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Sir Stefan Mornard
Home Settlement Vastyr
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Mornard
Sir Stefan Mornard

Sir Stefan Mornard is a Breton spell-knight and a member of House Mornard. He is the son of Count Leonard Mornard and his heir.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Sea of TroublesEdit

You will find Count Leonard Mornard, Sir Stefan Mornard and Lord Bacaro Volorus in discussion:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "The Steadfast are here to aid those harmed by the Sea Elf attacks. I have no knights to lend you, Count Mornard, Sir Stefan."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "We'll have to handle the Sea Elves ourselves, then. I don't know what's keeping the druids."
Count Leonard Mornard: "You place too much trust in those ivy-robed beggars, Stefan."

You can speak with Sir Stefan, though your greeting will depend on if you started the quest with Dhulef or not:

"Are those supplies for the Society of the Steadfast? I'm sure Lord Bacaro will put them to good use. Give them to him, then come talk to me.
You look like someone I could very much make use of right about now."

After you have handed over the Steadfast Supplies to Lord Bacaro, he will ask you to speak with Sir Stefan about the situation:

"Well met, adventurer. If you're looking for work, I need all the help I can get.
Sea Elf raids are nothing new on Galen, but never have they attacked in such numbers. The whole southeast shore is under siege."
What do the Sea Elves want?
"I'm not sure. Most Sea Elves are pirates—easy plunder is what they're usually after. But the Dreadsails are more determined than any Maormer I've seen before.
Whatever their goal, we must push them back."
What do you need me to do?
"Hand me your map. I've received reports of Dreadsails near Windwrack Fort, the village of Tuinh, and Suncleft Cove. I need you to investigate these sightings and chase off any Sea Elves you find. Let them know Galen won't go down without a fight."
Are you ready for a fight?
"Not as ready as I would like, friend. We don't have enough knights to protect the whole island. But I need information even more than I need soldiers.
Find out what the Dreadsails really want, if you can. And where they plan to strike next."
I'll head out at once, Sir Stefan.

Once you agree to help, Sir Stefan will mark your map and you can opt to ask him questions about the locations and himself:

"All three locations I need you to investigate lie to the east. Chase away any Sea Elves you find at the fort and the village, and see if you can figure out what they're up to at the cove. Report back to me in Vastyr when you're done."
Tell me about these locations that are under attack.
"Time is pressing, but I suppose it's only prudent to find out something about what you're getting into. Which location are you curious about?"
Tell me about Windwrack Fort.
"It's an old fort, built on Windwrack Point centuries ago to protect Vastyr against attacks from the east. It's not in good repair, but we garrison it as strongly as we can. Yet perhaps not strongly enough.
Anything else?"
What can you tell me about the druid village?
"Tuinh? It's an Eldertide settlement. They have little love for House Mornard, but they like Sea Elves even less. I expected them to put up a stout defense against the Dreadsails, but we haven't heard from them in quite some time.
Any more questions?"
Why is the cove important?
"Until today, I would have said Suncleft Cove wasn't important at all. It's a pretty enough spot, but there are certainly better places for the Dreadsails to land raiders. I can't imagine what the Sea Elves want there.
Is that all?"
Which of the three sites should I go to first? (Appears after one of the locations has been asked about)
"I leave that to you. With luck, you'll find allies at the fort or village. But whatever you do, go swiftly. If we fail to meet the Sea Elf threat now, it's only a matter of time before we see them at the walls of Vastyr."
Who are you again?
"My apologies. In all the excitement, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sir Stefan Mornard. And this is my father, Count Leonard Mornard. Our house has the honor of governing the isle of Galen for our liege, High King Emeric."
So your father rules Galen?
"It might be more accurate to say he governs Vastyr and the lands surrounding the city. The northern half of Galen is mostly wilderness. Quite a few druids live there, but they look after their own affairs."
I met Viscount Jonne Mornard on High Isle. How are you related? (If you completed People of Import)
"Jonne is my cousin. He holds title to the Mornard estates on High Isle for my father, and manages many of our mercantile concerns there. But my father, the count, is the patriarch of House Mornard."
What was all that about druids?
"Galen may claim to be a Breton holding, but the druids have lived here for centuries. Some of them don't like city folk, but they certainly defend the coast from pirates.
Especially the Eldertide Circle. It's not like them to avoid a fight."
Eldertide Circle?
"One of the three circles of druids in the archipelago. The Eldertide live by the coast and dislike outsiders. The Firesong are recluses, keeping to old places of power. Then there's the Stonelore. I studied with them when I was young."
You studied with the druids?
"With the druids and with a knightly order. I suppose you could say I had a well-rounded Systres education!
If you're interested, I'll tell you more about it later. Right now, I need you to check out those locations."

After you have investigated all three locations, you can head to Castle Mornard in Vastyr. Talk with Sir Stefan to report what you found out:

"Well met, friend! Dhulef tells me you handled yourself well at Windwrack Fort. Now, what news of the other two locations?
Laurel seemed troubled when she returned. But she went to find Archdruid Rahval before I could speak to her."
The Dreadsails ransacked Tuinh and took captives. But I found them at Suncleft Cove.
"Good thing I sent you to Tuinh, then. The Eldertide rarely need or want our help, but I'm glad we could provide it.
Still, why would the Dreadsails take prisoners to the cove? When Sea Elves take captives, they usually sail off and demand ransom."
Sealord Nalos is looking for the Eldertide sacred seed. He's trying to find it for a Firesong druid.
"The Dreadsails are working with a druid of the Firesong Circle? The Firesong usually have nothing to do with outsiders, let alone Sea Elf pirates.
Now I understand why Laurel seemed so worried … and why the Draoife has been summoned."
That's not all. Firesong druids have struck at the Stonelore Circle, too.
"What madness! A war among the circles is the last thing Galen needs right now.
I've been invited to observe the Draoife. I'd like you to tag along. Find Laurel in the Vine District here in the city. If she agrees, you can join us."
I'll talk to Druid Laurel.

After you agree to find and talk to Laurel, he will give you directions. Before you leave, you can ask Stefan questions:

"The Vine District lies on the east side of the city, near the harbor. It's a small druid conclave. I'll join you there shortly.
I need to confer with my father and send scouts to search for Sealord Nalos while we attend the Draoife."
Why would the Draoife invite you to observe?
"I may be the son of Count Mornard, but I studied for years with the Stonelore Circle. I hold druid beliefs in high regard. In fact, I share many of them, which is unusual for those not dedicated to their ranks.
In return, the druids trust me."
What about Count Mornard? Will he attend, too?
"Like most nobles, my father pays little attention to the druids. When he must speak with the circles, he summons emissaries to Vastyr.
The Draoife is a meeting of druid leaders. Outsiders are rarely permitted, but they consider me almost a druid."
Why wouldn't the Eldertide druids want your help?
"The Eldertide Circle has no love of outsiders. If they had their way, we'd get back into our ships and return to High Rock. The circle here on Galen is more forgiving than the Eldertide on High Isle, but they still don't fully trust us."
The Eldertide druids of High Isle are openly hostile.
"Yes, I'm aware. Probably has more to do with how developed High Isle has become as compared to Galen. Here, we mainly stick to our corner of the island and give the druids free rein over the rest of it."
What about the Stonelore and Firesong Circles? Do they feel the same?
"The Stonelore are content to live alongside people who don't share their beliefs. They hope to set an example for others to follow, but they make no demands.
As for the Firesong, they're reclusive. They usually stick to their isle and ignore us."
Is it safe for you to leave Vastyr right now?
"My father's knights protect the city and the harbor is well fortified. Besides, I think you chased away the Dreadsails for now. Our scouts report they're nowhere to be seen.
But if you're concerned for my safety, don't be. I can fend for myself."

After speaking to Druid Laurel in the Vine District:

"I'll see you at the Telling Stone, my friend. It's something every visitor to Galen should see at least once before they leave the island."

When you arrive at the Telling Stone, Druid Laurel will be there with Sir Stefan and they will be listening intently to Frii. Speaking with Stefan before Laurel:

"A nature spirit? I saw a lot of amazing things during my time with the Stonelore, but nothing like this!
Druid Laurel explained it to me, but I can't say I completely understand. You should talk to her. And to Frii, too, if you like."

If you speak with him before leaving for the dell:

"The Draoife awaits. Come, friend. Let's see what the Firesong Circle has to say for itself."

When you arrive at the Draoife, Archdruid Orlaith will be speaking with both Archdruid Rahval and Archdruid Ellic:

Archdruid Orlaith: "The day is upon us. The Draoife must crown a new Druid King!"
Archdruid Rahval: "Perhaps, but you have no right to claim the sacred seeds by force."
Archdruid Orlaith: "You hide your seeds and keep the Sower of Kasorayn's Dream for yourself. You declared this war, not the Firesong."
Archdruid Ellic: "No Druid King can be crowned until the circles are united! The Telling Stone is quite clear …."
Archdruid Orlaith: "This Draoife is a sham! If I must burn away the old to reveal the new, so be it!"
<Firesong druids and Dreadsails will teleport in and slay most of the attending druids.>
Druid Laurel: "Orlaith killed most of the Draoife! She's getting away!"
<Druid Laurel runs down a tunnel.>
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Laurel, wait! Damn. I'll go after her. Friend, protect the remaining archdruids!"
<Stefan chases after her.>
Dhulef: "Teach these sea-snakes a lesson, mate! I'll keep Rahval and Ellic safe."

Dhulef will shield the surviving Rahval and Ellic while you fight off the attackers. Once you have won, you can follow Laurel and Stefan down the tunnel but when you catch up you find things have gone wrong. Sir Stefan has been captured by both Sealord Nalos and Archdruid Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Flee, Laurel! Save yourself!"
Druid Laurel: "Stefan!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Mainlanders should not meddle in druid affairs. Deal with them, Branagh!"

You will then need to fight Druid Branagh and his ursauk companion. When you win, Archdruid Orlaith will give you an ultimatium, Count Mornard stays out of their business or Stefan will be killed. They then escape.

Tides of RuinEdit

Stefan in prisoner rags

After hearing what happened, Count Leonard Mornard will publicly do nothing against the Firesong, but secretly has you attempt to rescue Sir Stefan. After speaking with Archdruid Ellic, you learn that Sir Stefan and Druid Niraya are likely being held in the ruins of Castle Tonnere and Captain Siravaen confirms the story once you arrive.

Within the dungeons, you come across Sir Stefan who has been stripped of his armor:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Friend, over here! You're a welcome sight!"

Speak with Sir Stefan to see how he is doing:

"By the Green, how did you find me, friend? No, I don't care. I'm just glad you're here.
Your timing is excellent. I'm not sure I could endure another round of my gaolers' torture."
They're torturing you?
"Dreadsail interrogation tactics aren't subtle. They pressed me for information about Vastyr—defenses, weaknesses, those sorts of things. Sealord Nalos obviously has ambitions in Galen beyond the bargain he made with the Firesong Circle."
How do I get you out of this cell?
"Not easily. This lock has some sort of arcane reinforcement—you won't be able to pick it. We need the gaoler's key.
He's a fearsome brute called Goriadh. His chambers are across the hall to the east. That's how he comes and goes, at least."
He carries the key on his person?
"He might, or it might be stored somewhere in his chambers. Get the key however you can … but I'll shed no tears if you dispatch Goriadh."

Speaking with Sir Stefan again before leaving:

"Find the gaoler's key, my friend. Then we'll see whether we can make the Dreadsails regret their lack of hospitality."

After locating Sir Stefan your next task is to free him, you can find Goriadh in a nearby study. Take the Tonnere Dungeon Key and return to Stefan:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "You return. And with the key, I hope!"

Talking to him before unlocking the door:

"Good! Now let me out of this cell, friend, and we'll figure out our next move."

Once the jail door is unlocked, Sir Stefan will walk out:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Thank you. Now let us speak without the bars between us."

You can now speak with Sir Stefan properly:

"Oh, it feels good to be out of that cell! I heard quite a commotion earlier. Something about heads and traitors and kings. Was that your work?"
Captain Siravaen is here. She's going after Sealord Nalos while I'm rescuing you.
"The Sea Elf that hunts others of her kind? Banneret Corrick told me about Suncleft Cove. An unlikely ally.
I don't mean to complicate things, but there's another prisoner. An Eldertide druid named Niraya. We must rescue her as well."
Archdruid Ellic told Niraya to hide the Eldertide seed in these ruins.
"Of course. That explains much. Sealord Nalos wants to get the seed for the Firesong. Obviously, we can't let him have it. Nor can we leave Niraya to the cruelty of the Dreadsails.
They've been interrogating her for hours."
I overheard Sealord Nalos. He learned where the seed is hidden.
"Then we must rescue Niraya and get her to tell us how to find the seed. We need to retrieve it before Sealord Nalos.
Come, friend. The interrogation chamber is through the door to the north."
All right, let's go.

Sir Stefan will now become your follower, Speaking with Sir Stefan again:

"I can't leave anyone in the hands of these cutthroats. And I'd like a chance to cause a little trouble for Sealord Nalos before I leave. I owe him that much."

If you come across Orders from Sealord Nalos and read them, Sir Stefan will comment:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Sealord Nalos plans to attack Vastyr? I guessed as much. Come, let's press on. Time is not on our side."

When you reach the room Niraya was left in, Sir Stefan will run over to her:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Niraya! I'll cut you free. Hold on."
<Sir Stefan unties her bonds and she stands up.>
Druid Niraya: "The seed. They're after the Eldertide seed."

Speaking with Sir Stefan before Druid Niraya:

"It looks like Niraya's had an even tougher time of it than I have. Talk to her, friend. I'll keep watch."

After you have spoken with Niraya and learnt where she hid the seed:

"We need to find the shrine Niraya mentioned. We must retrieve the Eldertide seed before the Dreadsails find it."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "I'll stay with Niraya while you clear the way. We'll join you in the courtyard."

After you reach the ancient tree in the courtyard, Niraya and Sir Stefan will arrive behind you:

Druid Niraya: "The door to the shrine is hidden in those roots, mainlander."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Captain Uldiss must be inside. Careful, friend. We'll follow as best we can."

After you reach the ancient tree in the courtyard, Niraya and Sir Stefan will arrive behind you:

"Looks like someone else beat us to the door. Let's head in before any more Dreadsails wander by. Captain Siravaen won't keep them busy forever."

You can then enter the Eldertide Hollow and slay Captain Uldiss, after you do so, Sir Stefan and Druid Niraya will arrive:

Druid Niraya: "Take the seed, mainlander. We can avoid the Dreadsails by using the back exit."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Take the seed to Vastyr. It will be safe there."

Speaking with Sir Stefan before taking the seed:

"Well fought, friend. Retrieve the seed and we'll take it to Vastyr. The druids in the Vine District can protect it until we find Archdruid Ellic."

After you collect the Eldertide Seed, Captain Siravaen and the rescued members of her crew will arrive:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Look out! Behind us!"
Captain Siravaen: "Calm yourself. I am Captain Siravaen of the Gilded Blades. Sealord Nalos escaped me, curse his eyes!"
Captain Siravaen: "I learned two things you should know. The Firesong also seek the Stonelore relic, and Nalos plans to attack Vastyr soon."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "I appreciate the warning. Let's continue this outside."

Speaking with Stefan before you leave the Hollow:

"We should return to Vastyr immediately, friend. If Sealord Nalos plans to bring the Dreadsail fleet against the city, we must get ready to welcome him."

Once outside, Captain Sirvaen will repeat her warning, speaking with Sir Stefan before Captain Siravaen:

"Talk to the Sea Elf. See if you can get any more details about this attack on Vastyr or the Stonelore seed."

After speaking to Captain Siravaen:

"Let's get back to Vastyr with the Eldertide seed. Thanks to Captain Siravaen, we know what the Dreadsails and the Firesong are planning. We can make preparations and be ready before they strike."

You can then head to Vastyr and return the Eldertide Seed to Archdruid Ellic, who then tells you to go to the castle to meet with Sir Stefan and his father. You will find them in the throneroom:

Count Leonard Mornard: "My son is returned! A celebration is in order!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "No, Father. The Dreadsails plan to attack Vastyr."
Count Leonard Mornard: "What? Mere pirates can't breach our walls!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Once Archdruid Orlaith finds the Stonelore seed, the Firesong and the Dreadsails will combine forces and strike. We must prepare!"

Speak with Sir Stefan to complete the quest:

"A storm is gathering, friend. But thanks to you, I'm here to meet it instead of languishing in a Dreadsail cell. And we managed to save Druid Niraya and secure the Eldertide seed. You have proven your worth yet again."
What happens now, Sir Stefan?
"Now we make use of the time we have and prepare the city's defenses. Gather allies and do what we can to keep the sacred seeds safe. But no matter what happens, I'm honored to fight by your side.
Here, friend. My father wanted you to have this."

Seeds of DestructionEdit

If you leave and return to the conversation, you may hear Sir Stefan say, "Vastyr stands in the eye of a gathering storm. We must speak.".

