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King Orgnum
ON-place-The Vaults of Heinarwe Aldmer Altar.jpg
King Orgnum with Kinlady Heinarwe, as seen on an Aldmer Altar
Race Aldmer Gender Male
Resided in Pyandonea

Orgnum (also spelled as Orghum,[1][2] and known as the "Immortal Monarch"[3] and the "Young King",[4] and formally King Orgnum, Voice of the Free Maormer People, commander of Twelve-Dozen-and-One mighty ships)[5] is the Aldmer ruler of the island kingdom of Pyandonea.[6] He is said to have a close circle regarding military matters,[7] with the core clans of Pyandonea owing loyalty to him, considered to be organized and well-disciplined in martial forces.[8] He is often depicted as having three hands on tapistries.


King Orgnum is a deathless wizard who is said to be the Serpent God of the Satakal.[6] Every attack launched by the Maormer against Summerset has been led by Orgnum himself, who it seems is not only immortal but grows more youthful by the century.[9] Sea serpents serve as Orgnum's guards and occasional mounts.[9]

Numerous tales among a variety of cultures are associated with King Orgnum, such as that of Gjadil the Keel-Hauler, an explorer who sailed from Atmora and raided the palace of King Orgnum himself, burying the treasure at Dusk.[10] The Khajiit remember Nurarion the Perfect, a member of the Sunhold royal family and of Khunzar-ri's Kra'jun, who made a deal with Clavicus Vile for great powers to fight off Orgnum's forces.[4] The Altmeri play The Bright Blade of Captain Castatil tells of the protagonist going to confront Orgnum, whom he believes killed his father, only for Orgnum to remove his blue facepaint and reveal himself as his father Eroldalin, leaving no choice but for Captain Castatil to kill his father for his atrocities.[11]


According to legend, Orgnum was a phenomenally wealthy Aldmer nobleman, who used his finances to launch a rebellion against the powers of the land.[12][9] He and his followers were banished for this to a place separated from Aldmeris by an impenetrable mist, Pyandonea, "The Veil of Mist". This boundary proved so effective that the followers of Orgnum never again disturbed their former countrymen in Aldmeris.[9][13] Orgnum was said to have had an affair with Kinlady Heinarwe, who was so ashamed that she forsook name, title, and clan, banished all family and servants from the hall of her place, snuffed every candle and chandelier, and withdrew, alone, into her vaults.[14]

War of the IsleEdit

Three months before the War of the Isle in 3E 110, King Orgnum met with Potema Septim in Solitude to make an agreement that when the Maormer took over Tamriel, she would be Empress of the continent. In turn Potema promised that she would lead an insurrection against her brother, Emperor Antiochus Septim. On the night of their first meeting, Potema shared her bed with Orgnum, as she deemed it to be the polite and diplomatic thing to do.

King Orgnum's translator was fluent in the languages of four continents; his own country of Pyandonea, as well as those of Atmora, Akavir, and Tamriel.[15]

The War of the Isle was the last documented appearance of Orgnum and the Maormer.[9] The united alliance of the kings of Summerset and Antiochus Septim,[1] combining the Imperial fleet and the royal navies of Summerset Isle, together with the magical powers of the Psijic Order, succeeded in destroying the Pyandonean invading armada.[16] It was said that the storm brewed by the Psijic of Artaeum so annihilated Orgnum's fleet that he was never again able to muster together enough of a force to dare another battle.[2][9]

King Orgnum's CofferEdit

King Orgnum's Coffer is a small-sized chest, ordinary in appearance. It is remarkably light, almost weightless, which offers a clue to its true magic. Once a day, the Coffer will create gold from naught. When King Orgnum himself possessed the Coffer, the supply within was limitless. He was said to have lost the coffer in a marine battle against the empire, led by emperor Antiochus Septim, and there are those that believe that for this reason he could no longer afford his large fleet.[17] Those who have found it since report that the Coffer eventually disappears after having dispersed enough gold to shame even the wealthiest of merchants. Where and why it vanishes is still a mystery. It was last seen in the hands of the Eternal Champion.