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Skyrim:Dawnguard Creatures

Skyrim: Dawnguard

This article lists all of the new creatures introduced by the Dawnguard add-on. 46 creatures are added by the add-on, but many are simply variants of creatures already present in the original version of the game. 5 new creatures can become followers.

New Creature TypesEdit

New Named CreaturesEdit

New Creature VariantsEdit



Dwarven AutomatonsEdit


  • Dragon Variants
    • Legendary Dragon — The strongest variant. Appears in regular leveled lists at level 78. Defeating one will earn the Legend achievement.
    • Revered Dragon — Appears in regular leveled lists at level 59.

Passive CreaturesEdit


These new undead creatures are known as the Soul Guard, guardians of the Soul Cairn.

Unused CreaturesEdit

Main article: Unused Creatures

  • Load Dummy — Has the same race as the Vampire Lord version of Lord Harkon in game-data (may be used for his voice in that form). Cannot be reached in normal gameplay, PC players can use tcl command in console to find it in a tiny room far beneath the main hall of Volkihar Keep.
  • Mist Man — Skeleton variant, similar to the in-game Mistman. Doesn't exist and isn't used in game, but existing game-data suggests it was meant to be summonable.


  • Although there are no new Werewolf types added by the add-on, the game data for race files has been updated for werewolf variants, along with some loot and outfit changes. In addition, werewolves can now be encountered in the wild and along roads, instead of just in Silver Hand bases.
  • A second Wounded Frostbite Spider can be found in Dimhollow Crypt, previously a unique creature in the original version of the game.