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Value 200 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Health Drain Health
2nd Feather Feather
3rd Restore Intelligence Restore Intelligence
4th Drain Agility Drain Agility
# Samples 46 (+5 cursed)

"Rubies are transparent red gems that appear occasionally on the surface and more often in subterranean deposits on Vvardenfell."

Rubies are not found in any mines in Vvardenfell. The only reliable source for them is from vendors. However, they are also commonly found in Dwemer ruins inside barrels and other containers. Rubies are also common offerings at Daedric shrines. Beware, however, as some of these offerings (ID: ingred_Dae_cursed_ruby_01) are cursed, and will cause a dremora lord to appear behind you and attack when you pick them up. Cursed rubies will not stack with regular ones, and the two can be mixed to create a potion with all four effects.



The following vendors carry a restocking supply:

Loose samples can be found in the following locations:

Cursed rubies can be found in: