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Value 150 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka
2nd Restore Health Restore Health
3rd Drain Agility Drain Agility
4th Drain Endurance Drain Endurance
# Samples 59 (+4 cursed)

"The emerald is a transparent green gem with modest magical properties."

Emeralds are somewhat rare gems. There are no mines in Vvardenfell, and they are not carried by any creatures. The best places to look for them are Dwemer ruins, where they can be found in barrels, and Daedric shrines, where they are sometimes seen as offerings. Beware of the latter, however, as they may be cursed, causing a Dremora Lord to spawn behind you and automatically attack when you pick them up. These cursed gems (ID:ingred_Dae_cursed_emerald_01) will not stack with regular emeralds, and can be combined together to make a potion with all four effects.

A special unique emerald is found in the Bloodmoon expansion. It is called "Pinetear" (ID: ingred_emerald_pinetear), and is identical to standard emeralds in all but value - it is only worth 50 gold. It is needed for the quest, A Wife's Retribution.



The following vendors keep a restocking supply:

Greatest number of loose samples:

Cursed emeralds: