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"She is everywhere and nowhere, the feminine power of magic that allowed the Mundus to exist despite the impossibility of it all." —The Nine Coruscations[1]

Londa-Vera, the Green Star is one of the lesser-known Magna Ge, one of the Star-Orphans and an Anuic ur-entity.[1][2] She was one of Magnus's daughters and the sister of Merid-Nunda, Mnemo-Li, Iana-Lor, Xero-Lyg, the eldest Prime Archon, Sheza-Rana, Unala-Se, and Valia-Sha. Alongside her sisters, she was part of the Nine Coruscations, who followed the parabolas that led away from Magnus and separated from him when he withdrew from the creation of the Aurbis.[1][2] Similarly to other Magna Ge she is now synonymous with the star, which she created.[2][3]

In the text authored by Star-Queen Varalias, she is associated with the element of earth, and the "Starry Heart". When Magnus devised his plans, he aimed to create what he could aptly name a perfect being, born of Light within Love. He drew inspiration from the beauty of Nir, the gaze of Azura, the warmth of Mara's smile, the grace of Dibella's form, the freedom of Kynareth's wings, the resolve of Boethiah's will, the enigma of Vaermina's mystery, the insight of Mephala's wisdom, and the resolve of Namira's determination. From the fateful forge emerged Londa-Vera, her cry echoing through endless ages. Her birth was so unique that she never fully coalesced; instead, the facets of her essence scattered across the Aurbis and fractured. She exists everywhere and nowhere, embodying the feminine magic that enabled the Mundus to exist despite its inherent impossibility.[1]

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