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The town of Betony

The Betony Demo is a rare Daggerfall demo set on the Isle of Betony. It was the third and final major Daggerfall demo to be released, following the early preview CD demo and dungeon demos. This demo includes a tutorial and quest, and features the full game's character creation system and most gameplay mechanics, though skills are capped at 40%. There is a time limit for each individual save of around 50-100 in-game days, but you can start an unlimited number of new games. The locations found in this demo are unique to it and not found in the final release, though the region itself does appear.

Six pregenerated characters are made available by default: a Knight, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spellsword, Warrior, and a custom class named "Protector". Whether you choose one of these or create a new character, the game then begins at the gates to the city of Betony.

The Betony Demo can be downloaded from the Files page.

Differences From the Full GameEdit

The Betony Demo includes a number of differences from the full game. An incomplete list follows below.


  • The locations found within the Betony Demo are unique to it and do not appear in the final release.
  • While the Betony Demo opens to the same world map view as full Daggerfall, only the Betony region can be viewed.


  • Perks received from higher ranking within a guild are available immediately after joining. This is to allow the player to experience the guild without having to gain ranking first.
  • Daedra summoning is not available.


  • Skills are capped at 40%.


  • Three additional spells are available to purchase in the spell maker, however none have any visible effects apart from the standard spell effect icon.
    • A Polymorph spell, which would allow you to transform into a Bat, Fish, Raven or Wolf.
    • A Diminution spell, which would shrink your character to half of normal size.
    • A Detect spell, which would allow you to detect Enemies, Magic or Treasure.


  • There is a 50-100 day time limit on each save. However an unlimited number of new games can be created.
  • No ships are listed for purchase, and the player ship locations are missing from the MAPS.BSA file.
  • There is no death animation for when the player dies.


In addition to this tutorial and quest, several quests from the full game are available in the demo.

Merchants and Innkeepers quests

Knightly Orders quests

Temple quests

Dark Brotherhood quests

  • The Acceptance Test: The acceptance test for the Dark Brotherhood.
  • No Escape: Execute a former member who tried to escape from the Brotherhood's retribution.
  • A Renegade Mage: Execute a renegade mage on behalf of the Mages Guild.

Fighters Guild quests

Mages Guild quests

Thieves Guild quests

Nobles quests

Service LocationsEdit

The demo features 27 locations, which cannot be found on Betony in the game's full release.

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Mages Guild Knights of the Flame Thieves Guild Alche-
Armorers Banks Book-
Clothing Stores General Stores Gem Stores Libraries Pawn Shops Weapon Smiths Mara * Other
Betony (?) FG MG KF (?) Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Paw Wea StendarrZZZ
Chestercester (?) (?) Arm Ban Gen Mara ZZZ
Warborne (?) (?) Gen ZZZ
Westbury (?) (?) Alc Arm Boo Clo Gen Lib Wea DibellaZZZ
Westtale (?) (?) Alc Arm Boo Clo Gen Lib Wea Mara OotHZZZ

Other LocationsEdit


  • Ruins of Kinghart Court
  • The Tower of Ashsly
  • Castle Greensley
  • The Grave of Barezaus
  • The Kingcroft Crypts
  • Ruins of Kingsly Grange
  • Ruins of Moorham Manor


  • Silent Altar of Mara
  • Shrine of Dugrod


  • The Old Kingston Place
  • Old Gwynyvyra's Farm
  • The Yeomford Cabin
  • The Old Hawking Shack
  • Woodhouse Hall
  • The Lion and Goblin Lodge
  • The Mole and Guard Hostel
  • The Hearthhart Farmstead
  • Wickford Palace
  • The Old Hawking Hovel
  • Old Morgyssa's Farm
  • Old Gwynausa's Place
  • The Dirty Hedgehog Hostel
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