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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Discover the truth behind Sea Elf raids on Galen.
Zone: Galen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Dhulef
Location(s): Galen and Y'ffelon
Next Quest: Tides of Ruin
Reward: Mornard Noble Breeches
Y'ffelon's Face Brand (page)
1 Skill Point
Leveled Gold
ID: 6849
Mornard Knights helping the refugees.
Vicious Sea Elf raids and strife among the druid circles beset the beautiful island of Galen. House Mornard requires capable adventurers to help restore peace to the isle.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Dhulef
  2. Speak to Lord Bacaro Volorus
  3. Speak to Sir Stefan Mornard
  4. Investigate the three locations for Dreadsails activity
  5. Report to Sir Stefan Mornard
  6. Go to the Telling Stone
  7. Attend the Draoife
  8. Return to Castle Mornard

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Starting the QuestEdit

You can begin the quest by speaking to Dhulef upon arrival to Vastyr. He can be found at the docks or around the city. As you approach you may hear him say

"House Mornard needs adventurers! Who's got the sand for the job?"
Met Dhulef before:
"You look like someone who knows trouble. Adventurer by trade, am I right? I'm Dhulef of the Mages Guild. Spellslinger-for-hire and court mage to Count Mornard of Galen, at least for now.
We could use your help, and we've got the gold to pay for it."
First time meeting:
"Why, it's you! I should have known you'd turn up on Galen. Good timing—we have plenty of trouble to go around today.
I took a post as mage-for-hire to Count Mornard, but he needs all the help he can get. And he pays well for it."
What kind of help are you looking for?
"The usual. Well, more than that. Galen's beset by Sea Elf pirates, but these aren't the usual isolated raids. House Mornard's defending the isle as best they can, but their knights are stretched thin. And the druids are too distracted to lend a hand."
What's distracting the druids?
"Some quarrel among the circles. Never seen the druids so at odds before.
But if you're willing to help, go talk to the count's son, Sir Stefan. He's just outside Vastyr, leading the effort to drive off the Sea Elves. What do you say, sailor?"
I'll speak to Sir Stefan Mornard about driving off the Sea Elves.

Once you accept the quest, you can leave Vastyr to the northwest and find Lord Bacaro Volorus. As you approach, you can hear the following conversation:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "The Steadfast are here to aid those harmed by the Sea Elf attacks. I have no knights to lend you, Count Mornard, Sir Stefan."
Sir Stefan Mornard: We'll have to handle the Sea Elves ourselves, then. I don't know what's keeping the druids."
Count Leonard Mornard: "You place too much trust in those ivy-robed beggars, Stefan."

Speak to Lord Bacaro and if you've met him before he'll say:

"Well, if it isn't Lady Arabelle's talented assistant. I might have guessed that Galen's troubles would draw you here. What can I do for you, my friend?"
Dhulef asked me to deliver these supplies.
"Ah, thank you. We're shorthanded and I haven't had anyone to send for these. As you can see, the fighting on Galen has caused no end of suffering. And most of the victims are simple farmers and townfolk, not soldiers.
Damn those Sea Elf Pirates!"
This is all because of the Sea Elves?
"For the most part. There have been some incidents among the druid circles, too. But the Sea Elves are definitely the biggest threat. Talk to Sir Stefan Mornard. I'm sure he can find a use for someone with your obvious talents."
I'll talk to Sir Stefan.

Before you speak to Sir Stefan, you can ask Lord Bacaro some questions:

"Young Sir Stefan is over there with his father, Count Mornard. They will readily accept any assistance you're willing to offer.
Now if you'll excuse me, the Society of Steadfast's work is never done.
What is the Society of the Steadfast doing here?
"The Mornards are neighbors, so to speak. Count Leonard sent word to me about Galen's troubles with the Sea Elves. I have many responsibilities on High Isle, but still... I have to help an old friend."
What about the peace talks on High Isle?
"I'm trying to be in two places at the same time as best I can. It involves frequent voyages from Vastyr to Gonfalon Bay. Fortunately, I can trust Lady Arabelle to look after the alliance leaders when I must be absent."

Speak to Sir Stefan Mornard after you've handed the Steadfast Supplies to Lord Bacaro and he'll say:

"Well met, adventurer. If you're looking for work, I need all the help I can get.
Sea Elf raids are nothing new on Galen, but never have they attacked in such numbers. The whole southeast shore is under siege."
What do the Sea Elves want?
"I'm not sure. Most Sea Elves are pirates—easy plunder is what they're usually after. But the Dreadsails are more determined than any Maormer I've seen before.
Whatever their goal, we must push them back."
What do you need me to do?
"Hand me your map. I've received reports of Dreadsails near Windwrack Fort, the village of Tuinh, and Suncleft Cove. I need you to investigate these sightings and chase off any Sea Elves you find. Let them know Galen won't go down without a fight."
Are you ready for a fight?
"Not as ready as I would like, friend. We don't have enough knights to protect the whole island. But I need information even more than I need soldiers.
Find out what the Dreadsails really want, if you can. And where they plan to strike next."
I'll head out at once, Sir Stefan.