His greeting to you will depend if you are starting the quest from the him or have started it from Dhulef:

Starting quest through Sir Stefan Mornard:
Started quest through Dhulef:
"The Dreadsails think to breach Vastyr's walls? Never! But they might have the numbers to overwhelm us, especially with the Firesong at their side. We need more defenders to stand with us."
"Ah, there you are. There's something we need to discuss.
The Dreadsails and their Firesong allies make ready to assault Vastyr's walls. We need more defenders to stand with us against this coming threat."
More defenders? Is that even possible?
"By the Green, I hope so. The Stonelore and Eldertide druids. They're in as much danger as we are. Perhaps more so because the Firesong want their sacred seeds. We need them to help us defend the city.
And that's where you come in."
What do you need me to do?
"While I help my father prepare the city's defenses, I want you to find the archdruids and secure their assistance. In exchange, they'll gain a place to protect their wounded and their seeds. Start with Archdruid Rahval of the Stonelore Circle."
I'll talk to Archdruid Rahval.

Once you agree to find Archdruid Rahval and speak with him, you can ask Sir Stefan some questions:

"Archdruid Rahval is in the Vine District, the druids' section of the city. He should be able to tell you where to find Archdruid Ellic once you secure his agreement to help.
Meanwhile, I have much to do to prepare the city for the coming assault."
What will you do to make sure Vastyr is safe? / How will you make sure Vastyr is safe?
"Everything in my power. We've never faced an invasion of this scale before, but Vastyr isn't defenseless. We have knights, walls, and the advantage of foresight. We can set barricades, prepare traps, and get noncombatants to safety."
Do you think that will be enough?
"No. That's why we need the druids to help defend the walls. Vastyr cannot fall to the Dreadsails."
What about Captain Siravaen and her Gilded Blades?
"That's an intriguing idea. She does seem to be willing to assist us. It was her warning that alerted us to this impending attack.
I doubt she'd help us out of the goodness of her heart, however."
Siravaen wants to kill Sealord Nalos. If he leads the attack, Vastyr would provide the opportunity.
"And House Mornard would be willing to hire her services. We're not above employing mercenaries, as you well know.
The point may be moot, however. We don't know how to get a message to her, or even where she's hiding."
Do you really think the druids will agree to help defend the city?
"We can only ask for their aid and hope, my friend. Druids may not be warriors by tradition, but I know they aren't cowards. And they can fight. I've seen what the Eldertide can do, and I know the Stonelore will protect themselves when necessary."

Speaking with Sir Stefan after (?):

"We must act quickly now and prepare as much as we can. I just hope we can weather the coming attack."

After you arrive in Glimmertarn and light the beacon, Archdruid Rahval will ask you and Druid Laurel to retrieve Frii from Clohaigh. When you arrive, you will find Firesong and Dreadsails already there. Deep in the tunnels, you will find old carvings that hint at Frii's purpose, and Frii has sealed themselves and the Sacred Stonelore seed in an old shrine. Once you have the Seed, you bring it back to Archdruid Rahval, only to have Sir Stefan arrive with his knights:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Good, I made it before you headed out. Friend, we need to speak."

Speak with Sir Stefan to see why he is in Glimmertarn and to complete the quest:

"Thank the Green I caught you here. I feared I might be too late. The message I bring was too important to give to just anyone, and I know paths across the island that only the druids can walk.
But first, what's the situation here?"
Archdruid Rahval has the sacred seed and has agreed to bring the Stonelore to help defend the city.
"I hoped I could count on Archdruid Rahval, but it's good to hear those words. Even with the secret paths, though, it was difficult avoiding our enemies. The wilderness is thick with Dreadsails and Firesong.
I assume you helped settle things here?"
I helped Druid Laurel light the beacon and stopped the Firesong from finding Frii.
"I knew you were the right one to send to Glimmertarn. Thank you for helping Laurel. You're a most valuable ally. Here, take this. The least I can do for your continued efforts.
Meanwhile, I'll make sure Rahval and the seed get to Vastyr safely."

If you exit out of the conversation with him, he will alternatively say:

"Archdruid Rahval has the Stonelore seed and druids are streaming into the village. I assume you had a part in all that, my friend?"
Yes, I helped Druid Laurel light the beacon and stopped the Firesong from finding Frii. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Once you have completed the quest, you can either keep talking to him to start the next one or start it from Dhulef in Vastyr.

The Siege of VastyrEdit

If you start the quest through Dhulef:

"There you are. I decided to see for myself if Archdruid Rahval and his druids were coming to help defend the city. And I wanted to find you.
I made contact with Captain Siravaen. She agreed to aid Vastyr, but only if she can recover her ship."

Otherwise, he will continue off from the previous quest:

"Now to the reason I came here to find you. I made contact with Captain Siravaen. She agreed to help defend Vastyr, but only if she can recover her ship from the Dreadsails.
We'll have to hurry. I fear the Sea Elves and the Firesong will strike soon."
How did you get in touch with Captain Siravaen?
"Well, truth be told, she contacted me. Easier to get a message to Castle Mornard than to find a Sea Elf hiding in the wilderness.
When Sealord Nalos rejected King Orgnum's orders, he seized Siravaen's ship and scattered her crew. She needs our help."
Why send me, exactly?
"Specifically, she requested I send you to help her. She'll meet you on the Castle Tonnere docks, on the western shore. Do whatever you need to, but make sure she recovers her ship. We need the Gilded Blades when the assault on Vastyr begins."
I'll meet Captain Siravaen and help her recover her ship.

You can inquire more about the current situation:

"Go to the docks near Castle Tonnere and help Captain Siravaen recover her vessel. I'll escort Archdruid Rahval back to Vastyr and incorporate the druids into our defenses. Join us there as soon as you can.
By the Green, we will weather this storm."
Did Captain Siravaen say anything else?
"Her message was brief, but she indicated that most of her crew was missing as well. Scattered or captured, she'll need them back to sail her ship. And we need all of the Gilded Blades to help defend the city.
Do whatever you can to make that happen."
What's the situation in Vastyr right now?
"House Mornard's knights stand ready. The druids will bolster our defenses, but you must bring the Gilded Blades to aid us. Whatever the Firesong promised them, the Sea Elves are committed.
My scouts spotted an armada sailing toward the city."
Can the city withstand such an assault?
"We've never faced such a test, but Vastyr's walls are built to withstand punishment. I believe they'll hold and give us the time we need to drive off the invaders. But even the strongest stone can be chipped away at with enough effort."

After helping Captain Siravaen reclaim the Mad Maiden, you will set sail for the Cathedral District in Vastyr where the siege has begun. Sir Stefan will be defending the docks and will notice your arrival and ask to try to find his father:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Hold them back! Let no Dreadsails get past your blades!"
Captain Siravaen: "The siege has begun! Quickly, to Sir Stefan's side."

<Captain Siravaen will kick a Dreadsail into the water while Bosun Cindeval and a Gilded Blade Mariner will dispatch two other Dreadsails>

Captain Siravaen: "They're on the run! We'll deal with these, lordling! Gilded Blades, forward."

<Captain Siravaen will then throw daggers that take out two more fleeing Dreadsails before she and her Gilded Blades are trying to lockpick the gate near the docks>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Friend, we need to find my father!"

Speaking to him during the battle while Siravaen is leading the charge:

"By the Green, it's good to see you and Captain Siravaen!"

After Siravaen and her crew are trying to lockpick the gate, you can speak to him:

"I lost track of my father during the first wave of the attack. We need to find him.
He can tell us how the battle is going and direct us to how best defend the city."

Eventually you will see Count Leonard and Lord Bacaro evacuating civilians away from the fighting caused by the Dreadsail siege:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "To the cathedral! We'll be safe there!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "There! Father, how goes the battle?"
Count Leonard Mornard: "Not well. The city's been overrun."

Speaking to him before his father:

"Talk to my father. I'll stand guard in case more Dreadsails get close."

After speaking to Count Leonard, Lord Bacaro will give a reminder that they need to evacuate all wounded and noncombatants to the cathedral:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Send the wounded and any noncombatants to the cathedral! They'll be safe there."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Damn these bloody reavers!"

Speaking to him before finding Archdruid Ellic:

"We need to find Archdruid Ellic. If he went through the old tunnels, hopefully the damned sea-wolves haven't gotten to him or the seed yet.
Let's go. Vastyr won't fall, not this day!"

Once you're inside the old druidic tunnels:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "These are the tunnels my father mentioned! The Sea Elves are already here. We must find Archdruid Ellic!"

Before you exit the tunnels, you notice the archdruid is not there:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Damn, no sign of Archdruid Ellic! He must have been chased out. Let's keep going!"

Once back outside in the Cathedral District, you will see Dreadsails attacking Archdruid Ellic who is shielded up:

Archdruid Ellic: "Away, Sea Elves! I will not fall to you!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Archdruid Ellic! Take heart! We're with you!"

Speaking to him before rushing to fend off Ellic's attackers:

"Archdruid Ellic! We have to help him!"

Speaking to him before speaking to Archdruid Ellic:

"It seems we got here in time. Those bloody reavers weren't able to lay a hand on Archdruid Ellic—he doesn't look hurt.
Go and speak with him. I'll make sure no others try us."

