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Your Lockpicking skill is checked whenever you attempt to pick the lock on a door or a chest.

Lockpicking's governing attribute is Intelligence.

  • The chance to pick a lock on a dungeon / interior door is (5 ≤ security + (pc_levellock_level)*5 ≤ 95)%. Locks of level 20 or higher cannot be picked.
  • The chance to pick a lock on an exterior door is (5 ≤ lockpicking - (lock_level * 5) ≤ 95)%. Locks of level 20 or higher cannot be picked. The lock level of exterior locks is estimated to be roughly equal to half the building quality level.
  • If you have not been seen, lockpicking attempts have a 33*(1 – stealth%)% to alert the guards.
  • Both successful and failed lockpicking attempts contribute towards levelling up the skill.
  • Bashing: Each time you strike a door with your weapon, you must roll less than (20 - lock strength)% on a 1-100 roll. This will wear your weapon and does not increase your lockpicking skill.


"Lockpicking is a skill automatically checked whenever one attempts to pick the lock on a door or a chest."


Whenever you try to pick a lock, at the bottom of the screen there will be a caption describing your chances. The possible captions are as follows (the percent probabilites listed below in parentheses are from Arena, and may differ in Daggerfall; however, Arena uses the same captions as Daggerfall):

  • "This lock is an insult to your abilities" (95 - 100%)
  • "You see a pathetic excuse of a lock" (90 - 94%)
  • "You laugh at the amateur quality of'this lock" (85 - 89%)
  • "You are amused by this lock" (80% - 84%)
  • "This lock seems relatively easy" (75 - 79%)
  • "You think should be able to pick this lock" (70 - 74%)
  • "This lock would prove a good challenge" (65 - 69%)
  • "You would be challenged by this lock" (60 - 64%)
  • "This lock looks difficult" (55 - 59%)
  • "You doubt your ability to open this lock" (50 - 54%)
  • "This lock looks to be beyond your skills" (40 - 49%)
  • "lt'd be a miracle if you picked this lock" (30 - 39%)
  • "This lock has nothing to fear from you" (0 - 29%)
  • "This is a magically held lock" (Door is level 20+)

Bug: Despite the formulas being different for interior and exterior locks, the captions are based on your chance as though the lock were an exterior lock.


The following classes have Lockpicking as a skill:


The following factions have Lockpicking as a required skill:


Lockpicking training is offered by the following factions: