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Reaper (RefID: xx0066EA)
(lore page)
Added by Dawnguard
Location Reaper's Lair (Soul Cairn)
Species Skeleton Soul Leveled
Level PC×1.5 (range=10-100) Type Undead
RefID xx0066EA BaseID xx01A73E
Other Information
Health 220+(PC-0.7)×17.5 Magicka 0
Stamina 80+(PC-0.7)×5
Faction(s) Skeleton Faction; SoulCairnFaction
The Reaper

The Reaper is the shadowy figure of an executioner with burning red eyes. He uses an iron battleaxe to attack in addition to a spitting attack similar to that of the Afflicted. In order to fight the Reaper, you must acquire a complete set of three Reaper Gem Fragments, which are scattered in chests of the Soul Cairn. You then place them at the altar in the Reaper's Lair. Doing so will summon the Reaper along with a few bonemen.

He wears a unique set of unlootable robes, hood, and bracers. When defeated, he drops three black soul gems and a Daedra heart.


  • The Reaper "quest" isn't actually a quest at all but just a unique encounter that requires special steps to trigger. The Prima Official Game Guide calls it "Regional Activity: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper".
    • The guide describes the Reaper itself as:
"This ghostly stuff of nightmares is a hooded shadow armed with a massive axe. His glowing red eyes stare through you, and he’s immediately hostile, as are the Bonemen minions that also appear. The first part of combat must include dodging the disgusting vomit he sprays across the chamber. Failure to step out of the flying acid results in some nasty damage. Search his Ghastly Remains for your reward."
  • If you are having trouble finding the gem fragments, they are always in a chest directly underneath one of the Ideal Masters (giant floating health-draining gems).
  • The Reaper's Daedra heart implies it may be of Daedric origin.


  • You can get around having to collect the Reaper gem fragments by scattering a few Fire Runes on the ground near him. This will summon his minions from below and draw him out for the fight. Just move to the back of the room and cast a mine on the large pile of bones. This same effect can be achieved using a Flames spell. Jumping up the bone pile until you almost touch the sparkling part of it will also summon the reaper. Watch out though, he'll be close.
  • It is not possible to loot the remains ("Soul Embers") of the Bonemen in the lair, even though the option to do so is presented when they die.
  • Reaper gem fragments can respawn, creating multiple copies of the same gem, even though they should be unique.