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Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Dhulef is a Redguard pirate and member of the Mages Guild who can be found at (?). He is helping Druid Laurel of the Stonelore Circle in her investigations on the Druids of Galen's voyage to the Systres.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Haunted DepthsEdit

If you meet him on Amenos, he will say the following:

"Ho, wayfarer! Care to join an old pirate's crew for a quick voyage?
I'm off to explore Graven Deep. It's a mysterious patch of the Abecean Sea that no ship ever returns from. Jump aboard if you wish to help find out why."
Who are you?
"Ah, good. You have enough wisdom to ask about your captain. Some hear of adventure and climb aboard without question. Often they cause greater and greater trouble.
The name's Dhulef. No need for formalities such as a captain's title."
You're a sailor?
"Some might say I used to be, but in my heart I never ceased. I once cut through the waves of the Abecean with vigor. However, some days back I put that aside and joined the Mages Guild.
The chance to sail into danger once more makes me quite joyful."
Why do you want to go to Graven Deep?
"Out in the Abecean lies a spot shrouded in mystery. Old pirates love to scare themselves by swapping tales about it. Any ships that enter those waters, they never come out.
Some think a giant whale swallows them. Others say it's a pit to Oblivion."
What do you think it is?
"I heard that story many and many times in my youth. I've no idea the truth of it. But, I always deemed it wise to take the warning.
One way or another, I suppose I'll find out."

At Graven Deep:

"Pull yourself together, mate. We've exploring to do!"
"I'm helping a friend research the ancient Druid King's voyage from High Rock to the Systres. His ship's log begins midway across the Abecean Sea. Right where we now stand.
I must learn why the book starts here. And how that storm rose to greet us."
How do you plan to learn that?
"Mate, you mean how will we learn that? Landing on this island bound our fates.
We'll scour this island for clues. Whatever raised that storm must be obvious. Keep whatever else you find as payment. Once satisfied, we can leave on this raft I made."
I'll help you find what made the storm and its connection to the Druid King.
"Praise Tava's breath. She had one more adventure to offer me.
So! See the cliffs at the island center? We'll split up to survey them. You take north, I'll head east. Keep watch for anything that could summon that storm. Or anything … druidy.""
Can you say more about the research that brought us here?
"My friend Druid Laurel enjoys digging up ancient histories. These days she's fascinated by someone called Druid King Kasorayn.
Long ago, he led his people to the Systres islands. Laurel gave me a logbook from his trip, but it's incomplete."
What did she ask you to learn?
"Where the Druid King launched from when he led the druids out of High Rock. She's tracing his path from Tamriel to Y'ffelon, but hit a wall. If I can find anything to advance her research, she'd appreciate it.
I admit I don't know much about this."
If you don't know much, why did Druid Laurel ask you to help?
"Ha, a fair question. Before the Mages Guild, I sailed all across the Abecean Sea. I dare claim that no one knows these waters like I do.
Laurel wanted to trace the Druid King's voyage and fortunately, this old pirate owed her a favor."
What is this island?"
"Looks like you and I have found what's inside the infamous Graven Deep. Can't say that this small island lives up to the legend. The speed of that storm that hit us, though, that surely does.
I'd wager we'll learn more once we climb those cliffs."
Any more thoughts on the storm that hit us?


I'd like to hear more about this Graven Deep legend.
"Perhaps not so much a legend as a warning. Graven Deep is a blank spot on every pirate's map of the Abecean. Don't dare enter it, they'll tell you, or you'll vanish from the sea. Like the morning fog burned away by the sun."
Did you believe the legend?"
"Perhaps, in a way. I've heard the warning of Graven Deep told by many and many since childhood. It became its own truth over time.
Ha, and if I tried convincing a crew to come here, they'd keelhaul me in an instant."
I know Druid Laurel. I helped her at the Earthen Root Enclave.
"Ah, no wonder Tava's winds brought us together. Over the years, I've come to rely on Laurel's judgment of character. If she trusted your help, then so can I.
Tell me, what did you think of the enclave? When I visited it, I found it quite serene."
Firesong druids attacked and destroyed it. They killed many of the Stonelore druids there.
"What? The enclave is gone? Those Firesong dogs and sons of dogs!
Please tell me—Laurel, how is she? Did they hurt her?"
Druid Laurel is safe. I drove out the Firesong druids.
"Good, good. I haven't spoken to Laurel in some time. My preparations for this trip kept me too busy.
Thank you for telling me. It seems I already owe you a debt. Now that I know she's safe, I can focus on the task at hand."
How do you know Druid Laurel?
"Don't be surprised when I say this isn't my first shipwreck. A long while back, I washed up near Druid Laurel's home on Galen. She found me, full of seawater and mostly dead.
Laurel didn't care that I was a stranger. She worked fast to save my life."
How'd she do that?
"I prayed for Tu'whacca's mercy as darkness crawled over my eyes. But then, it felt like my chest might explode.
That brilliant girl cast a spell that forced air right into my lungs. I couldn't stop thanking her as I coughed and spit up briny water."
What happened after Druid Laurel saved you?