After speaking to Archdruid Ellic, Stefan will offer to escort him back to the safety of the cathedral:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Archdruid Ellic, allow me to escort you to the cathedral. Friend, I'll rejoin you once the archdruid is safe."

Speaking to him before heading off to find Archdruid Rahval:

"The Eldertide seed is already lost to us. I'll see Archdruid Ellic safely to the cathedral. In the meantime, try to find Archdruid Rahval. Protect him. I'll meet back up with you shortly."

While trying to find Archdruid Rahval during the siege of Vastyr by the Dreadsail forces, you will eventually reach to the courtyard where he is held captive by Archdruid Orlaith. She has all the seeds of the druid circles as Rahval is asking her to return the sacred seeds. She refuses and kills off Rahval to let the prophecy happen and to add insult to injury she blows up the cathedral where Count Leonard Mornard and several civilians are taking refuge. She will then teleport out of the courtyard while Stefan rushes to the cathedral to find survivors:

Archdruid Rahval: "Archdruid Orlaith, return the sacred seeds."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Let Rahval and the seeds go, Orlaith!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "You have lost, Rahval! Today your blood allows the Dream to come to pass."
Archdruid Rahval: "Druid-kin! You must protect Frii!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Silence!"

<Archdruid Orlaith slits the throat of Archdruid Rahval.>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Not Rahval, damn you!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "A new age of Green begins here!"

<The cathedral gets blown up>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "The cathedral! Father, no!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "When next we meet, you will bow to me. The new Druid King!"

<Archdruid Orlaith teleports out and Sir Stefan rushes to the cathedral>

Captain Siravaen: "I'm no help with things like this. Find me when you're finished."

<Captain Siravaen also runs off.>

Once you reach what remains of the cathedral, Stefan will be desperately trying to dig out the rubble to find survivors:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "No, no! Help me! We have to dig them out!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I barely…escaped the collapse. God, how did this happen?"

Speaking to the distraught knight:

"Green preserve us … first Archdruid Rahval and now … now my father ….
My father's under all that rubble! Please, you have to help me. There must be survivors! Why are you just standing there?"
Stefan, they're gone.
"No, you're wrong! You must be! Stand there if you like, but I won't abandon them! I refuse to leave them! My father … Archdruid Rahval … even Archdruid Ellic. All … gone.
This can't be. How could this happen?"
There was nothing we could do to stop the cathedral from collapsing.
"Small comfort to the survivors … and to the dead. Ah, apologies, my friend. I need a moment to … to collect myself.
There are things to do, but …. I saw Siravaen go toward the gate. Find her before she vanishes. We could still use her help."

You can speak to him again before you try to find Siravaen:

"Please, not now, my friend. Find Captain Siravaen. Convince her that we still need the help of the Gilded Blades.
You and I…we can talk later. Back at the castle."

When you go to Castle Mornard and before you speak to Count Bacaro, you can speak to Stefan to hear his thoughts:

"I still can't believe what happened. I thought it would be years until I assumed my father's title.
I'm not…I don't think I'm ready."

After speaking to Lord Bacaro, he will apologize to you:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "There you are. I…apologize for my behavior earlier."

Speaking to him after Lord Bacaro:

"So much death and destruction this day. I can't believe my father and Archdruid Rahval are gone. Two men who shaped me … snuffed out like two candles in a strong wind.
And now Archdruid Orlaith has all three seeds. By the Green, what are we to do?"
The Dreadsails have broken off the siege, at least. And Sealord Nalos is dead.
"That's some good news. Focusing on what we've won rather than what we've lost is the only way to not fall into despair. Vastyr still stands, safe because of our efforts. And though we've been dealt a terrible blow, all hope is not lost."
What do you think we should do now, Sir Stefan?
"By honoring the legacy of my two mentors, my father and Archdruid Rahval. Now that Vastyr is safe, we can concentrate on stopping the Firesong.
But before that, you helped save my city from utter ruin. Take this with my heartfelt thanks."

If you exit out of the conversation with him and before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"We will mourn those we lost this day, but we must take heart and remember that we fought back against an overwhelming enemy and prevailed.
The Dreadsails are leaderless. The Firesong have retreated. And we're still alive to oppose them!"
How do you think we should proceed, Sir Stefan? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

The Dream of KasoraynEdit

If you exit out of the conversation without starting the quest, he will say:

"Mourning will have to wait. We have work to do, my friend."

If you continue off from the previous quest:

"Dozens of people lie dead in the cathedral's rubble … including my father. I know I must carry on. Yet Archdruid Orlaith, she also took my mentor. The person I counted on my whole life. She murdered Rahval.
We must end Orlaith's madness. Somehow."
Do you have something in mind?
"I can't leave Vastyr. Someone has to pick up the pieces, and that responsibility now falls on me.
Find Druid Laurel. She needs to know that Archdruids Rahval and Ellic are dead. That Orlaith and the Firesong have the sacred seeds."
What do you think Archdruid Orlaith will do next?
"She told us as the cathedral collapsed. She's going to proclaim herself the new Druid King. But while she has the seeds, she still needs the Sower.
Frii has a part to play in all this, but they'll need your help. Find them, friend. Keep them safe."
I'll find Druid Laurel and Frii and tell them what happened here.

Asking him further on his thoughts:

"Laurel and Frii remained at Glimmertarn to direct Stonelore stragglers and to avoid the Firesong.
Make speed, friend. If Archdruid Orlaith seeks the Sower mentioned in the Dream, both Laurel and Frii are in danger. I can't bear to lose Laurel, too."
Why do you have to stay in Vastyr?
"As much as I want to confront Archdruid Orlaith at your side, I have responsibilities. I'm heir to my father's title. And his duties. From this day forth, I must think of the people of Galen first.
They need to see that House Mornard still stands."
Shouldn't we just keep Frii away from the Firesong Circle?
"Is there anywhere I can guarantee Frii's safety? Archdruid Orlaith laid siege to Vastyr to get the sacred seeds. She will come for Frii. I trust Laurel to make sure Frii isn't easy to find. But that puts Laurel in danger, too."
You're worried about Druid Laurel?
"Yes, of course. Laurel is … a close friend.
I doubt Orlaith would harm Frii. She thinks she needs the spirit. But we saw how Orlaith deals with anyone who interferes with her ambitions. I don't want to see Laurel share Rahval's fate."
What caused the cathedral to collapse?
"Obviously it had something to do with the quake we experienced, but why only one structure fell … I just don't know. It does show that the volcano is becoming more dangerous.
Rahval said it was because the Firesong were neglecting their duties."
What's the connection between the Firesong Circle and Mount Firesong?
"Until recently, Firesong druids rarely left Y'ffelon. They communed with Mount Firesong's spirit. Singing it back to sleep when it grew restless. Or so I was taught by the Stonelore.
They've always been secretive about their vigil on Y'ffelon."
Did Archdruid Orlaith wake up the volcano?
"Mount Firesong has rumbled my entire life. I wonder if it was the stirring of the volcano that woke Orlaith instead. The Dream of Kasorayn mentions the mountain. Perhaps it was the sign she was waiting for."

After finding out Druid Laurel was kidnapped by the Firesong to draw out Frii, you head to Castle Mornard to alert Stefan, but Druid Nhevin appears to deliver the ultimatum sent by Archdruid Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Ah, Dhulef, our friend returns! But where are Laurel and Frii?"

<Druid Nhevin appears out of a portal, catching Sir Stefan and Dhulef offguard.>

Druid Nhevin: "Stay your weapons. I bear a message from Archdruid Orlaith."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Very well, then. Speak."
Druid Nhevin: "Bring the Sower to the Temple of Y'ffelon. If you refuse, Orlaith will complete the prophecy with the blood of her prisoners."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "You wouldn't dare!"
Druid Nhevin: "Archdruid Orlaith will not be denied. Don't make her wait long."

<Druid Nhevin enters into another portal and leaves.>

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Gather round. We have much to discuss."

Speaking to Sir Stefan to give him further bad news:

"Damn Orlaith and her Firesong! They took townsfolk prisoner before they fled, but we weren't sure why. Now we know. She plans to use them as sacrifices, damn her eyes!
Wait. Where are Laurel and Frii? Didn't you bring them back with you?"
The Firesong captured Druid Laurel. They took her to Y'ffelon.
"Laurel, captured? Is there no end to this outrage? Our own forces are still recovering from the siege of Vastyr, but even at full strength we'd be hard pressed to assault the Firesong on their island.
What of Frii? Did the spirit return with you?"
Frii is waiting in the druid district. We saw a vision of the last Druid King's death at Ivyhame.
"Visions and prophecies! That's what started this chaos! If Orlaith can't get the Sower, she'll use the blood of Laurel and my people to make herself the Druid King.
Tell me you found something. Give me a reason to hope. I am in sore need of it."
There's a powerful guardian on Y'ffelon. Frii believes they can turn it against the Firesong.
"A guardian? You bring mixed tidings, friend. I can't bear the thought of Laurel in Firesong hands. But if Frii can help us defeat Archdruid Orlaith, I'll swear my house and life to the cause.
Thank you. Perhaps we're not helpless, after all."

