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Morrowind:Venim Ancestral Tomb

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Venim Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Undead, Bandit, Necromancer
Console Location Code(s)
Venim Ancestral Tomb
Grazelands, [9,11]
Venim Ancestral Tomb

Venim Ancestral Tomb is a necromancer's hideout just north of the Zainab Camp in the Grazelands.

The entrance to the tomb is unlocked as usual, but the first door inside the tomb is locked (100) and trapped.

There are three undead here, as well as a bandit named Luven and a necromancer named Goris the Maggot King.

The loot here consists of a few potions, some minor equipment, an Orcish Tower Shield, a copy of Darkest Darkness, some ingredients, a Journeyman's Probe, a Dreugh Staff, and the powerful Bow of Shadows. Goris also has an Ebony Staff, a few Exquisite items of clothing and a Grand Soul Gem.

Family MembersEdit

There are four known members of the Venim family:


  • The corpse of Tyronius in the Indaren Ancestral Tomb has the key to the first door inside Venim Ancestral Tomb. It also holds a note that provides more of the back-story involving the two NPCs found here.
  • In some vanilla editions of the game, both Goris and Luven are marked as essential, and so produce the message about the "thread of prophecy being severed", common to other Essential NPCs. In fact neither are required for any quest. In the GotY edition, the essential flag has been removed, and the "Corpses persist" flag has been ticked instead.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Goris the Maggot King   Dark Elf Necromancer 15 190 180 0 90
Luven   Imperial Thief 8 90 102 0 90


Venim Ancestral Tomb, interior map