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Morrowind:Coda Flower

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Coda Flower
Coda Flower
Value 23 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Personality Drain Personality
2nd Levitate Levitate
3rd Drain Intelligence Drain Intelligence
4th Drain Health Drain Health
# Samples 57
Plant Draggle-Tail  % 75
# Plants 89
Coda Flower
Draggle Tails (Coda Flower on the right)

"The coda flower is the fruiting body collected from the primitive draggle-tail plant of the Bitter Coast."

Coda Flowers grow in Draggle-Tails (the larger ones) found in shallow swamp-water, most common in the Bitter Coast region. They are also found in indoor planters in various locations. Coda Flowers have an interesting property in that they glow in the dark. The plants actually emit light that illuminates things around them. Picked flowers do not emit light, but they can still be easily seen in the dark, and make good way-markers if you wish to use them as such.



The following vendors keep a restocking supply:

Greatest number of plants:

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