"Let's see who reaches the clifftop first!"
"Hadolids! Well, come on then you clacking beasts!"
"Ho, wayfarer! Still alive? I've almost reached the top."
"Look at the jaws on you, creature!"

At the first boss:

"By my father's head! Dwarven construction!"
"I'll join you presently. After I handle some Hadolid bullies."
"I can feel salt in my veins once more! Let's open that hatch."

After killing the first boss:

"After many years in the Mages Guild, I worried the thrill of fighting was behind me. But, oh, friend, it certainly was not! I feel twenty years old again.\n\nI hear my blood pumping like the roar of waves. It feels fantastic."
What next?
"We didn't fight these crusty brutes for nothing! Next, we go into that hatch. Search around for the storm's explanation. And hopefully find some information for Laurel.
Mate, I believe our fun together has only begun."

Inside when you reached the locked door:

"Ah, soggy bullocks. The door we want is blocked."
"Look here. The wall's breached. Let's see where it goes."
"Flooding wore away this tunnel. The sea always wins."
"I think I hear the station again."
"Excellent, another breach. We're back in."
"Go have fun with that behemoth while I regain our bearings."

At Varzunon:

"I truly have fortune's favor today. Someone drew this map then left it behind for us to find. It traces a path to the station's central core. Perhaps there we'll learn how the storm rose from the island.
Once I get our bearings, we can move on."
"Fine work! It looked fun. Now, we go … north."

At the elevator:

"Deeper down we go! Get on the platform."
"Pull the lever when you're ready."

Speaking to him before you pull the lever:


After you pull the lever:

"Been a great while since I took a splash like that!"
"Incredible. It's all so vibrant. How could I have known?"
"Go on ahead, mate. I'll join you presently."

Deeper in:

"All right. Let's get to the station's center."
"The central core is right behind—bah, blocked again."
"Come with me. I recently made a new spell. Just for fun, but it could work here."
"Go through this portal, then walk to the central room. Don't concern yourself about air."

Talking to him:

"I'll hold the portal, but this is unstable magic I'm wielding. Once outside, hurry to the central core.
I'll follow along once you make it to the other side. Look for another portal like this one."
Why do you think the energy created the storm?
"If the pipes draw magicka in and funnel it downward, they must feed into something. Knowing the Dwarves, it's likely a huge machine of some kind. The Mages Guild library contains many tales of that sort of thing.
I suppose we'll know soon enough."

At Zelvraak the Unbreathing's room:

"The lich summons more dead for aid. Exquisite!"
"I'll provide cover while you dispatch their master!"

After killing the Lich:

"Oof! What a fight. I'd say we found the undead's source."
"Look, a body. Holding … a logbook."
"By Tava's wings! This is it!"

Talking to him:

"Laurel will enjoy this. A member of the Druid King's crew wrote it. There's a description of a meeting between the Druid King and the wyrd just before he left Glenumbra.
They stopped to investigate this Dwarven machine. But something turned …."
What do you mean?
"Seems the lich you fought was a druid. It tried to kill the whole crew.
Ah, but enough grim tales. Fortune truly smiled on us today, mate. I found what I needed, and you had an adventure! Here, take some treasure I found. You earned it."
"The logbook describes this island as a Dwarven machine. They wanted to control the weather. Hmm, that explains how it can create storms.
I'll send more of the Mages Guild here to shut it down. This looks like the end of the Graven Deep."
You believe the storms came from this machine?
"Me? I won't dare assume anything about Dwarven machinery. Without the map, I'd have no clue how find this core. Or that there's even a core to find.
This logbook suggests the Dwarves experimented with weather control here. Weather like huge storms."
Why did the lich continue creating storms?
"Hmm. That's worth exploring. We saw many undead in this station's halls. Perhaps the lich wrecked ships to build an army. Or consume souls of sailors. The ways of such creatures are dark and awful.
I'll ask a Guild colleague to look into it for me."
What do you know about the wyrd mentioned in the logbook?
"An interesting bunch. They live in the High Rock forests, worshiping trees. I've met a few in my day, and I'm on good terms with a Beldama wyress.
I'm not sure the exact difference between wyrds and druids, but don't tell Druid Laurel I said that."
Why is it important that the Druid King met with the wyrds?
"That's a question for Laurel. The logbook's author seems surprised that they met, but may the sea take me if I know why. She'll have to tell me the significance of such a meeting when I deliver the book to her.""
How do we leave this island?
"Way ahead of you, mate. You saw the raft I built on the beach? I promise you it's sturdy. I've crafted many such transports over the years. Saved my life on more than one occasion, too.
This portal will return us there. Then we float back home."
Tell me more about yourself
"Ha, the sea would wash this island away before I could tell you my whole story. These days I'm a member of the Mages Guild.
Before that, most would call me a pirate. And I can't deny that it fairly describes my work back then."

