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This article describes places of interest in Skyrim that are not marked on your map, are not represented by icons on your compass, and aren't directly related to any quests. Some of the places on this list do not have official names or titles, in which case unofficial names have been used to describe the places.

Unmarked Bandit and Forsworn CampsEdit

  • Southeast of Riverwood and west of North Skybound Watch is a camp inhabited by two bandits. It consists of two barrels, a sack, a chest and a bedroll around a campfire and cooking pot. A copy of the Block skill book Warrior can be found here. (map)
  • West of Dragonsreach there is a bandit camp under a cliff. A horse with a carriage is located here along with a chest, potions, skooma, and a copy of the Pickpocket skill book Aevar Stone-Singer. Attempting to open the chest will trigger the appearance of more bandits. You will be brought here during the quest The Staff of Hasedoki, as part of the Staff of Hasedoki Creation. (map)
  • East of Dragon Bridge, there is a camp under a rocky outcropping inhabited by two bandits. There are two bedrolls around the campfire, as well as a novice-locked chest containing leveled loot. Right next to the chest lies a copy of the Block skill book Warrior. (map)
  • Southwest of Reachwater Rock is an unmarked Forsworn camp with three inhabitants. When approaching the camp, the Forsworn may be seen fighting with Imperial soldiers. There are four tents in the camp; one tent contains a chest and a satchel, while another contains a copy of the Block skill book Death Blow of Abernanit. A few common alchemical ingredients can be found around the campfire. (map)
Bleak Falls Tower
  • Bleak Falls Tower is a bandit-occupied Nordic tower located east of Bleak Falls Barrow, along the path between it and Riverwood. It is occupied by three leveled bandits; the first one lounges against a tree next to the path, the second paces back and forth across a bridge and through the entry door, and the third waits near the top of the tower. All three will only turn hostile if you approach the tower too closely. The tower contains only a few valuables: a table on the first level holds a coin purse, four barrels near the top contain foodstuffs and a few salt piles, while an unlocked chest at the very top contains leveled loot. Two iron ore veins can be found just south of the tower down a steep path. (map)
  • South of Ragnvald, a bit uphill, there is a small hagraven camp initially found empty. The hostile hagraven will appear coming up the road to the camp as soon as you open the chest in her tent, barring your escape route. The camp can easily be found as it is in the end of a path forking away uphill from the path to Ragnvald. (map)
  • West of Dawnstar, three bandits have set up a camp below a rock ledge. The only items of note in their camp are an unlocked treasure chest and a copy of the Destruction skill book A Hypothetical Treachery. (map)
  • A pair of Forsworn and their dog set up a small camp southwest of Bthardamz, but likely fell victim to the frost troll that now occupies the camp. The camp consists of a campfire and two tents, one of which holds an unlocked chest containing minor loot, while the other holds a copy of the Destruction skill book The Art of War Magic. A few animal pelts and a tanning rack attest to the late occupants' activities. (map)
  • A pair of Forsworn, one of which is a magic-user have a pair of hay piles around a campfire north of Valthume, south of Old Hroldan near a cliff edge above the road and river. There is an apothecary's satchel on one of the hay piles and a random war axe among some firewood beside the campfire. (map)
  • Midway between Volskygge and Deepwood Redoubt turn west down a grassy swale. There is a single tent with a novice-locked chest, two hay piles, some foodstuffs, and a coin purse. Two Forsworn linger about a nearby dead Nord. (map)
  • South of The Guardian Stones there is a camp inhabited by three bandits. The camp has three tents with a bedroll each, one wood chopping block and a tanning rack. One of the bandits carries Treasure Map I. There is a coin purse and a satchel resting on a tree stump. A copy of the One-handed skill book Night Falls on Sentinel can be found in one of the tents. (map)
  • West of Helgen is a camp consisting of a tanning rack, a chest, a potion of healing, a pair of hide boots, three bedrolls and a copy of the Light Armor skill book The Refugees. One beehive in a tree north of the campfire. Even if you just try to lock-pick a chest, two archers and one melee bandit will appear from the west. Further attempts won't spawn anyone. (map)
Bandit Bridge: Pinewatch