If you exit out of the conversation and before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"Archdruid Orlaith has the sacred seeds, some of my people…and Laurel now, too. If we don't turn over Frii, the Sower, she'll use the blood of innocents to secure her claim to the Ivy Throne.
Tell me you found something we can use, friend."
There's a powerful guardian on Y'ffelon. Frii believes they can turn it against the Firesong. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Guardian of Y'ffelonEdit

If you choose to exit out of the conversation and not the start the quest, he will say:

"There must be something we can do to keep both Frii and the prisoners safe."

Continuing on from the previous quest:

"The Firesong took captives during the attack on Vastyr. And they have Druid Laurel. I must protect my people, but I can't trade one life for another. Even many others.
Unless…yes. We give Archdruid Orlaith exactly what she demanded."

Otherwise if you choose to start the quest through Dhulef and see Sir Stefan at Castle Mornard:

"I do not know if I am ready to lead House Mornard. But the people of Galen need me, so I will do my best."
You want to turn Frii over to Archdruid Orlaith?
"Frii is our secret weapon. Dhulef will take Frii to the Temple of Y'ffelon, just as Archdruid Orlaith demanded. Then, while Frii stalls her with this guardian you told me about, you and I rescue the captives from the Firesong. Including Laurel."
How do we do that?
"We land on the far side of the island with my knights and free my people while Orlaith conducts her ritual.
I'll arrange passage to Y'ffelon. Find Frii and get them to agree to the plan, then meet me at the docks. You'll be well rewarded, friend."
I'll go find Frii in the Vine District and see if they're willing to go along with this.

Discussing about the mission to Y'ffelon:

"Dhulef will take Frii to a House Mornard galleon. He'll escort them to Y'ffelon and protect them while we rescue Druid Laurel and the others.
As for our transportation, we need different arrangements. I'll meet you at the docks soon."
What if Frii refuses to go along with this plan?
"Then we still attempt to rescue the captives from Archdruid Orlaith. If Frii isn't willing to help, I won't try to force them. We'll do our best without the distraction Frii would provide."
If we're not sailing with Dhulef and Frii, how will we get to Y'ffelon?
"I plan to hire Captain Siravaen's ship. The Mad Maiden is anchored just outside Vastyr's walls, and she has no love for the Firesong druids.
Her ship and crew are battle tested. They'll be perfect for what we need to do."
You think you can convince Captain Siravaen to help?
"Captain Siravaen strikes me as someone who pays her debts. Without your help, her ship and crew would still be in the Dreadsails' hands and Sealord Nalos would be alive. I might remind her of that.
And my generous offer of gold should also help."

You will meet Sir Stefan after you get Frii to join in on the plan. He will be speaking to Captain Siravaen at the docks:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "We have an agreement, Captain Siravaen? You'll get us to Y'ffelon and we'll do the rest."
Captain Siravaen: "We do, Sir Stefan. The skiff is at the pier will take you to the Mad Maiden when you're ready."

You tell Sir Stefan that Frii is willing to help out with the rescue plan:

"Captain Siravaen and I reached an agreement. She's happy to let me hire the Mad Maiden … especially if she gets another chance to bloody the Firesong Circle. She isn't quite done settling scores.
Is Frii willing to go to Y'ffelon?"
Frii wants to help Druid Laurel. They're with Dhulef now.
"Good. Tell Captain Siravaen when you're ready to sail while I gather a few of my knights. With luck, the Mad Maiden can slip us into Y'ffelon without anyone noticing. We can land at Cinderwash Point. We think they're holding the captives there."
How is this going to work, exactly?
"Dhulef will deliver Frii to the Temple of Y'ffelon. Hopefully by the time we arrive, everyone will be too focused on Frii and whatever the archdruid is doing to pay any attention to us.
But be ready, friend. I have no doubt we're in for a fight."
I'll tell Captain Siravaen to take me to the Mad Maiden.

Hearing him out on Y'ffelon:

"Sailing into battle aboard a Sea Elf pirate ship? I never imagined I'd do that.
Talk to Captain Siravaen when you're ready to board. My knights and I will be right behind you."
What do you know about the Temple of Y'ffelon?
"It's a great hall built into the natural caverns and old lava tubes beneath Mount Firesong. The druids constructed it after King Kasorayn led them to these islands. Archdruid Rahval took me there once."
So you've been to the Temple of Y'ffelon?
"Years ago, when I was studying with the Stonelore. Back then the Firesong were more connected to the other circles. We only visited the outer chambers. The central area was sealed off long ago, after it became the tomb of the last Druid King."

Before you board the skiff:

"We sail when you're ready, my friend. I'm proud to fight at your side again."

When Firesong forces are attacking the Mad Maiden and when you head up to the top deck, Sir Stefan will accompany you:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Friend, let's clear the deck!"

Speaking to him before fighting off the Firesong boarders:

"Pay heed to Captain Siravaen, my friend! This is her element, not mine."

After defeating the Firesong warship's defenders:

Captain Siravaen: "Get to the bow ballista! Hit that ship to starboard with a charge of kindlepitch!
Sir Stefan Mornard: "That ballista is loaded! Go ahead. Take the shot!"

Once you hit the last enemy ship, you will need to deal with the Firesong leader of the ship:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Huzzah! Good work, friend!"
Captain Siravaen: "Mercenary! The Firesong leader's on deck. Deal with him!"

After defeating Elder Dohvan and speaking to Captain Siravaen:

"That was quite a battle. Three ships against one seemed like daunted odds, but that's why we hired Captain Siravaen.
Let's go below, friend. The real battle is still before us."

Once you step off of the Mad Maiden, Sir Stefan will be waiting at the beach:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "It won't take the Firesong long to notice our presence. We must strike quickly. Come, my friend, I know what we must do."

Speaking to him:

"Captain Siravaen was as good as her word and got us to Y'ffelon, but we must assume we lost the element of surprise."
How do you want to proceed, Sir Stefan?
"We need to split up and find Laurel and the other captives. My knights are already ashore. Head east along the beach and join them. Free any townsfolk you find. Send them to the Mad Maiden.
I'll head toward the temple. Meet me there when you can."
All right. I'll rescue the captives, and then meet you in the temple.

A House Mornard Knight will come rushing to alert Sir Stefan that the hostages are being held at Cinderwash:

House Mornard Knight: "Sir Stefan! The Firesong hold our folk in Cinderwash, just as you thought. No sign of Archdruid Orlaith though."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "She must be in the temple. Come with me, knight. Friend, I leave the rescue of the captives in your hands!"

Speaking to him again:

"Remember, your first task is to find our captive townsfolk and free them. If Archdruid Orlaith threatens them, I will have no choice but to lay down my sword."

Once you reach inside the Temple of Y'ffelon, Sir Stefan already made his way in:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Good timing, friend. I'm going to need your help against the Firesong in this ancient temple."

Speaking to him to see what needs to be done:

"We stand in the Temple of Y'ffelon. The tomb of Druid King Kasorayn is somewhere in here, according to the legends. Archdruid Orlaith defiles this sacred place with her violence and rage.
Did you find the captives? Druid Laurel?"
I freed the captives, including Dhulef. He told me Archdruid Orlaith brought Frii and Laurel here.
"Then the first part of our mission has been a success. We still need to save Laurel and Frii, and find a way to stop Archdruid Orlaith.
I've had little luck so far. I scouted the temple's outer passages, but too many Firesong guard the way ahead."
Could they be in the tomb of King Kasorayn?
"That was my thought. The tomb is said to lie at the heart of the old temple. Where else would Orlaith perform the ritual to claim the regalia and name herself the new Druid King?
Let's go get back our friends and put an end to that ritual."
I'm with you, Sir Stefan.

Speaking to him again:

"Head south. Druid King Kasorayn's Tomb is supposed to be farther inside the temple.
Be careful, friend. The Firesong here are more powerful than I expected."

While making your way through the temple:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "The Firesong will do whatever they can to stop us from reaching the archdruid. Be prepared for anything."

Further through the Temple of Y'ffelon, you will overhear Druid Laurel's defiance against her captors:

Druid Laurel: "Let go, blight take you! Someone has to stop this madness!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "The passage to the right! That's Laurel's voice!"

You will reach Laurel's cage, and Stefan urge you to free her:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Laurel! Hurry, friend, free her. I'll stand watch."

Before you open the cage:

"Laurel is alive! Quickly, my friend, release her!"

After you free Laurel:

"You heard Laurel. There isn't a moment to lose. We must reach Druid King Kasorayn's tomb and stop Archdruid Orlaith!"

Sir Stefan will check on Druid Laurel to see if she's alright:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Laurel! I wasn't sure I'd see you again. Are you hurt?"
Druid Laurel: "Good to see you, too, Stefan, but never mind about me. We need to help Frii."

When you reach Druid King Kasorayn's Tomb where Archdruid Orlaith is forcing Frii to perform the ritual. Sir Stefan will signal Frii to summon Urdiir to distract the Firesong while you're going to stop Orlaith:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "Wait, friend! I'll signal Frii to call upon the guardian. Then we can make our move!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "It is time, Sower. Quicken the seeds."
Frii: "Song and forest, Y'ffre's breath, let the sacred seeds blossom."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Frii! We're here! Awaken the guardian!"
Frii: "The regalia are not for you, false king!"
Archdruid Orlaith: "Wait! What are you doing?"
Frii: "Urdiir, Guardian of Y'ffelon! Awake from your slumber!"

<Urdiir will be summoned in front of the Firesong Circle forces and will incinerate them before climbing up the balcony of the chamber to engage more Firesong druids. Archdruid Orlaith will try to penetrate Frii's barrier.>

Archdruid Orlaith: "Firesong, destroy this creature!"
Druid Laurel: "Strike, friend! Stefan, help me protect Frii!"

Speaking to him before Frii calls in Urdiir:

"Be ready, friend. When Frii wakes the guardian, we'll have our chance."

Speaking to him before you confront Orlaith:

"The guardian has the druids occupied! Now, friend, take the fight to Archdruid Orlaith! We'll protect Frii."

Before speaking to Frii after defeating Orlaith:

"The Sower of the Dream. The Druid King's crown, staff, and gauntlet regrown. I never imagined I would see the prophecy come to pass.
Go on, friend. Frii wishes to speak with you."

After defeating Archdruid Orlaith and speaking to Frii about the future of the Druid King, Dhulef will appear in the tomb and will conjure up a portal to let everyone leave Y'ffelon:

Dhulef: "There you are! Everyone else is aboard the Mad Maiden and sailing for Galen, Stefan. I can open a portal to Vastyr, unless you plan to swim."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "A portal will do nicely, Dhulef. Let's meet at Castle Mornard."
Druid Laurel: "Come along, Frii. We shouldn't linger here."

Speaking to him before entering the portal"

"Dhulef has impeccable timing, don't you agree? Let's use his portal and return to Vastyr. I think we still have much to discuss."

You will be back at Castle Mornard after taking Dhulef's portal. The Druid King's regalia will go into separate custody until a new Draoife will be called:

Frii: "Crown, staff, and gauntlet are whole again. What do I do with them."
Druid Laurel: "Together they make too tempting a target. Let's separate them until a new Draoife can be called. I'll hold the staff. Stefan, the crown. And Lord Bacaro, would you guard the gauntlet?"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "The crown will be safe here in Castle Mornard."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I am honored by your trust. The Society of the Steadfast will protect the gauntlet."

Speaking to Sir Stefan to see what's next since the crisis has been resolved:

"You continue to amaze me, friend. Your efforts on Y'ffelon went beyond the call of a mere mercenary. Thank you.
While the druid circles choose new leaders and the Firesong regain our trust, it's better that we separate the regalia for now."
You think separating the Druid King's regalia is a good idea?
"Tradition demands that together they acknowledge a new druid king. Since no druid is ready to make that claim, better that Laurel, Bacaro, and I keep them safe.
Galen is at peace. The Dreadsails have dispersed, the druid war has ended. Now …."
"I face a new challenge, more intimidating than a thousand foes. I must take my father's place as count, leader of my house, Steward of Galen, and loyal vassal of High King Emeric.
There are wounds to heal. Things to tear down and build anew."
Build anew? What do you mean?
"Old grievances led to the madness of the Firesong, the rage of the Ascendant Order. No more. The people of Galen—druids, nobles, and townsfolk alike, are one. I will lead them as such.
Thank you for giving me that opportunity, my friend."

If you exit out of the conversation and before completing the quest, he will alternatively say:

"The island is at peace, the druids have ended their fighting. Now I need to take up my father's title and become Count Mornard, Steward of Galen.
Still there are wounds to heal. Things to tear down. Things that we must build anew."
Build anew? What do you mean? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

After the quest is completed:

"So many good people lost. Rahval, Ellic, my father. But through it all, we endured. Galen is safe now, in no small part because of you. You have my thanks.
I hope I can be as worthy of the title of count as you are of hero, my friend."
Can you really lead the druids of Galen?
"You misunderstand. I don't plan to lord over the druids. Instead, I want to welcome the druid circles as friends and neighbors. Give them a voice in the governing of the island if they want it.
My time with the druids … I understand them."
What do you mean?
"Just that I learned the ways of the druids, as well as the ways of a knight and Breton noble. Too long have the druids and House Mornard sought the glory of the past. This is an opportunity to find a new path that combines the best of our legacies."
What about you and Druid Laurel?
"No surviving Stonelore was as close to Archdruid Rahval as Laurel was. She would be a strong and passionate voice for her circle here at court. An excellent idea, friend!
Oh. That's not what you were asking, is it? Well, let's leave it at that."
Tell me about your relationship with your father and Archdruid Rahval. / Tell me about your relationships with your father and Archdruid Rahval.
"What can I say? They both taught me so much. My father was a hard man, but fair. He wanted the best for me. And he demanded the best in return. Archdruid Rahval was a mentor and a good friend.
Together, they showed me what it means to be a Breton."
And what does being a Breton mean to you?
"We are blessed with a dual nature. Part Elf, part human. Our legacy on one hand encompasses nobility and knighthood, while on the other it embraces magic and the natural world.
I think I've been trying to reconcile this duality my entire life."
And have you reached a conclusion?
"I believe I have. Why limit ourselves to one aspect of the Breton legacy? There's room for it all in our hearts. That's why I'll include the druids in Galen's government somehow.
Who knows? I may even become something new. A druid-knight, perhaps?"

The Ivy ThroneEdit

Count Stefan Mornard

During this quest, he is now Count Stefan Mornard:

When you enter Castle Mornard, Count Stefan Mornard will order Knight-Captain Ferard and the rest of the Mornard knights to see if any more rogue knights have infiltrated the castle:

Count Stefan Mornard: "Search the castle. If there are more rogue knights, I want them in chains!"
Knight-Captain Ferard: "We routed them from the library, but I'll make sure nothing was damaged or stolen."

You can ask him what happened:

"I'm glad to see you again, friend. I just wish your arrival didn't coincide with another crisis."
What's going on, Count Stefan?
"A contingent of knights from the Society of the Steadfast entered the castle. Not in and of itself a concern. We are allies, after all. But we weren't informed of a visit. When one of my knights saw them go into the library, she went to investigate."
What did your knight find?
"She discovered them ransacking the library. They attacked her, but she was able to fend them off and summon help. My knights routed the villains, but we're unsure if anything was stolen or if there are more of them hiding elsewhere in the castle."
It could be the Ascendant Order. They recently stole armor from the society.
"The Ascendant Order? The rogue knights that gave you trouble back on High Isle? What would they be seeking in my castle?"
We discovered that Lord Bacaro is their Ascendant Lord. He wants the Druid King's regalia.

You will find out he placed the crown in the library:

"Then those imposters must have been looking for the Druid King's crown. Come, we need to check the library at once!
And later I want to hear more about your accusations concerning Lord Bacaro."
Don't tell me you put the crown in the library.
"I assumed it would be safe enough locked in a case in the library until I could make other arrangements. We had no reason to believe the relics were in danger.
Besides, I only returned to the castle a moment before you arrived."
Where were you when the intruders arrived?
"At the docks preparing to receive Lord Bacaro's ship and the relief supplies he promised. It never arrived. I suppose that was all part of the ruse, based on what you just told me.
Now let's go make sure the crown is still safely locked away."

He will guide you to the library:

Count Stefan Mornard: "The library is this way!"

You will see the ransacked castle library:

Count Stefan Mornard: "Damn their eyes! They ransacked the place. Let's see if the case is still here."

Speaking to him in the library:

"I locked the crown in a case hidden behind one of the bookshelves. With any luck, they didn't find it before my knights drove them off. Let's look around."

Eventually, you find out the crown has been taken:

Count Stefan Mornard: "No, the case is empty! But how did they know to search the library, let alone behind the shelves?"

