EXE is also moved into the ANDYFALL\BAK subdirectory and a copy of this file is hacked by the FALLHACK executable, according to the information in the ANDFALL.DHK file in the ANDYFALL directory. The files from the ANDYFALL\ARENA2 subdirectory are moved to the ARENA2 directory. Upon ending Andyfall all procedures are reversed. This means, there are no permanent changes to the game if ANDYFALL is properly terminated. You can launch the original Daggerfall anytime by typing DAGGER.EXE or FALL.EXE Z.CFG at the DOS prompt.

However if ANDYFALL crashes, the changes it makes to the game remain permanent unless they are reversed manually. This can simply be done by typing FALLHACK /U ANDYFALL at the DOS-Prompt. There is also a file called UNANDY.BAT that comes also with ANDYFALL.ZIP. It can be used to restore the original files if ANDYFALL crashes. It copies all files that where modified directly from the Daggerfall source medium into the ARENA2 directory, overwriting Andyfall's files. In addition it copies the FALL.EXE file from the source medium to the game directory, then runs the Daggerfall-Patch 1.07.213. You must have the Daggerfall-Patch DAG213.EXE in your game directory to make this work. However restoring the original files using this method seems to be rather cumbersome. Anyway to use this file type UNANDY D:, where D: is the letter of your virtual CD-Rom drive you have mounted in DOSBox. If it is any other letter for example E you must type UNANDY E: and so on.

ANDYFALL can not be used in conjunction with Dos32a, however there is even a workaround for this issue.