Investigating Dreadsails activityEdit

Once you agree to help, Sir Stefan will mark your map and you can opt to ask him questions about the locations and himself:

"All three locations I need you to investigate lie to the east. Chase away any Sea Elves you find at the fort and the village, and see if you can figure out what they're up to at the cove. Report back to me in Vastyr when you're done."
Tell me about these locations that are under attack.
"Time is pressing, but I suppose it's only prudent to find out something about what you're getting into. Which location are you curious about?"
Tell me about Windwrack Fort.
"It's an old fort, built on Windwrack Point centuries ago to protect Vastyr against attacks from the east. It's not in good repair, but we garrison it as strongly as we can. Yet perhaps not strongly enough.
Anything else?"
"Tuinh? It's an Eldertide settlement. They have little love for House Mornard, but they like Sea Elves even less. I expected them to put up a stout defense against the Dreadsails, but we haven't heard from them in quite some time.
Any more questions?"
Why is the cove important?
"Until today, I would have said Suncleft Cove wasn't important at all. It's a pretty enough spot, but there are certainly better places for the Dreadsails to land raiders. I can't imagine what the Sea Elves want there.
Is that all?"
Which of the three sites should I go to first? (Appears after one of the locations has been asked about)
"I leave that to you. With luck, you'll find allies at the fort or village. But whatever you do, go swiftly. If we fail to meet the Sea Elf threat now, it's only a matter of time before we see them at the walls of Vastyr."
Who are you again?
"My apologies. In all the excitement, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sir Stefan Mornard. And this is my father, Count Leonard Mornard. Our house has the honor of governing the isle of Galen for our liege, High King Emeric."
So your father rules Galen?
"Jonne is my cousin. He holds title to the Mornard estates on High Isle for my father, and manages many of our mercantile concerns there. But my father, the count, is the patriarch of House Mornard."
"It might be more accurate to say he governs Vastyr and the lands surrounding the city. The northern half of Galen is mostly wilderness. Quite a few druids live there, but they look after their own affairs."
I met Viscount Jonne Mornard on High Isle. How are you related? (If you completed People of Import)
"Jonne is my cousin. He holds title to the Mornard estates on High Isle for my father, and manages many of our mercantile concerns there. But my father, the count, is the patriarch of House Mornard."
What was all that about druids?
"Galen may claim to be a Breton holding, but the druids have lived here for centuries. Some of them don't like city folk, but they certainly defend the coast from pirates.
Especially the Eldertide Circle. It's not like them to avoid a fight."
Eldertide Circle?
"One of the three circles of druids in the archipelago. The Eldertide live by the coast and dislike outsiders. The Firesong are recluses, keeping to old places of power. Then there's the Stonelore. I studied with them when I was young."
You studied with the druids?
"With the druids and with a knightly order. I suppose you could say I had a well-rounded Systres education!
If you're interested, I'll tell you more about it later. Right now, I need you to check out those locations."

You can choose to investigate any of the locations in any order.

Windwrack FortEdit

Use ballistas against Maormer fleet…

Upon arriving at Windwrack Fort, you'll be greeted by Dhulef. He will be accompanied by House Mornard Knights and call you over:

Dhulef: "Over here, mate!"

Speak to Dhulef to learn about the situation:

"I thought I might see you here. Looks like a band of Sea Elves got ashore and seized the fort. Now more of those sea-dogs are on their way.
I was hoping for some druid help, but they never arrived. So it's up to us."
Sir Stefan sent me. What do you have in mind?
"I spotted more Sea Elf warships brimming with reinforcements. Luckily, the fort's ballistas are intact. Get to the ballistas and stop those ships.
That will give us time to deal with the enemies who already made it to shore."
What will you be doing?
"I'll see if I can rally the knights and get the wounded back on their feet. We'll need them to hold the fort once you stop the reinforcements from reaching the shore.
Meet me on the bluffs north of the fort when you're done."
All right. I'll use the ballistas to drive off the Sea Elf ships.

After you agree to help, you can ask Dhulef some more questions. Note that the dialogue is identical to what appears when you first meet him in Vastyr:

"Take a right when you get into the fort. There's a path that leads down to the docks. You'll find the ballistas there.
My guess is the Dreadsail ships will flee at the first sign of resistance—they won't risk their ships to ballista strikes."
Tell me more about these Sea Elves.
What was that about druid quarrels?
What are you doing here, Dhulef?
…to set them on fire!

Head into Windwrack Fort and you'll see it's been overrun by the Dreadsails. Continue down the path toward the shore and on your left on a little platform is the first ballista. Activate it and it will fire a flaming ballista on a distant Dreadsail ship and light it on fire. You can see one of the crew run and leap off the side as it sails away.

The next one is close by, up on the docks guarded by some Dreadsail pirates. Activating the ballista will do the same thing and light a distant Dreadsail ship on fire, causing it to sail away.

The last one is past the nearby ship. Board the ship and climb to the higher deck and to the nearby higher dock to another ballista on a platform. Fire this ballista to drive off the last Dreadsail ship.

Once the last of the Dreadsail ships are gone, head north to meet up with Dhulef. He's accompanied by House Mornard Knights and some refugees and he'll greet you:

Dhulef: "Nice work, mate! Your aim was impeccable."

Speak with Dhulef to conclude your investigation:

"Well done. These Dreadsails may be fierce, but they lack loyalty. Even though they've got numbers on their side, they won't stick their necks out for their mates.
That's something we can use against them."
Anything more you need from me here? (If Windwrack Fort's objective was done first)
"You've done your part. We can deal with the stragglers around Windwrack Fort, now that they've got no reinforcements coming to support them.
Your work's just beginning though, mate. I fear the seas ahead will be rough for all of us."
Have you heard anything about the druid settlement at Tuinh?
"Word is the Sea Elves struck there as well. It's just up the coast to the north. I believe Druid Laurel of the Stonelore Circle is there, looking into things.
I'd appreciate it if you kept an eye on her, mate. Laurel is like kin to me."
Who's Druid Laurel again?
"Laurel found me half-drowned after a shipwreck ten years back. She was just a girl then, but she had the sense to fetch help. Which is how I came to know the Stonelore druids. She's been a friend ever since."
Sir Stefan Mornard said there were Sea Elves near Suncleft Cove.
"Aye, I heard that, too. Something about Sea Elves taking prisoners into a cave near the cove. Strange. If the Dreadsails took captives, why haven't they tried to ransom them yet?
Banneret Corrick went to investigate. Help him if you can."

Talking to Dhulef again before leaving:

"We'll take it from here—you're needed up the coast, sailor.
When you're finished with the work Stefan Mornard gave you, report back to him in Vastyr. I expect I'll see you there."'

Tuinh VillageEdit

When you arrive at Tuinh on the east coast of Galen, you find it has been attacked and Druid Laurel will be there as well:

Druid Laurel: "Blight, what a slaughter!"

Speak with Druid Laurel to see what is going on:

Met Druid Laurel before:
"I didn't expect to see you again so soon, friend, but I never refuse the gifts that Y'ffre is willing to give me.
I came to help the Eldertide druids, but I was too late. This battle is already lost, blight take it!"
First time meeting:
"Blight take it! I came to help the Eldertide druids defend their village, but I was too late. This battle is already lost.
You're not an islander, and you're certainly not a Sea Elf. What are you doing here, stranger?"
A clue by the altar.
Sir Stefan Mornard sent me. He was concerned that the druids never answered his call.
"Sir Stefan's a dear friend of mine, and practically a druid himself! We studied together under Archdruid Rahval when we were younger.
It's not unlike him to worry about the druids—even the Eldertide."
What happened here?
"The Dreadsails happened, but it makes no sense. The Eldertide have no riches—druids don't care about such things. And they command formidable magic.
What pirate attacks a target that can fight back for no obvious profit?"
I ran into Eldertide druids who helped the Ascendant Magus on High Isle. (If you completed the High isle questline)
"Druids choose their own paths. The Eldertide of High Isle are bitter, resentful. But as long as the Mornards don't push into druid territory, the Eldertide of Galen are content to live in peace.
It was foolish of the Dreadsails to provoke them."
Sir Stefan said that the Dreadsails were unusually determined.
"That's strange. It makes me wonder what the Sea Elves really hope to gain by these attacks.
Let's look around. Watch for anything that looks interesting or out of place. With any luck, we can figure out why the Sea Elves attacked Tuinh."

After speaking with Druid Laurel, she will become your follower as you investigate the village. Speaking to her now will have her say:

"We may be too late to save the Eldertide druids here, but we can try to learn what attracted the Dreadsails to this village. Let's look around."

Immediately after entering Tuinh Village it is clear the Dreadsail have wrecked the place. Immediately to the right is a set of stairs that lead up to an Eldertide Altar. Investigating it will have Druid Laurel say:

"The candles are still burning. The Eldertide druids who tend this altar have not been gone long."

Across the way near a the Eldertide Lodge is a dead Dreadsail Pirate with Dreadsail Orders next to him. Reading it will have Druid Laurel say:

"A lorekeeper? What relic could they be searching for?"
Archdruid Orlaith in Eldertide Lodge

Continue down the shoreline until you see the Burnt Emberblooms. Examining them will cause the Emberbloom to disintegrate into ash, concluding searching for clues. Head back toward the Eldertide Lodge and enter.

When you are inside the lodge, Druid Laurel will run ahead and find someone already in there and she recognizes them:

Druid Laurel: "Archdruid Orlaith! What are you doing here?"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Confirming a suspicion, little Laurel."
Archdruid Orlaith: "Archdruid Rahval was right to call the Draoife together. Tell him the Firesong will attend."
Archdruid Orlaith: "The time has come to gather the seeds. The prophecy of the Druid King is at hand."
<Archdruid Orlaith teleports away.>
Druid Laurel: "The seeds? Is that what this—oh, blight! She's gone. Friend, we should talk."

Speak with Druid Laurel to find out what is going on:

"Root and rot! That was Archdruid Orlaith, leader of the Firesong Circle. I think I know what really happened here, and I don't like it at all!"
What do you mean, Laurel?
"The relic the Dreadsails sought is the sacred seed of the Eldertide. A gift of the last Druid King. Each circle was granted one. That's what Archdruid Orlaith meant by gathering seeds.
Could she be the druid mentioned in the Dreadsails orders?"
Completed Earthen Root Enclave and Firesong Prologue:
The Firesong attacked Earthen Root Enclave and tried to capture Frii in Glenmoril.
"I thought Devyric and Michiel were Firesong renegades, acting of their own accord. But the orders we found, and what Orlaith just said. The Firesong want all the sacred seeds.
Archdruid Orlaith leads the Firesong. This is her doing."
Completed Firesong Prologue only:
Was Archdruid Orlaith behind the Firesong attack on the Glenmoril Wyrds?
"Maybe? I'm not sure why they wanted to wake Frii, but other Firesong tried to take the Stonelore seed right around the same time. And now this.
Archdruid Orlaith mentioned the Druid King's prophecy. Could that be what this is all about?"
Completed Earthen Root Enclave only:
Didn't Firesong druids try to take the Stonelore seed from Earthen Root Enclave?
"I thought Archdruid Devyric and his followers were renegades—a splinter group. But those orders we found, and what Orlaith just said—the Firesong want all three sacred seeds.
Archdruid Orlaith is the leader of the circle. This is her doing."
Why are the seeds so important? Are they powerful?
"Not as far as I know. The seeds are mentioned in the Dream of Kasorayn—the prophecy of the last Druid King. The Firesong seem to believe its time has come. The other circles, not so much.
Perhaps the Draoife can make sense of all this."
The Draoife?
"A council of druids, elders from all three circles. Archdruid Rahval of the Stonelore has summoned the Draoife to address grievances against the Firesong, but up till now Orlaith ignored him.
Tell Stefan about this. Pirates aren't his only problem."
All right. I'll tell Sir Stefan what we learned here.

After you agree to pass on what you learnt to Sir Stefan, Druid Laurel will let you go. If you speak with her again before leaving:

"Thank you, friend. If you have any other tasks, take care of them swiftly and report back to Sir Stefan in Vastyr.
If the Firesong and the Dreadsails are working together, he needs to know."

Suncleft CoveEdit

Witness a conversation at the Suncleft Cove

When you arrive at Suncleft Cove, you see Banneret Corrick speaking to a group of House Mornard Knights.

Banneret Corrick: "A single Sea Elf bested the lot of you?"
House Mornard Knight: "She hit us like a storm of steel. Didn't kill anyone, though. Just put us in the sand."

Speak with Banneret Corrick to explain that you are there to help investigate:

"Can you believe this? I came to check on my knights when I found them … indisposed. House Mornard's finest, pah!
Now, who are you?"
I'm [PlayerName]. Sir Stefan sent me to investigate the cove. Can you tell me what happened here?
"My knights tracked a band of Dreadsails to the cave here at Suncleft Cove. As they tell it, however, a single Sea Elf tore through them before they could search inside. Didn't even bother to kill them. Just knocked them senseless and left them here."
Sir Stefan mentioned captives.
"Right. That was in my report. Since Sir Stefan sent you, I could use your help. Scout the cave. We have to find the prisoners and free them.
I'll follow once my knights recover. Just watch out. The Sea Elf who beat them is somewhere inside."
Stay your hand, stranger! This Sea Elf saved our lives.

After you get your orders, you can continue to talking to Banneret Corrick and ask him some questions:

"Remember, we think the Dreadsails have prisoners in there. Maybe some knights, but certainly druids from the nearby village. Find them if you can and set them free. We'll join you as soon as my knights recover their senses."
What can you tell me about the Dreadsails?
"Nothing good, that's for certain. They're pirates, slavers, murderers, and thieves. In my experience, the only good Sea Elf is a dead Sea Elf.
These Dreadsails, though. They're the worst of their kind."
"Nothing like this. Isolated raids, some pillaging. They were pirates before, but now they act like a conquering army.
Watch out for the one that knocked my knights senseless. She must be quite a fighter to defeat them without spilling any blood."
I've encountered Dreadsail pirates before. (If you encounter them before in quests related to them)
"And you lived to tell the tale? I'm impressed. You might be able to teach my knights a thing or two. Maybe Sir Stefan will lend you to me as a training officer when this is all over."
Who are you, exactly?
"Corrick's the name, banneret in the service of House Mornard. My family has proudly served the lords of Galen for generations. I'll bring these murderous Sea Elves to battle and defeat them. Or die in attempt."
What's a banneret?
"Not familiar with knightly ranks? Do they do things differently on the mainland? A banneret is the equivalent of a captain in my order—a knight who commands other knights.
It looks like I've got some work to do with these louts, though."
Arrival of the banneret and his knights

Once in Suncleft Grotto, you will witness Sealord Nalos and the kidnapped Eldertide Druid Niraya.

Sealord Nalos: "This one has the information I seek. We simply need to extract it from her."
Sealord Nalos: "I'll take her with me to the keep. Dispose of the rest as you wish, but do not tarry long."
Druid Niraya: "No! Please! Don't hurt them. You only need me!"

Deeper in the cave, you will find the other druids being protected by Captain Siravaen.

Dreadsail Pirate: "Captain Siravaen? Why are you—urk!"
<Captain Siravaen kils the pirate.>
Captain Siravaen: "Slug! You and your sealord aren't fit to call yourselves Maormer!"
Druid Irenya: "Stay your hand, stranger! This Sea Elf saved our lives."
Captain Siravaen: "I told the fool knights outside I wasn't their enemy. Do you have more sense than them?"

Talk with Captain Siravaen to see what is going on:

"You're willing to talk? At least you're smarter than those knights outside. I suppose Sealord Nalos and his scum have taught the people of this island to fear anyone with blue skin.
Understand this—I don't answer to that foul beast."
If you're not with the Dreadsails, who are you?
"Captain Siravaen of the Gilded Blades. You'd call me a pirate, I suppose. But I'm not one of Sealord Nalos's traitors, and I'm not involved in all this druid foolishness.
You look confused. Must be from the continent. Yes, I'm a Maormer."
Sir Stefan Mornard sent me to find these captives.
"Well, they're not captives anymore. And you and I need not be enemies. Sealord Nalos is my quarry, for reasons of my own. But I'll tell you this much, mercenary. Nalos seeks some sort of druid relic. Calls it a sacred seed."
Where did Sealord Nalos go?
"I'm not sure. That slimy eel escaped and he took one of the druids with him. Probably thinks she can take him to that seed. No matter, I'll find him.
Warn your allies about the sealord, mercenary. Galen isn't safe while he lives."
I'll tell Sir Stefan what you said.

After you done speaking with her, she will leave and Banneret Corrick and his House Mornard Knights will arrive:

Banneret Corrick: "The Sea Elf escaped? Too bad. At least we can get these druids to safety."
Banneret Corrick: "We'll handle things from here. Return to Vastyr and report to Sir Stefan when you're ready."

Speaking with Banneret Corrick before you leave if you choose to do Suncleft Cove last:

"I'll see these druids back to their village. You should return to Vastyr and report to Sir Stefan. He needs to know what happened here.
He should be back in Castle Mornard by now. You'll find him there."

You can speak to Druid Irenya before you leave:

Druid Irenya: "I am afraid your help comes too late, mainlander. Our village is in ruins, and the sealord took our sister Niraya.
Still, I am alive and these Dreadsail pirates are dead. For that, I am grateful."

Report to Sir StefanEdit

Count Mornard in his throne room as you arrive back with the news.

After you have investigated all three locations, you can head to Castle Mornard in Vastyr. Dhulef will notice you arrive and call you over:

Dhulef: "Ah, here's our mate now."

Speaking with Dhulef before Sir Stefan has him say this:

"I told Sir Stefan about Windwrack Fort, but he wants to hear your report. You'd better get to it before the poor lad bursts."

Speak to Sir Stefan to report what you've found:

"Well met, friend! Dhulef tells me you handled yourself well at Windwrack Fort. Now, what news of the other two locations?
Laurel seemed troubled when she returned. But she went to find Archdruid Rahval before I could speak to her."
The Dreadsails ransacked Tuinh and took captives. But I found them at Suncleft Cove.
"Good thing I sent you to Tuinh, then. The Eldertide rarely need or want our help, but I'm glad we could provide it.
Still, why would the Dreadsails take prisoners to the cove? When Sea Elves take captives, they usually sail off and demand ransom."
Sealord Nalos is looking for the Eldertide sacred seed. He's trying to find it for a Firesong druid.
"The Dreadsails are working with a druid of the Firesong Circle? The Firesong usually have nothing to do with outsiders, let alone Sea Elf pirates.
Now I understand why Laurel seemed so worried … and why the Draoife has been summoned."
That's not all. Firesong druids have struck at the Stonelore Circle, too.
"What madness! A war among the circles is the last thing Galen needs right now.
I've been invited to observe the Draoife. I'd like you to tag along. Find Laurel in the Vine District here in the city. If she agrees, you can join us."
I'll talk to Druid Laurel.