He will be frustrated at this theft:

"They stole the crown, right out of my own castle! How is this possible?
You said Lord Bacaro is behind this? I think you better tell me what you know."
Lord Bacaro is the Ascendant Lord. He believes he's the descendant of the last Druid King.
"If you go back far enough, most Bretons have a druid hiding somewhere in their bloodline, but so many records have been lost. How could he be certain?
Regardless, why the ruse with the peace talks and the Ascendant Order?"
He wants to be crowned as the new Druid King. Replace the Ruby Throne with the Ivy Throne.
"So Bacaro was behind it all? The attempts on the lives of the alliance leaders, the death of the archdruids? Of Rahval and my father?
Wait, Druid Laurel! The staff! Laurel and Frii are in danger!"
Lady Arabelle has gone to the Stonelore encampment to warn Druid Laurel.
"Orlaith may have believed in a new age, but Bacaro is leading us toward the Green Scourge! King Kasorayn's prophecy of the return of the Druid King, it predicts two possibilities. Either an era of peace and harmony, or a time of nature run amok."
What should we do?

You will head to Glimmertarn to warn Lady Arabelle, Druid Laurel and Frii:

"Go to Glimmertarn and make sure Laurel and the staff are safe. I'll gather what knights I can spare. See if Captain Siravaen is willing to aid us once more. I have a feeling we'll need all the help we can get to stop Bacaro and his Ascendant Order."
Captain Siravaen is still on the island?
"Siravaen is a mercenary, but she and her Gilded Blade proved themselves trustworthy against the Dreadsails and the Firesong. Since then, we've been paying her to help with the relief efforts. We needed every ship we could hire."
Ferrying supplies and the wounded is one thing. Will she agree to fight alongside us again?
"I won't know until I ask. And if she refuses, you'll still have House Mornard at your side in the battle to come.
Now, hurry, my friend. Go make sure the staff and Druid Laurel are safe."

After discovering Bacaro's plans to unleash a volcano spirit and returning to Castle Mornard, you will see Count Stefan begging for Captain Siravaen's help to stop Bacaro in the castle's kitchens:

Count Stefan Mornard: "I hope you will reconsider. This threat endangers all of us."
Captain Siravaen: "The Gilded Blades aren't mercenaries to call on to clean up your mess, Count Stefan."

He will be having difficulties trying to convince Siravaen to help again:

"My knights are ready, but Captain Siravaen isn't convinced she wants to join us in this particular fight.
But never mind that. Is Druid Laurel all right? Is the sacred staff safe?"
Laurel is fine, but Lord Bacaro has all three regalia and Frii. We think they're headed to Y'ffelon.
"Damn it all to Oblivion! At least Laurel is all right.
I've assembled what knights I can spare, but we could really use Siravaen and the Gilded Blades. Maybe you can convince her to help."
I'll talk to Captain Siravaen.
"I'd appreciate it. I've been banging my head against that particular wall for hours now.
Remind her that if Lord Bacaro takes control of the archipelago, any safe ports she has on Galen will evaporate like a drop of water in a hot skillet."

Before you talk to Siravaen:

"Captain Siravaen's a mercenary, and every mercenary has their price. Figure out what that is and tell her I'll agree to pay it. We need her and her ship."

After convincing Siravaen to help out again, you will meet him at the Vastyr docks:

Count Sir Stefan Mornard: "I knew you'd come around, Captain Siravaen. Let's meet at the Vastyr docks."

Speaking to him again:

"Well done, friend! With Captain Siravaen and the Mad Maiden beside us, we shouldn't have too much trouble getting to Y'ffelon.
We'll meet up on the Vastyr docks and make our final plans there."

He will be greeted by Lady Arabelle at the Vastyr docks, speaking to him there:

"House Mornard and its knights are with you. We'll follow in Captain Siravaen's vessel."

You will meet Count Stefan again while he and his forces are recovering from a battle with the Ascendant Order:

Count Stefan Mornard: "The Ascendant Order's forces pulled back to the main entrance into the mountain. Siravaen and her pirates went after them."

Speaking to him at this point:

"We arrived before your ship and took the lead. Lady Arabelle wanted us to clear a path, and we've done what we can.
We ran into a large contingent of Ascendant knights. Siravaen and the Gilded Blades chased them back to the main entrance."

If you exit out of Y'ffelon and return back:

"Why do I get the feeling that our troubles are far from over?"

You will find Count Stefan on the Perfect Pounce once Frii calms down the mountain. Speaking to him before Lady Arabelle:

"Tell Lady Arabelle your story first, my friend. I can wait to hear the details."

Before departing for Vastyr, you can speak to him again:

"I'm sorry we couldn't figure another way to get out of this. Frii shouldn't have had to sacrifice themselves to save the rest of us.
I'm just glad you stopped Bacaro. Now maybe we can finally start to rebuild Galen."
It was Frii's choice. They made the decision and asked me to help them see it through.
"All this death and destruction because Bacaro wanted to dig up some ancient Breton legacy.
If I learned anything from my time with the druids, it's that they don't need a king or a prophecy to make the world a better place. They just need to do it."
So you don't believe in the legacy of the Bretons?
"Don't be silly. Of course I do. But that legacy isn't crowns and gauntlets. It's people, born of humans and Elves to become something altogether new. It's magic, druids, and knightly orders. That's the Breton legacy I believe in. It's the best of us."

He will be back in his castle. Before speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"I still can't believe that the person I knew as Lord Bacaro was really the leader of the Ascendant Order and had delusions of being the new Druid King.
Anyway, talk to Lady Arabelle. We have something for you."

After completing the quest, he will express his gratitude alongside Druid Laurel:

Count Stefan Mornard: "Galen and the entire archipelago owe you a debt, my friend. You have my thanks."
Druid Laurel: "The druids will never forget what you and Frii did to save us."

Speaking to him after the quest:

"What amazing things you accomplished, friend. You saved the leaders of the alliances, stopped the Ascendant Order, defeated the Firesong, killed Lord Bacaro, and calmed a volcano.
What will you do next, I wonder."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

When you go to Castle Mornard to let Count Stefan Mornard know that he has been invited to the peace talks on All Flags Islet. He will be speaking to a House Mornard Knight to help out distribute the relief supplies from the Society of the Steadfast.

Count Stefan Mornard: "Captain Marguerite was as good as her word. Get those supplies distributed at once!"
House Mornard Knight: "Right away, Count Stefan!"

<The knight runs off to fulfill the orders of her count.>

Count Stefan Mornard: "Friend, welcome back to Castle Mornard."

Letting him know about his invitation to the talks:

"Lady Arabelle told me to trust Captain Marguerite and so far so good. The Society of the Steadfast restarted their relief efforts and things have been moving smoothly ever since.
But what brings you back to Galen, friend?"
Lady Arabelle would like you to represent Galen at the peace talks.
"Does she now? And what role would a minor count play in discussions concerning the greater fate of all of Tamriel?
No, forgive me, friend. It's just been a lot lately. Of course I'll attend. Is there anything Lady Arabelle needs of me?"
She also requests that you bring a contingent of House Mornard knights.
"Ah, yes. After all this trouble, such a request isn't all that surprising.
Very well, tell Lady Arabelle. Count Stefan shall attend the peace talks with a contingent of his finest knights at his side. Will that do?"
Perfectly. We'll see you at All Flags Islet, Count Stefan.

Asking him how he feels about being a count:

"How my father ever accomplished anything with the constant parade of supplicants and requests, I'll never understand. Or Archdruid Rahval for that matter. Now I know what it's like when everyone is constantly vying for a moment of your attention."
Is it really that bad being the count, Stefan?
"No, it's not all bad. Stressful, yes, but rewarding in its own way.
You know, I really do like making decisions that help people. And I've even gotten the nobles and druids to sit down together. Once. Maybe my plans will work out after all."

Before you speak to Lady Arabelle inside of the Memorial Hall Reception Hall:

"It's rude to ignore a lady when she clearly wants to talk to you. Come see me after you and Lady Arabelle conclude your business."

Before you speak to the alliance leaders:

"I heard what Lady Arabelle told you. Well, you can't keep the leaders of the three alliances waiting. That's a capital offense, I believe. Go on downstairs and present yourself. We can catch up later."

After speaking to the alliance leaders, Stefan will call for their attention to enter into the speaking area:

Count Stefan Mornard: "You attention, please. Lady Arabelle requests that everyone join her in the reception hall."

Once inside, when you approach the stage, he will call for you to talk before the talks begin:

Count Stefan Mornard: "Friend, may we speak?"

Hearing him out:

"Finally, we get a moment to ourselves. I did want to speak with you before Lady Arabelle gets on with the important business."
What do you want to talk about, Count Stefan?
"I wanted … damn, this went better in my head. I've never been as good at speaking my mind as my father was. Or Archdruid Rahval. Now he was an orator!
Sorry. I'm babbling. Let me start over. Thank you for everything, my friend."
You don't need to thank me, Count Stefan.
"Now don't start with that sort of nonsense. Of course I need to thank you! You saved us all! What kind of count would I be … what sort of friend … if I didn't let you know how much what you've done for us means to me."
I … thank you.
"All right, I've taken up enough of your time. I know how eager Lady Arabelle is to get the peace talks underway.
We'll talk later. Now go speak to Lady Arabelle and let her know everything is ready for her to begin."
All right, I'll go speak to Lady Arabelle.

