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This article describes places of interest in Skyrim that are not marked on your map, are not represented by icons on your compass, and aren't directly related to any quests. Some of the places on this list do not have official names or titles, in which case unofficial names have been used to describe the places.

Bandit Camps and Bandit AmbushesEdit

  • On the way between Helgen and Riverwood, just south of Guardian Stones and east of Shrine of Talos, there is a camp inhabited by three leveled bandits. The camp contains a chest, Treasure Map I, and a copy of One-Handed skill book Night Falls on Sentinel. (map)
  • Between Dawnstar and Pale Imperial Camp, there is a camp inhabited by three leveled bandits. That camp has a chest, food barrels and a copy of Block skill book Death Blow of Abernanit. (map)
  • At northern cliff of Whiterun, there is a niche of cliff used as a bandit camp and filled with various food sacks, food barrels, crates, a rack which contains few potions, alchemy ingredient, and several skoomas, and an Adept-locked chest. Three more bandits will ambush the player if player open the chest. This site contains a copy of skill book Aevar Stone-Singer. (map)

Caravan Remains and ShipwrecksEdit

  • Southeast of Dragon Bridge, on the side of the road, is a caravan loaded with crates, rugs, and a knapsack. Next to it are the corpses of a horse, a Nord man, and a Redguard woman, the latter carrying the Merchant's Journal. Falmer Arrows stuck in the horse and more Falmer arrows and a Falmer Ear lying around suggest a Falmer attack, possibly related to the nearby Chillwind Depths. (map)
  • South of The Lady Stone is a sunken shipwreck beneath the waters of Lake Ilinalta. The shipwreck contains a chest and a leveled weapon. (map)
  • Northeast of Wreck of the Winter War are the sparse remains of ship. Among the oars and wood are three barrels. A short distance to the north is a birds nest with a pine thrush egg. (map)
  • East of Knifepoint Ridge and west of Dragon Mound: Evergreen Woods, there is remnants of is a caravan loaded with crates, rugs, and a chest. Next to it are the corpses of a horse and two burned humanoids. (map)

Creature LairsEdit


  • Northwest of the Western Watchtower lies a ruined shack. There is a hidden chest under some broken floorboards. If you have Fall of the Space Core, Vol 1 installed, the Space Core will crash-land in this shack. (map)
  • In north-east of Ustengrav and north of Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp, there is a ruined, burning shack. Fire continuously burns its previous occupant and remaining furniture. (map)
  • In valley south of Forelhost there is a burning shack. Fire continuously burns its previous occupant and remaining furniture. A Conjure Flame Atronach lies in one of the remaining furniture implying a runaway Flame Atronach killed a wannabe warlock. (map)
  • With Fishing installed, there is a hut on the seacoast west of Dawnstar which contains a bed, various furniture, supplies, and fishing supplies. Final Fishing quest happens here. (map)

Hunter's CampsEdit

Warlock AltarsEdit

Smaller Places of InterestEdit

  • South of South Brittleshin Pass is an empty dock. With the Fishing creation, some Fishing Supplies can be found here. Fish from Temperate Lakes can be caught here. (map)
  • Northwest of Fallowstone Cave, partway up the mountain slope, there is an unmarked clearing with a silver ore vein and an orichalcum ore vein. A copy of the Illusion skill book Incident at Necrom is well-hidden at the base of one of the trees on that slope. (map)
  • West-southwest of Knifepoint Ridge, if you climb the ridge to the top, you'll find the remains of some person. The skeleton has a blood-spattered knapsack and leveled bow lying next to it. A bone meal and a small amount of gold can be found on the skeleton. (map)
  • Between Reachwater Rock and Kolskeggr Mine there's an abandoned rowboat at a bend of the river. In the boat are some bottles, an apothecary's satchel, an adept-locked strongbox and one each of the following gems: emerald, garnet, flawless garnet, ruby, flawless ruby and flawless diamond. Next to the boat, in the river, is a chest and two mead barrels. (map)
  • West of Whitewatch Tower is a novice-locked strongbox in the midst of a few fallen stone walls. (map)
  • Southeast of Karthwasten, at a point roughly between Four Skull Lookout and Sundered Towers, there is a locked strongbox with a leveled dagger leaned up against it hidden in the center of a pile of driftwood. (map)
A tattered flag and an unfortunate soul
  • In the mountains almost due east of Ragnvald, between it and Bthardamz, a dead Orc bandit can be found draped over a novice-locked chest containing minor loot, with a random one-handed weapon beside it in addition to the one carried by the Orc. Two dead wolves next to him hint at the cause of his death. (map)
  • East of Haemar's Shame, on the east side of the mountain pass between Helgen and the western lands of the Rift, a pile of stones marks a steep, narrow path heading east from the road up through a small notch in the rock walls of the pass. A quicksilver ore deposit and a copy of the Alteration skill book Daughter of the Niben can be found at the end of this path. (map)
  • On an island west of Broken Oar Grotto there is a flag on a pole, at the base of which is an unlootable skeleton. There are also two gold ore veins on the island. (map) ESO's developers have stated that this island appears in that game as Kyne's Aegis.
  • West-northwest of Haemar's Shame, east of Falkreath's Stormcloaks camp, is an overhanging rock face. Under this is a skeleton with a coin purse, along with a few animal bones, as if this was used as an animal's den. There are two snowberry bushes here as well. (map)
  • Due west of Graywinter Watch, on a spit of land sticking out into the middle of the river, is a novice-locked chest hidden among some driftwood. (map)
  • Up along the mountainside due east of Wolfskull Cave, and due south of the Steed Stone, is a dead female bandit with two leveled potions and a sack of food, right next to a tree. To find them, walk along the road east from the cave until you come to a broken tree trunk on the left; she is above that. Just past this is the stump of a tree which marks a place where you can climb high enough to jump up to the ledge she is on. (map)
  • East of Bruca's Leap Redoubt and southwest of Dragon Bridge Overlook at the bottom of the middle waterfall is an apprentice-locked dungeon boss chest. It's near a fallen tree crossing the river. (map)
  • Southeast of Angarvunde and northwest of Avanchnzel is a lean-to sheltering an apprentice-locked strongbox, two lockpicks and two leveled potions (healing and invisibility). Two canis roots grow next to it. (map)
  • Northwest of Orotheim on the river shore in a tiny alcove is a lootable skeleton next to a novice-locked common chest. (map)
  • Southwest, next to Orphan Rock is a lootable skeleton, helm and coin purse in a hollow fallen tree. Mora tapinella grows on the tree. (map)
  • North of North Brittleshin Pass in the valley leading to it is an apprentice-locked strongbox in a hollow fallen tree. (map)
  • North of North Brittleshin Pass just on the other side of the road is an apprentice-locked strongbox inside a circle of small dead trees and bloodied grasses. (map)
  • Northeast of Windhelm and south of Snow Veil Sanctum is a coin bag sitting on the lockpicking skill book The Wolf Queen, v1. (map)
  • Southeast of wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos on an island is a helm inside the trunk of a hollow fallen tree along with the heavy armor skill book Chimarvamidium. (map)
  • Northeast of Ivarstead and southwest of Darkwater Crossing on the southern shore of a river is a dungeon chest. That section of the river has keyhole shape and is at the base of a waterfall almost due south of and very close to the location of Aevar Stone-Singer (as described above). (map)
  • West of Redoran's Retreat and due south of Greenspring Hollow is a rock pile with an iron helm in the mountain flowers at the base. (map)