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Skyrim:Lake Ilinalta

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Lake Ilinalta
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Falkreath Hold
North of Falkreath
Lake Ilinalta, viewed from the Guardian Stones

Lake Ilinalta is a lake in west-central Falkreath Hold. It is the source of the White River, and contains Ilinalta's Deep and the Lady Stone. It is also the largest lake in Skyrim. The lake is believed by many people to be cursed due to the fact that an Imperial fort sank into the waters. One man's journal even notes that he couldn't find anybody willing to take him into the lake.


  • Lake Ilinalta is mentioned as a landmark in An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim.
  • The chest for Treasure Map X can be found to the east of the Lady Stone.
  • An unmarked shipwreck is located along the southern coast of the lake, somewhat to the west of the lake's center. One portion of the wreck contains a treasure chest with gold. This is also an excellent place to harvest Nordic barnacles. (map)
  • A Nordic pit near the east end of the lake has been inundated by the lake's waters. It contains an unlocked chest, an urn amidst the rubble under the stairs, several Nordic barnacle clusters, a few clams, and a leveled weapon on an old altar. It is guarded by two slaughterfish. (map)
  • There are two hunter's camps in the lake, one on a small island and one at the mouth of the White River.