Speaking to him again:

"Go on. Tell Lady Arabelle everything is set."

After Lady Arabelle gives her speech:

"I assume you're off on another adventure after this? Take me with you! I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with the responsibilities that come with my new title."
You'd really set aside the leadership of House Mornard?
"No. Both my father and Archdruid Rahval taught me better than that. It is tempting, though. To pick a direction and just … go. But there are challenges to take on right here in the archipelago. I think I'm actually looking forward to them."
Do you think you'll ever reconcile your dual heritages?
"Dual heritages? Do you refer to Bretons being half Elf or are you talking about my noble versus druid upbringing? Either way, there's nothing to reconcile. All of that is a part of me. It makes me who I am. If anything, I want to make use of it all!"
Will House Mornard take on a bigger role in the governing of the Systres?
"I think I have more than enough on my plate with Galen and building better relations with the druids. But I don't believe in the feud that has plagued the noble houses of the Systres for years. If High Isle needs help, House Mornard will provide it."
And what about Druid Laurel?
"After all that has happened, I suppose I can confide in you. I'm going to ask Druid Laurel to stay in Vastyr. Help me as a liaison between the city and the druid circles. And if we also find time to renew a friendship of old … well, we shall see."


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With both knightly skills and druidic lore in his repertoire, Sir Stefan Mornard makes for a deadly foe—and a courteous houseguest. After adding Sir Stefan to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.
Sir Stefan Mornard
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 020002,000  
Availability March 9, 2023 - March 23, 2023

Stefan Mornard can be obtained as a houseguest. He was available in the Crown Store for 020002,000   from March 9 to March 23, 2023.


With both knightly skills and druidic lore in his repertoire, Sir Stefan Mornard makes for a deadly foe—and a courteous houseguest. After adding Sir Stefan to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.
Sir Stefan Mornard
Sir Stefan Mornard
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 020002,000  
Availability (?)

Sir Stefan Mornard can be placed in your house, and has special dialogue as a houseguest. He returned in March of 2024, where he was offered to ESO Plus members at a discounted 016001,600  .


Appearances: 2

  • Crown Store — (?)
  • Crown Store — March 7, 2024 - March 14, 2024 (Discounted for ESO Plus members)

Houseguest DialogueEdit

Depending on your quest progress, his name will appear as either Sir or Count Stefan Monard. If the latter, he will have a circlet on:

"By the Green, my family's feud with House Dufort is exhausting. The perceived slights happened in the past. Why can't we who exist in the here and now move forward? Everyone's heads are as hard as blades, I swear it."
"Green preserve us, I've spent my life on Galen and it still manages to surprise me. There are secrets there that have yet to be unlocked—not even the druids know the whole story of this land. It's a fascinating place. Visit, if you haven't already."
"Have you tried druid-made spirits? They're quite strong. When I studied with the Stonelore druids, I thought I'd partake in a bit of celebrating with the other boys. They warned me, but I didn't listen. I woke up naked on the beach, hugging a fern."
"Hmm? Ah, I apologize, I was trying to remember a spell Archdruid Rahval taught me years ago. It'll come to me, I'm sure."
"I don't quite consider myself a druid, but I don't count myself apart from them, either. I feel I have a foot in both worlds, so to speak. Part of me will always be from noble stock, but the rest will always belong to the Green."
"I find myself wondering how things might have been different had I been raised on the mainland. How I might have been different. I feel the weight of the world on Galen and yet I'm constantly reminded how small the archipelago is in comparison."
"I have a unique perspective, having been raised as both a noble and a druid. You could say I embody both sides of the Breton legacy. I'm not sure how, but I plan to use that to better govern Galen and its people. You have my word on that, friend."
"I haven't given myself time to relax like this in … well, honestly I can't remember. I found myself napping earlier today! Me! Napping! Can you imagine? I had myself a good laugh when I woke up and realized what happened."
"I never felt comfortable at court when I was young. I could never remember the etiquette and protocol for every little interaction. And what were all those spoons for at court dinners? I still get confused about that at feasts and banquets."
"I prefer the outfits of the Stonelore druids. What I wore when I studied with them. Before then, all I'd known were stuffy silk shirts and armor. I made quite the case for changing our customs when I returned to court, much to my father's chagrin."
"I think my father sometimes worried that I'd be reckless enough to someday take to the sea and never come back. I'd never shirk my duty to House Mornard like that, but even if I'd been tempted, there was far too much on Galen to explore first."
"I trained hard to be a knight, perhaps too hard at times. I remember evenings when I could hardly lift a spoon to my mouth to eat after a day of working my sword arm. I slept better in those days than I've slept in all my years since, I think."
"I trained that much harder to be a knight to impress Druid Laurel. Heh, I was a young boy who wanted to appear strong in front of his crush. I soon learned she was plenty strong herself, and quite hard to impress. But I never stopped trying."
"I tried to end the sour relations between the Mornards and the Duforts a number of times, but to no avail. It's a shame the only thing we can ever agree on are the unsavory dealings of my house. Anything with a possibility to do good? Not a chance."
"I was just thinking about Archdruid Rahval. He never tried to be a father to me, it just happened. I remember one day he got cross with me for something foolish I'd done, as boys do, and I felt the kind of bone-deep shame that only a son can feel."
"I'd rather peel the hide off a rabid bear than sit in a room and listen to people squabble over trifles such as titles and favor. I'm a person of action at my very core. Order is important, but talking in circles has never gotten anyone anywhere."
"If I hear one more complaint today, I will truly lose years off my life. I have no patience for either nobles or commoners at the moment.
Oh, not you, friend. The rest of the nobles and commoners. You're perfectly delightful."
"It's enjoyable to be somewhere other than Castle Mornard. I know I have my duties there, and I can't just ignore them, but to step away and rest my feet for a moment is a luxury I won't take for granted."
"I've been told that I don't know when to quit. That's … not an unfair assessment. I think I get that trait from my father. Has it served me well in the past? Sure. Has it gotten me into trouble? Most certainly. Perhaps it's neither good nor bad."
"I've long admired Druid Laurel. Even as children, she was always the more fearless of the two of us. She wasn't shy about chastising me for my soft, noble ways, either. I developed quite a tough skin from her teasing, I like to think."
"My armor could use a good polish. One has to keep up appearances in court. You'd be surprised at how judgmental nobles can be."
"Nature still calms me, even to this day. When court life becomes too overwhelming, I find myself seeking fresh air. Even if it's just the balcony where I can feel the breeze on my face, the presence of the natural world relaxes something inside me."
"Sea Elves! Doing a bit of raiding and pirating, I can accept that. It's in their nature. But a full-scale invasion of the island? That's just not something House Mornard can allow to go unanswered."
"Some might find it strange, but I always throw open my windows when a storm approaches. I love the smell of impending rain and the heaviness in the clouds. I don't mind if things get wet. I do try to move my books, though."
"Sometimes it feels as if I don't belong anywhere. Like I'm not a knight, nor a druid. Yet other days I feel I am unequivocally both. My own perception should not waver. And I can't keep letting others influence my own opinion of myself."
"The other knights would tease me about the time I spent with the druids and my crush on Druid Laurel. Of course, that was until they saw her. One look at her and she had those young men and women either running for their lives or trying to court her."
"There's a root that the Stonelore druids mix with their tea occasionally to ward off nightmares. I think I might need to track some down. My sleep has lately been … disturbed."
"There's so much work to be done. It never ends. When I was a child, I used to wonder what kept my father so busy. Then I grew up and he started assigning me tasks. I wish it had remained a mystery."
"When I was a boy, I split my time between the training grounds at Castle Mornard and the wilds where the Stonelore druids made their camps. I opened blisters on my hands using training swords by day and learned how to heal them with herbs by night."
"When I was younger, I hated seafood. It drove my father mad. On Galen, that's practically unheard of. It was Archdruid Rahval who actually got me to eat my first piece of fish. He prepared it with such skill, I was in awe. Now, I love it all."
"You look strong and fit. I have no doubt you'd make a good sparring partner. I admit, these days I'm far too busy to clash swords with anyone in the training fields, but I do miss it dearly. There's nothing like a challenge to get the fluids flowing."

Quest Progress dependent:

"Ah, it's good to see you. I should thank you again for your help at Castle Tonnere. Those damn sea-wolves would have made a sail out of my skin had you not gotten there in time."
"I'm not sure what kind of leader I'm turning out to be. I can only hope it's one that my father and Archdruid Rahval would both be proud of."
"So, you've met Druid Laurel. Isn't she everything I said she was? If only we didn't exist in two entirely different worlds."
"We've been through so much together, I can hardly believe we're still standing. Thank you for being by my side. Your friendship has meant the world to me.
Count Mornard. It still sounds so strange. I wonder if I'll ever get used being called that."