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This article is about the antiquity. For the achievement, see Blessings of Stone.

ON-icon-furnishing-Music Box, Blessings of Stone.png
Music Box, Blessings of Stone
Category Services (Music Boxes)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Traditional Furnishings
Bind Bind on Pickup
Behavior Interactable, Animated, Audible
When activated, plays a music box arrangement of the contemplative "Blessings of Stone" composition.
Music Box, Blessings of Stone

Available FromEdit

  • After completing this entry in the Antiquity Codex, this furnishing may be purchased from Idrenie Beren in Vastyr for 00150000150,000  .
  • Codex Entries required: 15


This antiquity furnishing can be obtained via the Antiquities system. First, you must obtain the following Antiquity leads:

Icon Lead Location Source(s) Difficulty Codex
  Lead: Druidic Music Box Turnstile Galen
  • Volcanic Cache
Master Ugron gro-Thumog Verita Numida Gabrielle Benele
I've seen wheels like this in the crushing tombs in Alik'r Desert. Granted, those wheels were larger and their grooves were deep from use. This plate spun though, that much I can confirm just from the way it's fashioned. A wooden plate with a stained looping symbol? I'm surprised your mind went to Alik'r and not Balfiera, Urgon. This plate is clearly druidic, though I must confess that I don't think I've seen this symbol on any pre-diaspora druidic artifacts. This turnstyle doesn't have a druidic symbol, see the coloration and angle? It's more likely that whoever stained this wood is a Breton paying homage to the druids. That's the only way I can explain the different techniques and patterns.
  Lead: Druidic Music Box Stones Galen
  • Galen Reward Coffer
Master Verita Numida Ugron gro-Thumog Reginus Buca
Here we see a representation of the impressive architectural techniques of the druids. Their homes are conical-shaped to help regulate temperatures on hot days. Impressive architecture? I question the structural integrity of those columns. One maelstrom or blizzard and clay foundations become brittle. The windows in their towers are ingenious though. They could help funnel fresh air throughout the village. Blizzards aren't exactly concerns for the druids of the Systres. Besides, druids construct using multifaceted stones and cover them with clay from the banks of Y'ffre's Tears for a smooth finish. I doubt anything could topple those towers.
  Lead: Druidic Music Box Drum Galen Master Gabrielle Benele Amalien Reginus Buca
The song inscribed on the drum wheel sounds familiar. I think it's 'Streaming Flags of Northsalt' but there's an extra line in the melody that doesn't align with how mother sang it. I know this tune! It's 'The Waves Crashed Over Aldmeris.' I guess I never thought to connect the two before, but it seems pretty likely that the one you know Gabrielle, evolved from the Elder Folk. How could it not? They're so similar! Amalien's wild theory may not be far from the truth. I wrote to a fellow Antiquarian on High Isle who said the druids sometimes call the song 'Blessings of Stone.' This melody may be one of the things the Aldmer passed down to the Bretons.
  Lead: Druidic Music Box Crank-Key Galen Master Amalien Reginus Buca Gabrielle Benele
Oh, copper! Mages on mainland Tamriel use it to detect magic, so I wonder if its used in the Systres to detect ammonites. If that's the case, perhaps this music box has some magical properties. In seeing this key, my first thought was not to remark on the potential magical properties but instead to wonder at why it was made from copper in the first place. Druids do not usually craft with metals, certainly not copper. This is going to plague me. Druids generally prefer working with bronze or iron if they have to. But, what if this key wasn't forged by a druid? See how it's been polished? Druids prefer their metals to tarnish naturally. This was probably made by a Breton crafter in Galen.
  Lead: Druidic Music Box Comb Galen Master Amalien Gabrielle Benele Verita Numida
A comb from a music box and it's not even a little rusted. I must confess that I started plucking at it while I cataloged this find. The notes are clear and crisp, it probably makes a delightful sound when played with intention. I wondered who was playing that music. I found myself doing the same and thumbing this comb while I researched it. I'm no expert on music, but the scale doesn't sound like anything I've heard or seen before. Did you take a look at some of the lower class music books? This comb can play a variety of tunes from 'Ballads from Balfiera'. I'm not sure what tune this comb plays, but I'd wager that it comes from the Nedic traditions.

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Update 36 (Firesong - November 2022)

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