After you agree to find and talk to Laurel, he will give you directions. Before you leave, you can ask Stefan questions:

"The Vine District lies on the east side of the city, near the harbor. It's a small druid conclave. I'll join you there shortly.
I need to confer with my father and send scouts to search for Sealord Nalos while we attend the Draoife."
Why would the Draoife invite you to observe?
"I may be the son of Count Mornard, but I studied for years with the Stonelore Circle. I hold druid beliefs in high regard. In fact, I share many of them, which is unusual for those not dedicated to their ranks.
In return, the druids trust me."
What about Count Mornard? Will he attend, too?
"Like most nobles, my father pays little attention to the druids. When he must speak with the circles, he summons emissaries to Vastyr.
The Draoife is a meeting of druid leaders. Outsiders are rarely permitted, but they consider me almost a druid."
Why wouldn't the Eldertide druids want your help?
"The Eldertide Circle has no love of outsiders. If they had their way, we'd get back into our ships and return to High Rock. The circle here on Galen is more forgiving than the Eldertide on High Isle, but they still don't fully trust us."
The Eldertide druids of High Isle are openly hostile.
"Yes, I'm aware. Probably has more to do with how developed High Isle has become as compared to Galen. Here, we mainly stick to our corner of the island and give the druids free rein over the rest of it."
What about the Stonelore and Firesong Circles? Do they feel the same?
"The Stonelore are content to live alongside people who don't share their beliefs. They hope to set an example for others to follow, but they make no demands.
As for the Firesong, they're reclusive. They usually stick to their isle and ignore us."
Is it safe for you to leave Vastyr right now?
"My father's knights protect the city and the harbor is well fortified. Besides, I think you chased away the Dreadsails for now. Our scouts report they're nowhere to be seen.
But if you're concerned for my safety, don't be. I can fend for myself."

If you speak to Dhulef after talking to Sir Stefan, he'll say:

Dhulef: "You don't know how lucky you are. I spent years on this island before I was invited to attend a meeting of the Draoife. It's hard to win the druids' trust.
Give Laurel my regards. She's the best of them all, if you ask me."

Leave Castle Mornard and find Druid Laruel south of the city near the port. Her dialogue will differ depending on whether you previously completed the Firesong Prologue:

"I hoped to see you again, my friend, but I need to prepare for the Draoife. The elders really must deal with the strife that has come between the circles."
Sir Stefan wants me to join you at the meeting of the Draoife.
"You know, that's not a bad idea. Few outsiders are permitted to attend the council meetings, but you can attest to what we saw at Tuinh. The Firesong Circle is willing to use force to gather the three sacred seeds, and that's just wrong."
Can you tell me more about these sacred seeds?
"The last Druid King gave one seed to each circle long ago. He also gave us a prophecy, the Dream of Kasorayn. Some druids consider it a warning, but Archdruid Orlaith and others believe it's a call to action."
Completed Firesong Prologue:
What exactly does this prophecy say?
"Hmm. Meet me at the Telling Stone, the landmark near the center of the island. It would be easier to simply show you the prophecy, and close to Draoife Dell.
Besides, Frii might be there. They will want to see you again."
Frii the nature spirit? All right, I'll meet you at the Telling Stone.
Did not complete Firesong Prologue:
What exactly does this prophecy say?
"Hmm. Meet me at the Telling Stone, the landmark near the center of the island. It would be easier to simply show you the prophecy, and it's close to Draoife Dell.
Besides, there's someone at the stone you should meet."
All right, I'll meet you at the Telling Stone.

Speaking with Druid Laurel again before leaving has her say:

"You can find the Telling Stone on a high ridge north of Vastyr, at the very heart of Galen. The Draoife Dell is close by."
I am the nourisher, the sower

The Telling StoneEdit

When you arrive at the Telling Stone, Druid Laurel will be there with Sir Stefan and they will be listening intently to Frii:

Frii: "Darkness stirs, roots tremble, druids gather. I am the nourisher, the sower. Needed?"
Druid Laurel: "I don't think that's wise, Frii. I don't trust the Firesong."
Frii: "Firesong … pulsing, ripping, torn free from the ground. Blood in leaves. A memory."