Hunter, Fishermen and Other CampsEdit

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The alchemist camp north of Evergreen Grove
Hot spring hunter camp west of Eldergleam Sanctuary
  • West of Eldergleam Sanctuary you can find a hunter's camp, where three naked hunters live and appear to be relaxing in the hot waters of one of many springs characteristic of the region. Among their possessions is a copy of the Smithing skill book Cherim's Heart. (map)
  • Southwest of Kagrenzel, on a rocky ledge, there are two hunters by a campfire and two tents. A copy of the Archery skill book Father Of The Niben sits on a barrel by the tents. (map)
  • Southwest of Northwatch Keep is an abandoned camp with a tent containing an unowned bedroll and a wooden bowl holding a piece of clam meat. There are three food sacks and one barrel either side of the tent and a campfire in front, with a cooking pot hanging over it. Beside the fire is an open crate containing sixteen pieces of clam meat. On a rock near the camp are nineteen clams, with a couple more underwater nearby. Around the camp there is a tree stump with mora tapinella growing on it. (map)
  • Northwest of the Wreck of the Winter War are two abandoned tents, a campfire and a rowboat. On one crate is a Fisherman's Journal. The skeletons of the former occupiers can be found underwater, near a capsized boat, a few yards east of their camp. (map)
  • Directly south of Hlaalu Farm, east of Brandy-Mug Farm, up in the cliffs is a hunter camp containing a campfire with cooking pot, a wood chopping block, three tents and three hunters. There is also a table with venison, goat meat, a snow bear pelt and a deer pelt. Next to the table is a deer carcass with an iron war axe. In the tent closest to the hanging rack is a coin purse. This camp is replaced by Windhelm Military Camp during the Civil War. (map)
  • North of Halldir's Cairn is an abandoned hunter's camp, consisting of a tent and an unlit campfire. The tent holds a knapsack, while a nearby crate has a Hunter's Journal and a copy of the Sneak skill book Legend of Krately House resting atop it. See Creature Lairs for details of the likely den of bears that is mentioned in the journal, where the hunters met their unfortunate end. It is found west-northwest of Halldir's Cairn, near the road heading out of Skyrim. (map)
  • Northeast of Honeystrand Cave, southeast of Ivarstead, on a hillock is the remains of a woodcutter's camp consisting of a single small tent containing an unowned bedroll beside an extinguished campfire. A cooking spit has been knocked over and the corpse of a woodcutter is lying near the tent with a woodcutter's axe beside him. There is an iron dagger and a medium coin purse just inside the tent and a baked potato in a metal pot by the fire. (map)
  • In the mountain west of Helgen, due south of Embershard Mine, very near the secret exit you use to leave Helgen in the beginning, is a small camp containing two blood covered bedrolls, with the bodies of two refugees from Helgen, who have been killed by an animal. There is an extinguished campfire and normally an animal nearby. (map)
  • Northeast of Red Road Pass and northwest of Fort Fellhammer is a hunter camp with a tanning rack, two hunters, usable straw and fur beds and a fire. (map)


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Talos watches over four worshippers... and a Thalmor agent

Caravan Remains and ShipwrecksEdit

  • North of Sunderstone Gorge is a toppled cart. Among some cast iron pots, wooden bowls and a broom is a dead Khajiit who carries a copy of the Speech skill book A Dance in Fire, v7. Further east lies a dead horse. (map)
  • West of Evergreen Grove are the flaming remains of a caravan. A cart contains a chest and food sacks, and around it lie two burnt corpses and the bodies of two horses. (map)
  • Southwest of the Great Lift at Mzinchaleft, northeast of Stonehills, you will come across a battle between a group of conjurers driving a horse-drawn wagon, and a group of bandits. The wagon contains a pair of crates holding a selection of potions and alchemical ingredients, two satchels containing more ingredients, and a copy of the Speech skill book A Dance in Fire, v6. (map)
  • The path southwest up the mountain to Mount Anthor continues to the south, then east, looping back to the Shrine of Azura. It appears that an avalanche befall a party of refugees in the open on this path. Their three bodies, along with a wrecked cart piled up with their belongings, can be found partially buried in the snow. Among the detritus are a few useful items: a coin purse, an apothecary's satchel, a leveled battleaxe, and a copy of the Enchanting skill book Enchanter's Primer. (map)
  • Southeast of Dragon Bridge, on the side of the road, is a caravan loaded with crates, rugs, and a knapsack. Next to it are the corpses of a horse, a Nord man, and a Redguard woman, the latter carrying the Merchant's Journal. Falmer Arrows stuck in the horse and more Falmer arrows and a Falmer Ear lying around suggest a Falmer attack, possibly related to the nearby Chillwind Depths. (map)
  • South of The Lady Stone is a sunken shipwreck beneath the waters of Lake Ilinalta. The shipwreck contains a chest and a leveled weapon. (map)
  • Northeast of Wreck of the Winter War are the sparse remains of ship. Among the oars and wood are three barrels. A short distance to the north is a birds nest with a pine thrush egg. (map)
  • Further northeast of the Wreck of the Winter War than the previous listing lies a skeleton, six gold ingots, a random enchanted dagger and a copy of the Pickpocket skill book Beggar all found beneath a flag and beside a crate on an isolated shore. Follow the shore north from the barrels until you have to enter the water to move around some icy rocks, follow them around to the right and the flag will on the shore behind. The dagger may have rolled down towards the water's edge. (map)
  • Due east of Snow Veil Sanctum there is an adept-locked chest with a few crates nearby. They are at the upper end of a short gap between raised ice sheets. There may also be a frost troll and dead horker not far away. Ice floes lead up to it from the shore. (map)

