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A Silver Hand wielding a silver sword at Gallows Rock

The Silver Hand are a group of werewolf hunters. They are enemies of the Companions, as they are aware that the mercenary group's elite inner circle are lycanthropes. Hunters affiliated with the Silver Hand are known to brandish Silver swords and seek to rid Skyrim of werewolves. However, while the Silver Hand solely hunts werewolves and members of the Companions, it is evident that the group is overzealous at best, and at worst is no better than a group of bandits, murdering unarmed civilians and torturing their captives, even those not suffering from lycanthropy. To spite the Companions, the Silver Hand also attempted to retrieve scattered pieces of Wuuthrad, the shattered axe of Ysgramor which was of great importance to them.

Even if you are not affiliated with the Companions or the Circle and are not a werewolf, the Silver Hand are hostile and will attack on sight, which makes the members of the faction function similar to regular bandits. It is not possible to join the Silver Hand faction.


Named Members
Krev the Skinner
Generic Members
Silver Hand Leader
Silver Hand
Silver Hand Warrior (always a corpse)


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  • Silver Hand members are apparently somewhat paranoid about being able to cure diseases, most likely due to their regular contact with werewolves and vampires. They have a 25% chance of carrying one or two potions of cure disease, and 5-20% chances of carrying 1-3 samples of each of the four alchemy ingredients with a cure disease effect (charred skeever hide, hawk feathers, mudcrab chitin, and vampire dust).
  • Krev the Skinner is a radiant boss, whose race and gender is randomly determined when he or she spawns.
  • Silver Hand members inherit much of their data from Bandit Leveled Lists with some data, such as their name and inventory, being overwritten. As a result:
    • Despite all having the same name, they vary in level and strength. Their stats range from those of Bandits to Bandit Marauders.
    • They use bandit idle dialogue when they are unaware of your presence.
    • If you hit a Silver Hand corpse with a soul trapping weapon, instead of receiving the standard message of "Silver Hand resisted Soul Trap", it will instead say "Bandit resisted...." or "Bandit Marauder resisted..."[verification needed — Does this apply to all SH, or just those in radiant quests?]
  • After completing Purity of Revenge, the only Silver Hand members that respawn will be in the final room in Driftshade Refuge. Because of this, your chance to obtain silver weapons (e.g., for the Atronach Forge) will be infrequent.