Speak with Druid Laurel to see what is going on and to learn about Frii. Again, her dialogue will differ depending on whether you had previously encountered Frii or not:

Have not met Frii before:
"Welcome to the Telling Stone, my friend. These runes tell the prophecy we call the Dream of Kasorayn. Almost nothing survives from the time of the Druid King, but we have this.
And now Frii, as well."
What exactly is Frii?
"A nature spirit, called from the Green by King Kasorayn and hidden with the wyrd in High Rock. They slept since the time of the last Druid King until the Firesong Circle sent an archdruid to find Frii and awaken them."
What did the Firesong druids want with Frii?
Met Frii before:
"Welcome to the Telling Stone, my friend. These runes tell the prophecy we call the Dream of Kasorayn. Almost nothing survives from the time of the Druid King, but we have this.
And now Frii, as well."
Have you been hiding Frii?
"You saw what Archdruid Michiel did to the wyrds. Druids who are ready to hurt others like that shouldn't get what they want. So I've been keeping Frii safe and helping them learn about people.
They grow more every day. It's … incredible."
Have you figured out why the Firesong druids want Frii?
"I probably know more about the Druid King than any other druid alive, but so much remains a mystery.
The Dream of Kasorayn describes a mountain shaking and a Sower awakening. I think it's talking about Mount Firesong and Frii."
How do the sacred seeds fit in?
"So much has been lost, so I can only guess. Maybe Archdruid Orlaith believes the seeds must be united to make the prophecy come true? Until they end their violent ways, though, I plan to keep Frii a secret.
Let's go see what happens at the Draoife."
Where will the Draoife take place?

Druid Laurel will tell you where the Draoife will be held, but you can ask her questions about the Druid King and prophecy before you leave:

"The Draoife will begin soon. Three archdruids from each circle meet in a dell within the hills across the valley, just to the south of here. We should make our way there. I don't want to miss anything."
"Someday a new Druid King will appear to take the Ivy Throne. Kasorayn led our withdrawal from the mainland, but he also saw a day when druids would once again take their place in Tamriel.
For good or ill."
Good or ill? You think the return of the Druid King might be bad?
"The dream is a promise and a warning. Some druids believe we're destined to bring a Green Renewal to Tamriel. To teach everyone to live in harmony with nature.
Others fear a Green Scourge, when nature runs amok and the tyranny of druids takes hold."
Which interpretation do you think is correct?
"I think the dream is a metaphor. Kasorayn was reminding us of where we came from. The day he describes will never come, but we should lead our lives as if it's close at hand. Make the right choices. Do the right things.
That's how I see it."
According to the prophecy, how would this Green Scourge come about?
"Hard to say. So much is open to interpretation. I think it warns of a usurper who claims the kingship by force and treachery. It may be related to the end of Kasorayn's rule. I found one reference to an Allwither death cult active at that time."
Tell me about the Druid King.
"Kasorayn was the last of the druid kings. In an age long past, he led our people from High Rock to Galen. They hoped to find a land where druids could live in peace and follow Y'ffre's teachings as they understood them."
Why was Kasorayn the last druid king?
"He chose no successor before he died. Instead, Kasorayn recognized the three circles and told them to govern themselves. Together, in peace. And so the Draoife, the council of druids, came into existence.
The Draoife has guided us ever since."

When you arrive at the Draiofe Dell, Archdruid Orlaith will be speaking with both Archdruid Rahval and Archdruid Ellic:

Archdruid Orlaith: "The day is upon us. The Draoife must crown a new Druid King!"
Archdruid Rahval: "Perhaps, but you have no right to claim the sacred seeds by force."
Archdruid Orlaith: "You hide your seeds and keep the Sower of Kasorayn's Dream for yourself. You declared this war, not the Firesong."
Archdruid Ellic: "No Druid King can be crowned until the circles are united! The Telling Stone is quite clear …."
Archdruid Orlaith: "This Draoife is a sham! If I must burn away the old to reveal the new, so be it!"
<Firesong druids and Dreadsails will teleport in and slay most of the attending druids.>
Druid Laurel: "Orlaith killed most of the Draoife! She's getting away!"
<Druid Laurel runs down a tunnel.>
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Laurel, wait! Damn. I'll go after her. Friend, protect the remaining archdruids!"
Dhulef and Archdruids

Dhulef will shield the surviving Rahval and Ellic while you fight off the attackers. Once you have defeated them all, you have the option of speaking with them before leaving:

Dhuluf: "I knew there were some rats in the Firesong Circle, but I never imagined treachery like this. Good thing you were here!
Go make sure Laurel and Stefan don't bite off more than they can chew. I'll protect these two."'
Archdruid Ellic: "What perfidy is this? Orlaith dares to attack the Draofie? That path-traitor!
Bah! I do not need your help, stranger. Go assist Rahval's foolish students before they get themselves killed."
Archdruid Rahval: "This is a sacred place! What madness grips the Firesong?
I am unharmed, stranger. Please, go after Laurel. In her anger she pursued Orlaith farther into the dell. And Stefan ran after her."