Dragon MoundsEdit

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The mound above Rorikstead, burial site of Nahagliiv
West of Southfringe Sanctum


Ruined house near Forelhost


Creature LairsEdit

Mudcrab pond southeast of Gjukar's Monument
  • Southeast of Gjukar's Monument is a small pool containing the shell of a gigantic mudcrab, surrounded by smaller living mudcrabs. On the shore of the pool, beneath a large rock, is a skeleton with a leveled sword and shield lying next to it. This location is the spawn point of the mudcrab guardian spirit during Kyne's Sacred Trials. (map)
  • East of Uttering Hills Cave is a den inhabited by trolls. The scattered remains of a Stormcloak soldier can be found in the den, but the only lootable item is a Stormcloak helmet. (map)
  • East of Pinepeak Cavern is the lair of a troll. The bodies of two deceased Stormcloak soldiers are found here among the bones of other victims of the troll. A note can be found on the body of one of the Stormcloaks which suggests that they were sent to investigate recent attacks in the area in order to gain the locals' favor. At the back of the lair is an orichalcum ore vein. (map)
  • A steep, narrow trail north-northeast of Journeyman's Nook leads down to the sea. At the base of the trail, two horkers sit in front of a small alcove in the cliff wall which contains a novice-locked chest and a copy of the Restoration skill book 2920, Rain's Hand, v4. (map)
Troll cave west of Dawnstar

Unmarked Ruins and MonumentsEdit

Pillar puzzle southeast of Sleeping Tree Camp
  • Southeast of Sleeping Tree Camp are some ancient Nordic ruins which are all that remains of an incomplete location referred to in the Creation Kit as "Barleydark Farm". These ruins consist of some monumental stones and rotatable pillars displaying snake, whale and eagle images. After rotating to the correct symbols (the monumental stones will help you solve the puzzle), activating the switch at the center of the ruin will open a nearby grate. At the bottom of a small spiral staircase is a skeleton lying next to a chest which contains a leveled armor piece and a copy of the Destruction skill book A Hypothetical Treachery. (map)
  • On a small hill east of Sleeping Tree Camp are some ancient Nordic ruins with an altar in the center. Lying on this altar is a deceased conjurer, some alchemy ingredients, and a copy of the Conjuration skill book Liminal Bridges. Two hostile skeletons inhabit these ruins, while a unique third skeleton wearing a Black Mage Hood stands by three mysterious graves nearby. (map)
  • South of The Lady Stone is a small stone cairn surrounded by six graves. On one of these graves there lies lavender and blue mountain flowers. Hostile skeletons inhabit this location. (map)
  • North of Cracked Tusk Keep is a cairn acting as an altar. Sitting on this altar are two poisons, various bones, an apothecary's satchel and a copy of the Conjuration skill book 2920, Frostfall, v10. A leveled necromancer inhabits the site. (map)
  • North of Knifepoint Ridge is a tower that has fallen off the cliffside and broken into two large pieces. Wolves inhabit the bottom half of the tower, where there lies a dead elk among two patches of Blisterwort. There is a chest on the wooden planking that is used as the roof of the wolves den and another chest on the wooden floor of the upper half of the tower. There is also a vacant beehive. (map)
  • North of Autumnshade Clearing is an altar surrounded by stone structures. After dealing with the hostile warlock you can find a copy of the Restoration skill book Racial Phylogeny, and some fire salts on the altar. (map)
  • Southeast of The Apprentice Stone, there is a Nordic barrow that is partially submerged in the swamp, and is being guarded by five mudcrabs. A chest with a novice-level lock and a copy of the Lockpicking skill book The Locked Room can be found inside. (map)
Dwarven ruin near Ironbind Barrow
  • Northeast of Pinepeak Cavern, across the river and up a steep winding path, a small abandoned well can be found. Upon approaching it for the first time, a wispmother will rise up out of the well and attack you, along with her three attendant wisps. A nearby broken section of wall hides a basket with a copy of the Conjuration skill book The Warrior's Charge resting atop it. Hidden underneath the basket is a locked strongbox. (map)
  • After traveling through Ironbind Barrow, you can exit out to Ironbind Overlook. If you then follow the rough path east up the mountain, you will come across the ruins of a small Dwemer shrine, guarded by two ice wraiths. Resting at the foot of the shrine is a leveled, enchanted warhammer, with two small, unlocked Dwarven jewelry boxes flanking it. Some potions can be found atop the taller pillar; you have to use Whirlwind Sprint to access at this point. A quicksilver ore deposit can be found just uphill. (map)
  • East-southeast of Dragon Bridge, on a promontory in a bend of the river, you will find a warlock working at an alchemy lab next to the body of a dead Imperial in a ritual circle of candles. Next to the alchemy lab is a bowl containing ingredients. (map)
  • If you head over the hills southeast of Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp, you will come across a trap door grate set in a platform with a set of steps leading up to it. Opening the trap door will give access to a spiral staircase leading down to a sealed sarcophagus. If you come here between 8pm and 5am, either on your own or following the ghost that leads you here from Kjenstag Ruins, you will find two leveled bandits in the process of looting the now-opened tomb. The tomb can then be looted for its leveled treasure: a necklace, an enchanted weapon, and a shield. One of the bandits carries a copy of the Block skill book A Dance in Fire, v2. (map)
  • West of Ustengrav and south of the Abandoned Shack is a Nordic ruin with two Draugr corpses, a novice-locked dungeon chest, a burial urn and nightshade. The northern corpse contains the sneak skill book Sacred Witness. (map)
  • East of Dushnikh Yal is the ruin of a Nordic barrow containing a table of embalming equipment, a dungeon chest, a skeleton grasping a coin purse, burial urn and hanging moss. (map)
  • East of Cronvangr Cave and southwest of Witchmist Grove are watery ruins guarded by two necromancers. The altar has a soul gem, potions and burial urns. A skeletal dead novice conjurer and seven Draugr corpses, one impaled, are all lootable. At the eastern edge of the pool is a dungeon chest. (map)
  • Southeast of the Thalmor Embassy and northwest of Solitude are Nordic ruins with a bust, burial urns and a weapon. (map)
  • East of Riften and north of the main road is a ruined tower with two bandits waiting inside for an ambush. One of the bandits has the two handed skill book King. There is a chest inside the tower. (map)
  • There's a hidden barrow west of Ruins of Rkund and Darklight Tower and south of Largashbur. Inside the collapsed building there's a troll, a dead goat, a dead skeleton, a chest, a burial urn and an Orcish Helmet hidden in a hole in the wall. (map)

