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Daggerfall: Skills

Your Pickpocketing skill is automatically checked whenever you attempt to sneak an item off another person or engage in a little shoplifting. Not surprisingly, those with a higher Pickpocketing skill get caught less often.

Pickpocket's governing attribute is Agility.

This skill increases at attempts at pickpocketing.

  • The chance to pick a pocket is (5 ≤ skill + level_difference*5 ≤ 95)%.
  • The chance to successfully steal item(s) from the shelf is (skill + cost/32 + weight/4)%.
  • Unsuccessful attempts at stealing increase the Stealth skill.
  • Stealing from shelves does not increase this skill.


"Pickpocketing is a skill automatically checked whenever one attempts to steal an item off a person or shelf without being detected."


The following classes have Pickpocket as a skill:


The following factions have Pickpocket as a required skill:


Pickpocket training is offered by the following factions:


  • This skill is referred to as both "Pickpocketing" and "Pickpocket" in various sources.