Deeper into the tunnels, you catch up with Druid Laurel and Sir Stefan only to find things have gone wrong. Sir Stefan has been captured by both Sealord Nalos and Archdruid Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Flee, Laurel! Save yourself!"
Druid Laurel: "Stefan!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Mainlanders should not meddle in druid affairs. Deal with them, Branagh!"

You fight Branagh and his ursauk companion. Once you've defeated him Archdruid Orlaith will give you an ultimatium:

Archdruid Orlaith: "You defeated my champion? No matter."
Archdruid Orlaith: "Tell Count Mornard to stay out of this or his son's life is forfeit!"
<Archdruid Orlaith teleports herself, Sealord Nalos, and Sir Stefan away>

Dhulef and the other Archdruids arrive as they disappear.

Archdruid Ellic: "The Eldertide will make Orlaith answer for this outrage!"
Archdruid Rahval: "She has young Stefan. WE must tread carefully. Yet thanks to this mainlander, we still live."
Dhulef: "We must inform Count Mornard. I won't tell archdruids what to do, but you're welcome in Vastyr."

Speaking to Laurel, she explains what happened:

"Orlaith was going to take me, but Stefan intervened. He put himself in danger to save me and protect my circle.
We need to tell Count Mornard what happened. And then we have to help Stefan!"
Why do you think Archdruid Orlaith attacked the Draoife?
"Archdruid Orlaith never intended the Draoife to judge her actions. Root and rot! She only agreed to come so she could have the Dreadsails kill the archdruids!
She meant to leave the Stonelore and the Eldertide crippled and without their leaders!"
We saved Archdruid Rahval and Archdruid Ellic from the Dreadsails.
"So I see. Thank you. That was more good than I could do. I chased after Orlaith and ran directly into her hands. Worse yet, I brought Stefan right to her.
Now the Firesong Circle has a hostage."
What will Archdruid Orlaith do with Sir Stefan?
"I don't know, but Count Mornard will be furious.
Archdruid Orlaith might demand the sacred seeds in exchange for Stefan. Or she could make House Mornard stand down until her allies collect the seeds for her. This … is bad."

You can talk to the others for their opinions on what has happened:

Archdruid Ellic: "I have given Archdruid Orlaith too much ground in an effort to keep the peace between our circles. No longer. The treachery of this day sunders all bonds.
She will pay for this."
Dhulef: "I never imagined the Firesong druids would join up with the murderous scum like the Dreadsails against their own kind. And they pulled House Mornard into it, too.
We should head back to Vastyr. Someone needs to tell Count Mornard about his son."
Archdruid Rahval: "Archdruid Orlaith never planned to discuss peace this day. She let the Draoife gather so that she could eliminate us with one swift blow. Treachery indeed.
War has come to Galen, whether we wanted it or not."

Return to Castle MornardEdit

When you return to Castle Mornard to report what has happened, Dhulef will have arrived first:

Count Leonard Mornard: "And now my son is in their clutches? We should have left these foolish druids to their squabbles."
Dhulef: "Ignoring someone doesn't mean they'll ignore you. We need the Eldertide and the Stonelore to meet this threat. And save your son."
Count Leonard Mornard: "The mercenary returns? Dhulef speaks highly of you. Come, then. I would hear your account of what transpired."

If you speak with Dhulef before speaking with Count Leonard:

Dhulef: "I told Count Mornard about the attack at the Draoife. I'm not sure he entirely believes me. The Firesong allying with Sea Elves against other druids? It's unheard of.
Better tell him what you saw, mate."

Speak to Count Leonard to report what has happened:

"Dhulef tells me you played no small part in repelling the Dreadsails and foiling an attack on the druid council, mercenary.
Has the Firesong Circle truely made an alliance with the hated Sea Elves?"
The Dreadsails are helping the Firesong get the sacred seeds from the other druid circles.
"All this trouble over druidic nonsense? And it led to the deaths of four archdruids? Unbelieveable!
But I wouldn't expect Sea Elf pirates to bother with an alliance that doesn't pay in plunder. What does Sealord Nalos get out of all this?"
Achdruid Orlaith promised to grant him a stronghold on Galen, according to orders we found.
"Typical. A druid who doesn't believe in property generously giving away something that doesn't belong to her. When last I looked, I ruled Galen.
Did Archdruid Orlaith say what she wants from me as her price for keeping my son alive?"
Archdruid Orlaith wants House Mornard to stay out of her way while she claims the sacred seeds.
"I had no interest in druid quarrels until she threatened my son. Bah! Stefan warned me something dangerous was afoot. I should have listened.
Here. House Mornard always pays its debts. There's more to come if you continue to aid us, mercenary."

Quest StagesEdit

A Sea of Troubles
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Lord Bacaro Volorus of the Society of the Steadfast.
Objective: Talk to Lord Bacaro Volorus
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