Smaller Places of InterestEdit

Yisra and the tome, with Yngvild's arches across the water
Skill in Light Armor didn't help them
  • High in the mountains south of Broken Oar Grotto, some unlucky soul met a grisly end, pierced by many weapons, including a steel dagger, an iron dagger, a leveled battleaxe, a leveled sword, and a leveled mace. Next to the skeletal remains lies a copy of the Light Armor skill book The Rear Guard. A Staff of Fireballs and a knapsack can be found leaning up against a tree nearby. (map)
  • West of Dawnstar along the northern coastline, within bowshot of the Wreck Of The Brinehammer, there is a small overturned boat guarded by mudcrabs. Under the boat is a copy of the Alteration skill book Daughter of the Niben, a scimitar, a pair of fine boots, and a knapsack containing random loot. In the immediate area are four Nordic barnacle clusters and three spiky grass plants that can be harvested for their respective ingredients. (map)
  • South of Hillgrund's Tomb is a large fallen tree bridging a tributary of the White River that runs between two sheer cliffs. Standing guard on this log is a bandit, who will only attack if you get too close. The corpse of another bandit lies on a small beach below the bridge, with a dagger, amulet, and coin purse lying next to it. The body of a third bandit can be found on the northern cliff, next to the remains of a tree which conceals a locked chest and a copy of the Illusion skill book The Black Arts On Trial. (map)
  • West-southwest of Knifepoint Ridge, if you climb the ridge to the top, you'll find the remains of some person. The skeleton has a blood-spattered knapsack and leveled bow lying next to it. A bone meal and a small amount of gold can be found on the skeleton. (map)
  • Between Reachwater Rock and Kolskeggr Mine there's an abandoned rowboat at a bend of the river. In the boat are some bottles, an apothecary's satchel, an adept-locked strongbox and one each of the following gems: emerald, garnet, flawless garnet, ruby, flawless ruby and flawless diamond. Next to the boat, in the river, is a chest and two mead barrels. (map)
  • To the east of Greenwall Cave's main entrance (the one exterior to the fort), there is a caged wolf. If you release the wolf, two trappers will appear and attack you, with the wolf siding with you against them. If the wolf manages to survive the fight, it will not attack you, and will remain near the cage until the zone respawns. (map)
  • To the west of Loreius Farm up the hill is a small clearing littered with the remains of 25 mammoths. Two poachers can be found here, and will turn hostile if you get too close. (map)
  • To the west of Saarthal, there is a mammoth partly encapsulated in a block of ice, which can be looted for a mammoth snout. Its body is pierced with five Dwarven arrows, a random battleaxe, and a large bolt from a Dwemer ballista. There is an iron ore vein and an orichalcum ore vein nearby. (map)
  • North of Southfringe Sanctum lies some skeletal remains pierced with an iron war axe. Next to it is a copy of the Conjuration skill book The Warrior's Charge which is resting against an unlocked chest containing leveled loot. Immediately west of here lies a silver ore vein. (map)
  • West of Whitewatch Tower is a novice-locked strongbox in the midst of a few fallen stone walls. (map)
  • Southeast of Karthwasten, at a point roughly between Four Skull Lookout and Sundered Towers, there is a locked strongbox with a leveled dagger leaned up against it hidden in the center of a pile of driftwood. (map)
  • Southeast of Bleakcoast Cave there are two dead hunters, two dead horkers, and a live horker. One of the hunters carries Treasure Map VIII. There are four ore veins in close proximity: three iron ore veins—one east, one west, and one south—and a quicksilver vein to the southeast. (map)
A tattered flag and an unfortunate soul
  • On the mountain high above the Great Lift at Alftand, there is a tattered flag flying. At the base of the flag is a leveled mace, a leather helmet, and a satchel. Further back on the mountain is a silver ore vein. (map)
  • West of Sunderstone Gorge and south of Fort Sungard is a dragon barrow. About 100 feet south of the dragon barrow is a "fairy circle", a ring of bare ground surrounded by several varieties of harvestable mushrooms. (map)
