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Characters with great Hand-to-Hand skill are martial artists, capable of punching and kicking targets with great accuracy and damage.

Hand-to-Hand's governing attribute is Agility.


"Hand-to-Hand is a skill checked whenever one attempts to strike a target with a punch or a kick."


The following classes have Hand-to-Hand as a skill:


The damage done by hand-to-hand can be calculated as follows:

Minimum Damage = (div hand-to-hand skill 10) + 1


Maximum Damage = (div hand-to-hand skill 5) + 1

Once the hand-to-hand skill reaches 80, the maximum damage is:

Maximum Damage = (div hand-to-hand skill 5) + 2

One especially noteworthy aspect of Hand-to-Hand is that any type of enemy can be harmed by hand-to-hand damage, even enemies that otherwise require weapons crafted of special materials to be hit. In conjunction with a high Speed, hand-to-hand is even more efficient in combat.

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There are no factions which have Hand-to-Hand as a required skill.


There are no factions which offer training in Hand-to-Hand.