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A Chaurus
A Chaurus Reaper
A Chaurus Hunter

Chaurus are medium-to-large, hostile, earwig-like creatures found in swamps, marshlands, and deep underground caverns. They vigorously project a strong acidic poison (spell Chaurus Spit, 7 pts for 7 seconds), which can quickly eat through most armor. They can cling to walls and have large amounts of health. Chaurus are often found in the company of Falmer, who breed them for their chitin.

The Dawnguard add-on adds Chaurus Hunters and Chaurus Hunter Fledglings (along with Chaurus Cocoons), which have apparently transformed from regular Chaurus. They hover over the ground and have much higher health than even the fearsome Chaurus Reaper, and spit their poison at a much faster rate than regular Chaurus. This poison spit also travels farther than regular Chaurus spit.

In a recipe book for chaurus pie, the author recommends that if hunting them, you should "get yourself some good armor and a nice big sword, and [...] some stout men who won't run off at the first sign of trouble." The suggestion to use melee force against them seems well-founded, because they are less likely to poison you with their melee attacks. Some additional strategies include:

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Drops Soul
Frozen ChaurusDG
1 25 4 100 Chaurus Chitin Petty
12 253 137 Lesser
Chaurus Hunter FledglingDG
16 375 50 150 Common
Chaurus Reaper
20 371 4 214 Common
Chaurus HunterDG
32 636 50 204 Greater


The Hearthfire add-on lets you build a chaurus statue on a large base in the trophy room addition of any homestead. The materials needed are:



  • Poison continues to work over time. If you've been hit, watch your health level even after you have killed a chaurus, or your last laugh may be short-lived.
  • Although the book "Chaurus Pie: A Recipe" claims Chaurus are edible, you cannot eat Chaurus yourself. The chitin they drop can only be used in smithing.
  • Chaurus (of all varieties) don't like to cross water (knee- or swimming depths), making archery or magic from a distance viable combat options.
  • Although Frozen Chaurus are set to drop Chaurus Chitin, you can't actually get anything from them because they shatter upon death. All other versions of Chaurus can also drop the material, and can drop a small amount of gold and/or a gem, in addition to a chance to drop 1-2 Chaurus eggs. Chaurus Hunters (of both types) can also drop antennae.
  • While Chaurus and Chaurus Reapers are set to be "pets" of Falmer, Chaurus Hunters (of both varieties) are not, likely due to them having to "hatch" from a cocoon, first.
  • Two Chaurus Hunters spawn inside of a locked room in Raldbthar, if you are the proper level when entering the ruin. If not, they will be instead Chaurus or Chaurus Reapers. Since they cannot get out (unless you pick the gate) and there's an open window of sorts near that gate, you can attack them with archery, Destruction magic (such as Chain Lightning or Ice Storm) Shouts or summoned creatures spawned inside the enclosure. These are the only Chaurus to be found in the Dwemer ruin.
  • The largest Chaurus Reaper in the game is found in Frostflow Lighthouse, in the caverns adjoining the basement. It is surrounded by other Chaurus (including Hunters in cocoons) and it is fittingly situated in the biggest nest in Skyrim.

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