  • In the mountains almost due east of Ragnvald, between it and Bthardamz, a dead Orc bandit can be found draped over a novice-locked chest containing minor loot, with a random one-handed weapon beside it in addition to the one carried by the Orc. Two dead wolves next to him hint at the cause of his death. (map)
  • East of Haemar's Shame, on the east side of the mountain pass between Helgen and the western lands of the Rift, a pile of stones marks a steep, narrow path heading east from the road up through a small notch in the rock walls of the pass. A quicksilver ore deposit and a copy of the Alteration skill book Daughter of the Niben can be found at the end of this path. (map)
  • On an island west of Broken Oar Grotto there is a flag on a pole, at the base of which is an unlootable skeleton. There are also two gold ore veins on the island. (map) ESO's developers have stated that this island appears in that game as Kyne's Aegis.
  • West-northwest of Haemar's Shame, east of Falkreath's Stormcloaks camp, is an overhanging rock face. Under this is a skeleton with a coin purse, along with a few animal bones, as if this was used as an animal's den. There are two snowberry bushes here as well. (map)
  • Due west of Graywinter Watch, on a spit of land sticking out into the middle of the river, is a novice-locked chest hidden among some driftwood. (map)
  • There is a waterfall in the River Yorgrim, due west of Anga's Mill, with a dry alcove behind it. The alcove holds an adept-locked strongbox, a barrel containing alchemical ingredients, a lootable skeleton, two quicksilver ingots, a weapon on top of the crate, and a buried lootable chest. A third ingot is underwater a few paces downstream. Nearby there are mudcrabs, Nordic barnacle clusters and a camp. (map)
  • Southwest of Lake Yorgrim, along the path between Nightgate Inn and Irkngthand, you will find a pile of rubble with a lootable skeleton, a coin purse, and an unlocked Dwemer chest. As you approach, two frostbite spiders will drop from two flanking trees and attack. (map)
  • About halfway along the path from Salvius Farm and Ragnvald (almost due west of The Lover Stone) you will come across some dilapidated masonry with a spriggan and/or hagraven in the same area. Next to a large round piece of masonry, partially hidden by vegetation is an unlocked Dwemer chest. (map)
  • Up along the mountainside due east of Wolfskull Cave, and due south of the Steed Stone, is a dead female bandit with two leveled potions and a sack of food, right next to a tree. To find them, walk along the road east from the cave until you come to a broken tree trunk on the left; she is above that. Just past this is the stump of a tree which marks a place where you can climb high enough to jump up to the ledge she is on. (map)
  • North-northwest of Nilheim, next to a rock face, are a pile of three barrels and a sack with a copy of the Pickpocket skill book Aevar Stone-Singer on the ground between them. There is a canis root growing nearby and a few paces to the northwest is an iron ore vein. (map)
  • High in the mountains above the road leading to Markarth, equidistant between Valthume and Old Hroldan, which are to the south-southwest and north-northwest respectively, is a stone planter containing a juniper tree with an unlocked Dwemer chest and a copy of the Enchanting skill book Enchanter's Primer. It is further east near a path with an unmarked Forsworn Camp consisting of two Forsworn on two hay piles around a campfire, that leads to Gloomreach. (map)
  • On the south bank of the Karth River, opposite the entrance to Harmugstahl is a square stone arch with a planter underneath and steps leading up to it. On the edge of the planter is a copy of the Restoration skill book Withershins. There is also an iron ore vein a few paces further south. (map)
  • Due west of Dragontooth Crater is a pool with an undressed corpse marked as 'captive'. Her clothes, shoes, journal, satchel, gold ring, and silver emerald necklace are all neatly folded and laid out on the shore. (map)
  • On the glacier, overlooking Saarthal to the west is an unlocked chest by skeletal remains of a deer and human. It is much closer to Saarthal than the mammoth. (map)
