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Daynes Redothril (daynes redothril)
Home City Ald'ruhn
Store Daynes Redothril: Pawnbroker
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 12 Class Pawnbroker
Gold 500 Mercantile Apprentice (25)
Other Information
Health 96 Magicka 136
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Daynes Redothril

Daynes Redothril is a Dark Elf pawnbroker who has a shop in Ald'ruhn. He is one of several merchants in the city who has a problem with Ienas Sarandas's outstanding debts.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Greeting:
(First time speaking to you) "I'm Daynes Redothril, the Pawnbroker. And you are... %PCName? Shall I tell you about my trade? Or would you perhaps be interested in doing a little work for me?"
(Disposition at least 30) "Go ahead. Look around. You see something you want, let me know. I can also tell you about my trade. And, if you are interested, I might have a little work for you."
  • work:
"I am looking for a fellow named Ienas Sarandas. I sold him two fine matched rings, one with an raw ebony stone, the other with a raw glass stone, but he has failed to pay the remaining 150 drakes owed. If you will find Sarandas, and either get the ebony ring and the glass ring and return them to me, or get the overdue payment of 150 drakes he owes me, I will pay you 50 gold."

If you retrieve the rings peacefully:

"I see you have the ebony ring and the glass ring from Ienas Sarandas. Here are the 50 drakes for your services. Thank you very much." (Disposition up by 20)
"Thank you again."

If you retrieve the rings through persuasion:

"I see you have the ebony ring and the glass ring from Ienas Sarandas. Here are the 50 drakes for your services. And thank you very much for handling this situation so well. I really appreciate it." (Disposition up by 40)
"Thank you again. You handled the affair very well."

If you killed Sarandas to retrieve the rings:

"I see you have the ebony ring and the glass ring from Ienas Sarandas. And I hear Ienas Sarandas was found dead in his home. I don't suppose YOU had anything to do with that? Here's the 50 drakes I promised you. And I'll take the goods. But don't expect me to thank you for them. No debt is worth a man's life. Of course, there were no witnesses. But everyone knows you killed that poor fool. Don't think anyone here will forgive you for that." (Disposition down by 20)
"You've been paid."
  • Ienas Sarandas:
"The young fellow's family has lived in Ald'ruhn a long time. His parents died recently and left him their house and estate. But Ienas has fallen in with a fast crowd. I believe he's taken to drinking expensive liquor and has incurred some gambling debts. He's a charming lad, everyone likes him, but he's not very sensible, and suddenly becoming rich seems to have made him an irresponsible fool."

After completing the related quest peacefully:

"Have you heard he has given his house to the Temple and is studying to be a priest at the Ald'ruhn Temple? The word is all over town."


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