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Danger.png This article or section includes content from a crossover with Portal. Therefore, its canonicity within The Elder Scrolls is inherently ambiguous.
Unique Item: Space Core (xx0012ca)
(lore page)
Type Clutter
Added by Fall of the Space Core, Vol 1
Editor ID Portal2SpaceCore
Weight Weight 3.14 Value Value 256
Space Core

The Space Core is a mysterious alien construct that can be seen suddenly plunging from the sky and crashing on the ruined house (map) near Western Watchtower, setting the ruins on fire. It is constantly animated, saying a line of dialogue when activated, placed in your inventory, and idle. Many of these lines refer to the land and events of Skyrim.

The Space Core can be taken to the Atronach Forge in The Midden and placed on the pedestal to power the forge. By placing an ingot of Refined Moonstone (or a piece of Moonstone Ore) and an Iron Helmet into the offering box, a Dovahcore Helmet can be made.

If blasted hard enough, like by an AoE spell or a Giant's club, the Space Core will be launched back into space and removed from the game.


These lines of dialogue will randomly be said by the Space Core:

  • SPACE! (x3)
  • Wanna... oh, oh, wanna master the arcane arts... in space? Yeah, arcane arts in space.
  • Archery. Hmm. Smithing. Hmm. Don't need 'em. Go to space. Space. Only skill you need.
  • What's your favorite thing about space? Mine is space.
  • Space...
  • Space. Trial. Puttin' the system on trial. In space. Space system. On trial. Guilty. Of being in space! Going to space jail!
  • Dad! I'm in space! I'm proud of you, son. Dad, are you space? Yes. Now we are a family again.
  • Space space wanna go to space yes please space. Space space. Go to space.
  • Space. Space. Wanna go to space.
  • Ba! Ba! Ba ba ba! Space! Ba! Ba! Ba ba ba!
  • Oh. Play it cool. Play it cool. Here come, here come space cops. Here come space cops.
  • Help me, space cops. Space cops, help.
  • Going to space, going there, can't wait, gotta go. Space. Going.
  • Better buy a telescope. Wanna see me. Buy a telescope. Gonna be in space.
  • Going to space.
  • Ba ba ba! Ba ba ba ba ba! Ba ba ba! Space!
  • Gonna be in space.
  • [humming] (x2)
  • Let's go - let's go to space. Let's go to space.
  • Atmosphere. Black holes. Astronauts. Nebulas. Jupiter. The Big Dipper. The Big Dipper!
  • Ohhh, the Sun. I'm gonna meet the Sun. Oh no! What'll I say? 'Hi! Hi, Sun!' Oh, boy!
  • Look, an eclipse! No. Don't look.
  • Hey hey hey hey hey!
  • Hey. (x5)
  • Oo. Oo. Oo. Lady. Oo. Lady. Oo. Let's go to space.
  • Oh I know! I know I know I know I know I know - let's go to space!
  • Oooh! Ooh! Hi hi hi hi hi. Where we going? Where we going? Hey. Lady. Where we going? Where we going? Let's go to space!
  • Lady. I love space. I know! Spell it! S, P... aace. Space. Space.
  • Oh oh oh oh oh oh. I know I know I know. Wait wait. Wait I know. Wait I know. I know wait. Space.
  • Are we in space yet? What's the hold-up? Gotta go to space. Gotta go to space!
  • Love space. Need to go to space.
  • You are the farthest ever in space. Why me, space? Because you are the best. I'm the best at space? Yes.
  • Space Court. For people in space. Judge Space Sun presiding. Bam. Guilty. Of being in space. I'm in space.
  • [humming] Space! (x2)
  • Going to space. Going there. Can't wait. Gotta go. Cannot wait. [moaning]
  • Happy to carry your burdens. Okay. To space. Go to space.
  • Dad, dad I leveled up. That's nice, son. Dad, are you dragons? Yes, I am all the dragons. Knew it.
  • Hey lady. Hey hey hey lady. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey lady. You don't look so good.
  • Dragons? Dragon! Space space. Go to space.
  • Oh I know I know I know. Space. Yeah, yeah, go to space.
  • Some people call me space junk. Space space. Me, I call me treasure.
  • Lady lady where we going? We going to space? Yeah yeah let's go to space.
  • Hey, level up, go to space. Around here somewhere. Keep looking.
  • Hey, hey, level up Speech. Talk people into going to space. Plenty of room.
  • Wanna go home.
  • Wanna go home wanna go home wanna go home wanna go home wanna go home.
  • Ah!
  • Space, best place. All the time. No dragons, just space.
  • Okay, okay, Spaceborn. Yeah yeah I am the Spaceborn. As foretold... in space!
  • Space. I wonder what's up there. Uh, Big Dipper. Little Dipper. Atmosphere. Black holes. Dragons! Oh no, no, yeah, no dragons, just space.
  • So, so where we going? Where we going? Hey, hey. Where we going? We going space?