  • A short distance west of the Shrine to Peryite, on the far side of the mount that the shrine is built on, is a Dwemer tower-like structure, inhabited by a wispmother and three wisps. There are several pieces of broken masonry and steam pipes, along with an unlocked Dwarven chest located a few paces north of the main structure. (map)
  • West of Old Hroldan Inn on a river isle is an apprentice-locked common chest. On the rock ledge above is a precariously placed bird's nest. (map)
  • East of Bruca's Leap Redoubt and southwest of Dragon Bridge Overlook at the bottom of the middle waterfall is an apprentice-locked dungeon boss chest. It's near a fallen tree crossing the river. (map)
  • Southeast of Ivarstead and south of Geirmund's Hall is a novice necromancer at a curious "altar" reanimating chickens. A wooden box at the base of the altar contains a giant's toe, a soul gem and chicken eggs. The necromancer carries the conjuration skill book 2920, Frostfall, v10. (map)
  • North of Pinewatch is a conjurer at an altar with embalming tools, weapon, burial urn and the conjuration skill book 2920, Hearth Fire, v9. The skeleton on the altar has coins over the eyes. (map)
  • West of Shor's Stone and northeast of Boulderfall Cave on a rocky shelf are two skeletons and a novice-locked common chest. (map)
  • Southeast of Angarvunde and northwest of Avanchnzel is a lean-to sheltering an apprentice-locked strongbox, two lockpicks and two leveled potions (healing and invisibility). Two canis roots grow next to it. (map)
  • Northwest of Orotheim on the river shore in a tiny alcove is a lootable skeleton next to a novice-locked common chest. (map)
  • Southwest, next to Orphan Rock is a lootable skeleton, helm and coin purse in a hollow fallen tree. Mora tapinella grows on the tree. (map)
  • North of North Brittleshin Pass in the valley leading to it is an apprentice-locked strongbox in a hollow fallen tree. (map)
  • North of North Brittleshin Pass just on the other side of the road is an apprentice-locked strongbox inside a circle of small dead trees and bloodied grasses. (map)
  • East of Eldergleam Sanctuary and northwest of The Atronach Stone is a crate with soul gems laying on top and an enchanting skill book A Tragedy in Black. (map)
  • Southeast of Winterhold on the shore at the mouth of an icy canyon are two skeletons. One is caught in a bear trap. An Apothecary's Satchel contains the alchemy skill book Mannimarco, King of Worms. (map)
  • Northeast of Windhelm and south of Snow Veil Sanctum is a coin bag sitting on the lockpicking skill book The Wolf Queen, v1. (map)
  • Southeast of wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos on an island is a helm inside the trunk of a hollow fallen tree along with the heavy armor skill book Chimarvamidium. (map)
  • Due west of Reachcliff Cave and north-northeast of Purewater Run is a lone common chest on the southern river shore. (map)
  • Northeast of Ivarstead and southwest of Darkwater Crossing on the southern shore of a river is a dungeon chest. That section of the river has keyhole shape and is at the base of a waterfall almost due south of and very close to the location of Aevar Stone-Singer (as described above). (map)
  • Northeast of Broken Tower Redoubt and southwest of Robber's Gorge in a crevice is a cart and books including the two-handed skill book The Legendary Sancre Tor. (map) The crevice opens to a small hollow and at the top is a skeleton and pickaxe on a corundum ore vein. (map)
  • West of Redoran's Retreat and due south of Greenspring Hollow is a rock pile with an iron helm in the mountain flowers at the base. (map)
  • Slightly northeast of Mistwatch, a lone giant stands in mourning over a dead mammoth. He is non-hostile unless attacked.
  • Just above the entrance to Red Eagle Redoubt, south-southeast of the marker is a stone table with a large stone claw-shaped statue beside the table like those found in barrows throughout Skyrim. There are a couple of hanging mosses growing from it and behind it is an unlocked wooden chest. The easiest way of reaching this is to climb the wooden stairs to the raised lookout point outside the entrance to the redoubt, where an archer Forsworn keeps watch and then follow the slope up to your right. There is also a silver ore vein slightly to the north of the table.
Appears only with Dragonborn


