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For the Pawnbroker NPC class, see Pawnbroker (class).


Pawnbrokers are merchants who will buy almost anything from you, including some miscellaneous goods that nobody else will buy, like plates. This can be very convenient, as you cannot sell stolen pillows to armorers. However, they will pay less for each item. For example: a tan plate is worth 10 gold, but the pawnbroker will only pay about 3-5 gold, depending on your Mercantile skill level. The pawnbroker is a good place to dump your unwanted items, but it should be avoided if there are other options in the immediate area.

List of PawnbrokersEdit

Here is a list of all pawnbrokers in the game, sorted by the amount of gold with which they can trade.

Name Gold Location Faction Notes
Dralasa Nithryon 700 Balmora, Dralasa Nithryon: Pawnbroker
Galtis Guvron 600 Ald'ruhn, The Rat In The Pot Sells ash statues
Daynes Redothril 500 Ald'ruhn, Daynes Redothril: Pawnbroker
Irgola 500 Caldera, Irgola: Pawnbroker Sells the Hlormaren Propylon Index
Hjotra the Peacock 500 Dagon Fel, End of the World Renter Rooms
Goldyn Belaram 450 Suran, Goldyn Belaram: Pawnbroker
Meder Nulen 400 Sadrith Mora, Nevrila Areloth's House Camonna Tong 2(Thug)
Ravoso Aryon 400 Suran, Oran Manor House Hlaalu 1(Retainer)
Allding 300 Ald'ruhn, The Rat In The Pot Thieves Guild 1(Wet Ear)
Both gro-Durug 300 Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Thieves Guild 2(Footpad)
Marasa Aren 250 Balmora, Council Club Camonna Tong 1(Tough)
Sottilde 250 Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub Thieves Guild 1(Wet Ear)
Alveno Andules 200 Vivec, Hlaalu Pawnbroker House Hlaalu 2(Oathman)
Selvura Andrano 150 Gnaar Mok, Nadene Rotheran's Shack Camonna Tong 2(Thug)
Hinald 150 Gnaar Mok, Druegh-jigger's Rest Thieves Guild 1(Wet Ear)
Perien Aurelie 150 Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off
Rarvela Teran 150 Vivec, No Name Club Camonna Tong 1(Tough)
Sernsi Drelas 150 Rethan Manor, Drelas' House House Hlaalu 1(Retainer)