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Coral Cliffs
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Region The Systres
Appears in ESO
Tuinh circa 2E 582

Tuinh is a druidic settlement located off the southeastern coast of the Galen, one of the islands of the Systres Archipelago. It was inhabited by the members of the Eldertide Circle. It lies to the south of Suncleft Cove.[1][2]

Like other Druidic settlements, Tuinh's manmade structures were intertwined with and paid homage to nature,[3] echoing the druids of old's belief that civilization should coexist alongside nature and not tame it.[4] It invoked the feeling of a culture that has embraced nature yet is not primitive.[5] Druids are considered master stonecutters, and Tuinh's architectural style reflects their mastery, as the stone had a primacy within Druidic creations.[6][7][8] It consisted both of simpler stacked stone huts with thatched roofs and more complex rock-cut architecture.[5][2][9]


Eldertide religious structures
A typical Eldertide's dwelling in Tuinh

Little is known of the past of Tuinh. It was founded at some point after the arrival of the Druids of Galen to the Systres Archipelago around 1E 330.[10] For generations, the sacred seed of the Eldertide Circle was kept in the settlement of Tuinh.[11]

In the years leading to 2E 582, Tuinh was an active settlement. As of then, travelers were advised to avoid the area as druids of Eldertide tend to resent outsiders and prefer their solitude.[1] Unlike the Eldertide Druids of the High Isle and Amenos inhabitants of Tuinh were content to live in peace with city dwelling Bretons, as House Mornard of Vastyr did not expand their power towards the Druidic dwellings.[12]

Eldertide Altar by the shore
Eldertide Lodge

In 2E 582, the settlement was attacked by the Maormer pirates known as the Dreadsails.[13][14][15] Druid Laurel of Stonelore Circle, together with a mercenary in service to the House Mornard investigated the sacked village. Laurel was surprised by the Dreadsails attack since Druids, who are known to possess formidable magical abilities, usually do not accumulate wealth or riches, which makes them an unattractive target for pirates.[12]

During the investigation, they discovered clues leading to the village's lodge, where the village elders used to convene. Inside they encountered the leader of the Firesong Circle, Archdruid Orlaith, the leader of the Firesong Circle. She was looking for the sacred seed of the Eldertide, granted to them by the last Druid King Kasorayn, as each circle was given one. Before escaping the Archdruid revealed that "the time has come to gather the seeds as the prophecy of the Druid King is at hand". It turned out that the assault on Tuinh constituted merely one among several coordinated efforts orchestrated by the Archdruid Orlaith of the Firesong Circle. She was also behind the attack on the Glenmoril and Beldama Wyrd as well as an attempt to seize the nature spirit Frii. The Archdruid's underlying objective was to acquire all three sacred seeds.[12][13][16] She was however, unsuccessful as the sacred seed was moved from Tuinh to the Eldertide Shrine located underneath the Castle Tonnere to ensure its safety and security by the order of Eldertide Archdruid Ellic, at some point before the attack. Druid Niraya was the one to carry out the task.[11][17]

Interior of the Eldertide Lodge
Archdruid Ellic

Some of the Eldertide Druids of Tuinh survived the onslaught. A group of them was kidnapped by the pirates and kept hostage at Suncleft Cove. A group of knights led by the banneret Corrick and a Maormeri loyalist of Orgnum, Captain Siravaen of the Gilded Blades managed to protect and rescue a group of the Elderdtide druids from Sealord Nalos, who worked in league with Archdruid Orlaith. Not all druids were saved, however.[13][18] Although the Eldertide Circle takes pride in their ability to handle their own battles, the group of saved Druids expressed gratitude towards Siravaen and House Mornard's forces. Although the help arrived, Tuinh was in ruins, several Eldertide Druids had died, and Niraya had been kidnapped by the Dreadsails.[19] Most of the inhabitants, aside from this small rescued group was slaughtered.[13][20] Despite the Tuinh's status as the Eldertide Circle settlement, some members of the Stonelore Circle could be found in the Tuinh, alongside the Elderdite Druids during the massacre.[9][21]

Another location of importance to the Druids, Draoife Dell, was a target of the Dreadsails and Firesong Circle attack soon afterward.[13][17] Eventually the threat of the Firesong Circle ended, but the future fate of the settlement of Tuinh is unclear.[22][23]

The Systres became a part of Hammerfell's territory by 2E 864.[24] At some point before the Fifth Century of the Third Era the Druids once again had a presence on the mainland Tamriel.[25][UOL 1] It is unknown how those events affected the Druids of the Systres and the settlement of Tuinh.

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