This section describes unmarked places on the island of Solstheim added by the Dragonborn add-on. They usually aren't directly related to any quests (though several of them contain East Empire Company strongboxes, related to the Pain in the Necklace quest). Some of the places on this list do not have official names or titles, in which case unofficial names have been used to describe the places.

Ash Hopper IslandEdit

Ash Hopper Island

South of the Earth Stone, you'll find a small island with some crumbling ruins, guarded by three ash hoppers. The island features a small camp with two bloodied bed rolls (one of which can be used to sleep), a strongbox, a chest, an apothecary's satchel, a box with two bowls of bone meal and a pair of bonemold gauntlets, a food barrel, and two dead reavers. There is a small boat on the southern side of the island, with a sack inside and a pickaxe on a crate nearby. Scattered throughout the island are three spiky grass plants which yield standard grass pods, as well as one heart stone deposit. (map)

Ash Spawn AmbushEdit

Ash Spawn Ambush

Northwest of Tel Mithryn, upstream from where Revus Sarvani tends to Dusty the silt strider, you will find a dead reaver leaning up against a tree next to an unlocked chest, with three lootable skeletons scattered about. As you approach, three leveled ash spawn will emerge from the ground and attack. (map)

Dark Elf CampEdit

Dark Elf Camp

Far north of the Sun Stone, southwest of Bujold's Retreat (just east of Vahlok's Tomb if you have started Lost Legacy), you'll find a small camp where two Dark Elves lie dead. The camp is mostly bare, consisting of a chest, a pot over a dry firepit, a barrel, and a knapsack, all of which are empty. The tent, however, contains an East Empire Company strongbox, as well as several bottles of Nord mead. You may encounter Rieklings nearby. (map)

Fishing CampEdit

Fishing Camp

Just north of Bloodskal Barrow, you'll find a small fishing camp with a bristleback boar. The camp is mostly bare, consisting of a fishing rod, a pair of boots, one bottle each of matze and shein, one crate of dead salmon and one of ash yams and two fish barrels. There is also an empty fishing boat nearby. (map)

Giant Nirnroot IslandEdit

Giant Nirnroot Island

On a large island in the far northeastern corner of the map, north of Frossel, there is a small collection of six giant nirnroot plants, each of which yield three ingredients when harvested. Two spriggans and a giant spriggan matron can be found here. On the east side of the island is a small boat containing an unlocked chest, an ingredient barrel, a knapsack, an apothecary's satchel, three sacks, a coin purse, and an East Empire Company strongbox. The boat can sometimes become invisible, leaving only the reflection of the lantern revealing its position.[verification needed — Observed with PC] A dead Alchemist can be found lying facedown next to a giant nirnroot plant. Scattered across the island are two regular nirnroot plants, eleven pearl oysters, and four spiky grass plants which yield ashen grass pods. (map)

Horker Dragon MoundEdit

Horker Dragon Mound

In the far northeastern corner of the map, north of Frossel and Haknir's Shoal, there are three islands which form a triangle. The northwest of these three islands is home to a dragon burial mound. A dragon lies in wait here, along with several horkers. Just northwest of the dragon mound is a novice-locked chest next to some skeletal remains. Scattered across the island are ten clams, three nirnroot plants, and two pearl oysters. (map)

Horker Stalhrim IslandEdit

Horker Stalhrim Island

Directly northeast of Northshore Landing is a small island guarded by two horkers. Two stalhrim deposits are located on the island. Mining them, you can find a leveled enchanted battleaxe in the right one, and the lootable corpse of a draugr in the left one. (map)

With the Alternative Armors - Stalhrim Fur Creation installed, this island becomes involved with the quest Ancient Ice, during which you will be sent here to face Skjol the Tongueless in battle. After defeating him, you will be able to claim the full set of Stalhrim Fur armor found within one of the sarcophagi on the island.

Isinfier Dragon MoundEdit

Isinfier Dragon Mound

A dragon burial mound can be found directly west of Vahlok's Tomb, atop some rocks. There is also a novice-locked chest just south of the mound, up the hill. (map)

Lurker AmbushEdit

Lurker Ambush

West-northwest of Haknir's Shoal, you will find a small inlet of the larger bay that surrounds the shoal. When you approach it, a leveled Lurker may rise up from the shallow waters and attack you. Three nirnroot grow in and near the inlet, and two orichalcum deposits can be mined to the west and northwest. (map)

Miner CampEdit

Miner Camp

Directly west of Brodir Grove, you can find a small camp where an unfortunate Miner met his demise. He lies beneath a wagon and some loose rocks and four gold ores. Next to his nearby tent is a crate holding a strongbox, an emerald, an apple pie, and two bottles of Nord mead. Three more bottles of Nord mead are in an overturned bucket in front of the tent, along with a pair of boots. Just east of the miner's body are two emerald geodes and a gold ore vein behind them, and to the north and west of his body is a gold ore vein and two creep clusters which yield ash creep clusters. (map)

Miner's EndEdit

Miner's End

Southeast of Tel Mithryn, near the shore, you can find two levels of terrace. Two ash spawn will come out of the ground and attack you. You can find a heart stone deposit and a burnt corpse on each terrace. In addition, you can find a knapsack on the lower level, along with a pickaxe and a bottle of flin on the upper level. (map)

No Attribution TreasureEdit

No Attribution Treasure

Follow a precipitous path east-southeast of Bloodskal Barrow, and you will find an unlocked large chest under two trees, plus a satchel at the base of one of the trees (see picture). Keep moving up to find an emerald geode, along with a gold ore vein. Another emerald geode is to the east. (map)

Random Chest 1Edit

Random loot

Following the path from Bujold's Retreat towards Thirsk Mead Hall, soon after turning to the southwest, you pass four scathecraw plants on your right. Turn to the north, passing three trees on your left and a tall stump on your right. Right after passing a bush, you should be able to see the unlocked chest and two large coin purses beside it, lying between rocks. (map)

