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Dwemer Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Almsivi Intervention Molag Mar
Divine Intervention Pelagiad
Dwemer Centurions
Console Location Code(s)
Molag Amur, [9,2]

Mzanchend is a Dwemer fortress in the heart of the Molag Amur region, located near Galom Daeus and Uvirith's Grave.

Seven leveled Dwemer creatures - anything from a Centurion Spider to a Steam Centurion - are found throughout the ruin.

From the entry door, proceed down the stairs to a three-way junction. Ahead of you (west) is a short, dead-end hallway. To your left (south), follow the hallway around and down a flight of stairs to a room with a trapped Ornate Dwemer Chest on a table, containing some Dwemer coins and random Dwemer items. The key to the chest in Mzahnch is sitting on the floor under this table, near the wall. (Note that this key is for a chest in a totally different Dwemer ruin, Mzahnch, and will not help you with either chest here in Mzanchend.)

Return to the three-way junction and go north, up the stairs, to a room with a locked (level 15) Ornate Dwemer Chest, containing a guaranteed Dwarven Crossbow and some iron bolts. The bottom shelf to the right (west) of this chest holds the Dwemer Schematic, needed for the Telvanni Stronghold quest.

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