Sojourn of the Druid KingEdit

Inside the Mines of Khuras:

Dhulef: :"Over here! Just getting a charcoal rubbing of this tablet."
Druid Laurel: :"Dhulef! Y'ffre's grace, the Firesong didn't get you!"
Dhulef: :"You know better than to worry about me, Laurel. But look, I found something."
Druid Laurel: :"Fill in our friend, I'll keep watch back here."

Talking to him:

"Ha, I asked Laurel to find capable help, and it looks like she delivered! Exquisite. The name's Dhulef, of the Mages Guild. I managed to give those craven Firesongs the slip earlier, but I'm sure glad to have you with us now. Look what I found."

If you met before in Graven deep:

"Good to see you again, sailor! When I sent Laurel that letter, I never expected you to be the capable help she'd hire. Ha!
You're just in time, too. I managed to give the craven Firesong the slip long enough to find this."

Either way you will ask the following:

What is it?
"An ancient tablet. The carving's as old as Tu'whacca's tail, but the symbol at the top represents the Druid King! And the pattern suggests some sort of ritual. But I'm not sure about the other three symbols. Wyrds, maybe? No idea.
How did you find this tablet?
"Earlier, I met with a Beldama wyress. Thought she might know something about why the Druid King visited the wyrds before leading the druids to the Systres. She needed time to recall the stories, but remembered this tablet and sent me to examine it."
And what does the tablet tell us?
"No idea. That's why I made this rubbing. Why don't you take it to the Beldama camp near the Wyrd Tree and show it to Wyress Tola. Maybe it will help her recall any stories about wyrds and the Druid King.
Druid Laurel and I will meet you there."
All right, I'll meet you at the Beldama wyrd camp.
"The camp is just to the west of the Beldama Wyrd Tree. I'll stay with Druid Laurel and make sure she gets there safely.
Let's hope the wyress has remembered something. Or can at least tell us more about the carvings on this tablet."
Why did the wyress send you to find this tablet?
"I'm not entirely sure. When I asked her about stories concerning the Druid King and the wyrds, it was the first thing she remembered. Like the druids, they mostly keep an oral history, so this tablet must have special meaning."
Do you think this is what the Firesong are looking for?
"Ha! By sand and seas, if they are, they've been looking in the wrong place! After I wrote to Laurel and gave them the slip, I haven't seen them since. But they're still out there. I can feel them in the wind."
Why is someone from the Mages Guild working with a druid?
"We might look an odd pair, but Laurel and I go way back. She pulled my carcass out of the sea after I shipwrecked off the coast of Galen … had the Stonelore druids take care of me. After that I stopped being a pirate and charted a new course."
So you're working off a debt?
"I owe her more than just investigating the path of the Druid King, but she's my friend. She showed me that there was more to the world. More to me.
And after what happened at the enclave … Firesong dogs! Them being here can't be a coincidence."

If you did Graven Deep:

What have you been up to since the events in Graven Deep?
"I've been busy! Druid Laurel runs a tight ship, but I'm always happy to help.
Speaking of help, thanks again for assisting me at the Graven Deep. Never would have found that old logbook—not to mention getting out of there alive—without you."

At Beldama Wyrd Camp:

Wyress Joslin: :"Another druid! Are you with them? Stay back!"
Dhulef: :"What happened Here?"
Wyress Joslin: :"Druids … called themselves the Firesong. They attacked us!"
Druid Laurel: :"Blight and thorns! Please, friend, talk to her and find out what happened."

Talking to him:

"Lass looks pretty shaken up. But why would the Firesong attack a band of peaceful wyresses? Did they follow me? Did I lead them here without realizing it?
Go ahead and talk with Wyress Joslin. Ask her where the elder wyress is."

After speaking to Wyress:

Druid Laurel: :"Firesong camps, on the mainland? We need to figure out where they took Wyress Tola."
Dhulef: :Stay here, Laurel. I'll follow our friend but stay out of their way. Let's go see what the Firesong are up to."
"I intend to follow along behind you as you search. I'll scour the areas around the camps just to make sure we don't miss anything.
Don't worry, I won't step on your toes. I'll meet you wherever you decide to stop first. Let's find Wyress Tola."

Before reading the note at the southern point:

"No sign of Wyress Tola, but what's that?"