Random Chest 2Edit

Another random chest

Follow the shoreline southwest of Northshore Landing to find a novice-locked wooden chest covered in riekling painting and with a ring of riekling spears sticking from the sides of it against the cliff side. It is approximately an equal distance between the landing and Bristleback Cave, on the northwestern corner of Solstheim. There are two horkers on the shore in front of it. (map)

Random Chest 3Edit

Found on the opposite side of the peninsula that Frossel is found on, due east of the map marker up against a large upright rock formation that is visible on the main map; is a novice-locked wooden chest with two lootable skeletons beside it. (map)

Reaver CampEdit

Reaver Camp

Across the water west of Ashfallow Citadel, you'll find a small camp inhabited by two reavers. The camp consists of a fire with two hanging pots—one of which contains a red mountain flower—a chair, an apprentice-locked chest, and a sheltered bedroll. An East Empire Company strongbox can be found next to the bedroll. (map)

Reaver's EndEdit

Reaver's End

Southwest of Hrothmund's Barrow, north-northeast of Moesring Pass, you'll find a cindering fire at the center of a few crates, barrels, and sacks, with a dead reaver slumped next to it. Two Rieklings will ambush you when you approach. On the north side of the fire, an apprentice-locked strongbox sits atop a crate. In front of that crate is an expert-locked East Empire Company strongbox. A total of three helmets can be found here, including a bonemold helmet, a fur helmet, and a Skaal hat. On the south side of the fire, to the right of the dead reaver is a wooden chest. (map)

Riekling AmbushEdit

Riekling Ambush

From Damphall Mine, head north until you see a few patches of snowberries. Turn left at the next rock and you'll see a wooden platform with many barrels, a chest, and a couple crates. An East Empire Company strongbox sits on the crate to the left. Beware, as Rieklings will ambush you when you approach, popping out of the barrels and the snow. The remaining barrels contain foodstuffs. Using the Aura Whisper shout will reveal the Rieklings' locations before they emerge; using this you can strike them before they burst from the snow. (map)

Riekling IslandEdit

Riekling Island

On a small island in the far northeastern corner of the map, northwest of Frossel and north of Haknir's Shoal, there is a small tribe of Rieklings. There are two spiky grass plants which yield ashen grass pods, five pearl oysters, and three nirnroot plants on the shore of the island, with the Riekling camp at the center. On the east side of the camp is a small tent with an unlocked chest and two sacks inside and a knapsack just outside. Near the northwest Riekling structure is another unlocked chest, a few sacks, and a coin purse. Beside the chest is another small tent which contains a sack and a satchel. At the very top of the south Riekling structure is an East Empire Company strongbox, a knapsack, and a coin purse. Below the top structure among the rocks is a final chest. (map)

Shrine of KynarethEdit

Shrine of Kynareth

Fast travel to Bloodskal Barrow. Turn around and follow the coast south until you see a downed tree to your left. It will be near a large patch of grass, an ash creep cluster, and three scathecraw. There should be a small gap between the tree and the rock just to its right (west). The Earth Stone should be almost directly south from your position. If you look south into the rocky hills, you will see a trail marker cairn. Head toward the marker to find a second trail marker cairn; look a few feet east of that second cairn to find the shrine on top of a lantern. Beside the shrine are an amulet of Kynareth, flin, two trama roots, three ash yams, and an albino spider pod. (map)

Shrine of ZenitharEdit

Shrine of Zenithar

Fast travel to Moesring Pass. Turn around and go straight down until you reach a flat snowy clearing. Turn left and keep going until you see some ore veins, gem geodes, and a shrine of Zenithar on a large boulder. There are two silver ore veins, two sapphire geodes, and one corundum ore vein. There are two corundum ores next to the shrine, as well an East Empire Company strongbox and a pickaxe to the left of the boulder. Hidden in the grass behind the boulder is a safe containing gems and other loot. If you look west-southwest, you can see the lift from Fahlbtharz Grand Hall. (map)

Spider AmbushEdit

Spider Ambush

West-southwest of Kagrumez you will find a broken tree stump with a burning log next to it. There are green, slimy pods stuck to the stump, the largest of which will burst open when you approach, releasing a jumping flame spider. There is a knapsack, an apothecary's satchel, and a ruby geode next to the stump. (map)

Usha's CampEdit

Usha's Camp

Follow the stream west of Ashfallow Citadel north to a barred gate. You can actually unbar the gate from the outside by aiming at the gap between the gates, but you won't be able to climb up onto the platforms once inside. It's tricky, but possible, to reach the lowermost platform by moving as far upstream as you can, facing the platform, and simultaneously pressing forward and jump. Instead, climb the mountain on the side and jump down to the wooden structure behind the gate. Usha lies dead on a bedroll with a few empty skooma bottles strewn about his side. On the table next to him is a lantern, three bottles of skooma, a coin purse, and a letter from his lover. On another table, you'll find six loose gold ores. To the right of this table is an unlocked chest with a pickaxe sitting on top, and an East Empire Company strongbox in front of it. (map)