After reading:

"Sacred seeds? Laurel said the Firesong were after the Stonelore seed at Earthen Root Enclave. What does this have to do with the Druid King's visit to the wyrd?"
"So Archdruid Michiel is taking orders from another archdruid? Probably someone back on Y'ffelon. They're after some sort of nature spirit, and they need Wyress Tola to reach it.
What happens when she's served her purpose? Nothing good, mate."

Inside the cave:

"Beware of shifting sands, sailor. I don't trust this place. Let's look around, but quickly."
"There's something over there."

Reading the plans inside the cave:

"Hag Fen, huh? That's enough to point us in a direction, at least."
"Hag Fen? Not exactly a place of clear skies and a fair breeze. Hang onto that map and we can investigate it more thoroughly after we consult with Druid Laurel and the Beldama Wyrds."

After collecting the Wyrd totem:

"What's that inscribed there? Frii? Wonder what that means."
"That's a wyrd totem. Were they studying it? And that word inscribed upon it. Frii. Is that a name? Something related to the nature god, Y'ffre? Maybe Wyress Joslin can tell us more."

After investigating all three camps:

"Let's get back to Druid Laurel and Wyress Joslin and show them what we found."
"We didn't find Wyress Tola, but we did learn that Archdruid Michiel seeks a nature spirit and is interested in Hag Fen. Not to mention that strange totem inscribed with the word Frii.
Maybe that's enough to point our bow in the right direction."

Back at the camp:

"Go ahead and tell Druid Laurel what we uncovered at the Firesong camps. That map indicating a spot in Hag Fen seems particularly important."
"What do the Firesong know that we don't? Dogs and sons of dogs. Let's not waste any more time. We have to get to Wyress Tola.
Druid Laurel and I will meet you at this cave in Hag Fen with full sails and a strong wind."

At the Hag Fen cave:

"Be on your guard in there, sailor. No telling what the Firesong have prepared for us. And when we find Wyress Tola, do whatever you must to keep her safe.
Druid Laurel and I will follow behind and back you up."

Inside the cave:

"Slimy urchin! Archdruid Michiel was too much of a coward to deal with us, eh? I'm sure we'll get our chance eventually.
Go check on Wyress Tola. We'll make sure the danger's passed."
"The Glenmoril Wyrd. Interesting. You know, wyrds and druids were once tied very closely together. Some think they grew out of the same tradition. Whatever we're dealing with, it must be ancient.
But talk to Laurel. She's the captain of this voyage."
"Looks like we've got a way to Bangkorai. Maybe this will get us there in time to stop those Firesong bastards.
Luck and clear seas to you. Go on ahead. Druid Laurel and I will meet you there soon."

At the Glenmoril Wyrd camp:

"Well done. I didn't think the old bird was going to budge. Now we've got a destination and a goal.
Let's follow that Sunken Road and breathe some hot air down the Firesong's necks!"

At the Sunken Road:

Druid Laurel: :"No! We were too late. Archdruid Michiel killed Wyress Sorcha. We need to get inside and stop him, now."
Dhulef: :"My apologies, poor lass. Ruptga, help us avenge her death!"

Talking to him:

"Tava's breath, I wish we had arrived in time to save Wyress Sorcha. Damned Firesong. But they have nowhere else to run. Let the craven curs eat sand!
Whatever happens in there, I'm with you, sailor. And I'm sure I speak for Druid Laurel, too."

After defeating Archdruid Michiel:

Druid Laurel: :"Friend, help me release the spirit!"
Frii: :"Bright. Awake. The flesh fades."
Druid Laurel: :"The spirit! Can … they understand us?"
Frii: :"Loud … ugh, too loud. Writhing."
Dhulef: :"Zeht's tears! Friend, maybe you could talk to the spirit? They seem … confused."

After Frii is revealed:

"By seas and stars—the wyrds and the Druid King, they summoned this spirit? I assumed it would be more … insubstantial?
Go on, see if you can speak to them."
"Fascinating. The spirit seems to want to communicate with us, it just can't do so efficiently. Still, at least you slew that duneripper Michiel. Now we have time to work out the knots of this whole thing.
Talk to Druid Laurel, see what her plan is."
"We'll see you at the Glenmoril camp, sailor. Go ahead and use the portal. Take a bit out of me, but it's faster than walking.
I've got a lot of questions for Frii. Not sure if they'll be able to answer them, but I can't wait to ask them!"

Back at the Glenmoril Wyrd Camp:

"Portals are fast, but not necessarily linear. We arrived first and were able to give Wyress Matilde the news—both the bad and the good. The Glenmoril haven't kicked us out yet, so I think they believed our story.
Why don't you talk with Laurel?"