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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Region The Systres
Appears in ESO
Glimmertarn circa 2E 582
"Glimmertarn couldn't be a druid village without honoring the beauty of nature. Bright foliage, vibrant plants, and sparkling shocks of emerald roots cover most of Glimmertarn's main areas. Trees stand like guardians around main of the places where the druids gather and come together, as if the trees are the druids of old, forever rooted in memory there." —Manon Rolaine[1]

Glimmertarn is the largest druidic settlement on the Galen, one of the islands of the Systres Archipelago.[2][1]

It was primarily inhabited by the members of the Stonelore Circle,[1] though it also housed some members of the Eldertide Circle.[2][3]

Layout and GeographyEdit

Glimmertarn Wayshrine
Stonelore Circle Lodge

Glimmertarn is situated on the northern portion of the island. It lies directly north of Y'ffre's Path, with its buildings carved directly into the cliffs.[2] It is the largest Stonelore settlement on the island. Glimmertarn, described as a captivating sight, exhibits the essence of a picturesque masterpiece. When viewed from afar, the village reveals a stunning interplay of colors. Beginning at its base, meandering streams paint a deep blue hue across the hillsides, their waters obediently flowing beneath the majestic falls that ascend towards the heavens. Ascending further, lush greens dominate the landscape, with vibrant foliage, verdant plants, and glistening emerald roots adorning the main areas, paying homage to nature's magnificence. Surrounding the gathering places of the druids, trees stand as ancient sentinels, instilling a sense of reverence that transcends time.[1]

Nestled within the verdant wilderness of Galen, Glimmertarn boasts weathered stone structures that bear witness to the passage of ages. Characterized by winding staircases, cavernous tunnels carved into cliffsides, perpetual waterfalls, and rugged bluffs, the architecture of Glimmertarn seamlessly integrates with the natural terrain.[1] The Druidic carvings in Glimmertarn were renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship.[3]

Notable LocalesEdit

  • Frii's Memorial
  • Glimmertarn Wayshrine
  • Shrine[4]
  • Stonelore Circle Lodge


First EraEdit

Little is known of the past of Glimmertarn. It was founded at some point after the arrival of the Druids of Galen to the Systres Archipelago around 1E 330.[5]

Second EraEdit

Archdruid Rahval
A beacon lit by the Everflame Torch
Frii's memorial north of Glimmertarn

In the Second Era, Glimmertarn thrived as an active settlement and stood as the largest Stonelore settlement on the isle. Rarely did non-druid visitors venture to the settlement, yet some did, including Manon Rolaine, who penned an account for the wider urban community to learn of Glimmertarn. In his book Glimmertarn: A Stonelore Community, he described Glimmertarn as an unmistakably breathtaking locale, emphasizing that it served as the residents' dwelling rather than a tourist attraction for those curious about the druidic way of life. Throughout his sojourn in Glimmertarn, he gathered material detailing the customs of the druids and the characteristics of their dwelling.[1] Dame Emisse Fairwind provided another yet similar perspective on Glimmertarn in her account. She depicted it as a picturesque druid village nestled amidst charming mountain tarns and cascading waterfalls at the base of Galen's towering peaks. She claimed that the village - inhabited by amiable druids belonging to the Stonelore Circle, Glimmertarn epitomized authentic druidic culture on Galen, and that the breathtaking scenery alone rendered it a destination worthy of exploration.[6] In his text Journeys In Galen: A Scholar's Travels, scholar Jean Dutheil mentioned Glimmertarn as a repository of ancient knowledge while delving into his research on the secrets of the isle.[7] Castus Marius included a visit to Glimmertarn in his exploration of Druidic culinary traditions, documented in his publication Druid Food of Vastyr.[8] In her work Embracing the Natural Order, Parisse Ergalla presented a less idealized depiction of Glimmertarn. Hailing from Vastyr, she yearned to embrace the life of a Druid and embarked on a journey to Glimmertarn to commence her studies. While she noted that the Stonelore Druids were as welcoming and accepting as described in other accounts, Ergalla portrayed the living conditions as rough and the food as unpleasant in taste.[9]

During the childhood of Druid Laurel, in the period preceding 2E 582, the northern areas of Galen encountered a menace from a powerful rabid beast. To alert the Druids of Glimmertarn and the entire isle to this imminent danger, the Everflame Torch was employed.[10]

At some point around 2E 582 Druid Braigh, credited with introducing the popular Systeran game Tales of Tribute to the Druid community of Glimmertarn on Galen, also crafted the Druid King deck for the game. Over time, his deck gained recognition from the Roister's Club. Braigh himself lived in Glimmertarn and eagerly engaged in matches with worthy challengers.[11][12]

Druid Laurel
Druid King's Staff

In 2E 582, Glimmertarn faced turbulent times. Following the alliance between the Firesong Circle and the Maormer pirates, known as the Dreadsails, and the tragic massacre of Tuinh, an Eldertide Circle settlement, tensions escalated. Subsequently, during the Draoife meeting at Draoife Dell, all Stonelore and Eldertide Archdruid representatives were assassinated except for Archdruids Rahval of the Stonelore and Ellic of the Eldertide. In response, the Stonelore Circle of Glimmertarn and House Mornard of Vastyr welcomed a significant number of Eldertide Circle druid refugees.[13][14] The arrival of the Eldertide druids resulted in various outcomes. While some Eldertide druids found value in Stonelore teachings and appreciated the kindness extended to them, as well as the beauty of Glimmertarn,[3] others disagreed with the doctrine and policies,[15] and considered it beneath them to accept assistance.[16] The prolonged presence of the Eldertide druids also sparked concerns among some Stonelore druids, including those who were not of Breton descent.[17] However, some other voices were more welcoming.[4] The Eldertide druids displayed open disdain toward non-druid visitors, although they promised not to cause them harm.[18][19] At times, some outsiders were asked to mediate between the two circles.[20]

The Firesong Circle, in collaboration with the Dreadsails, sought to steal the Sacred Seed of the Stonelore Circle. In response, the Druids of Glimmertarn, aided by the mercenary from House Mornard and utilizing the Everflame Torch, lit up a signal to rally the Stonelore Druids of the isle and prepare for war. While it was believed that Glimmertarn could be the direct target of an attack, ultimately both the druidic forces and the Sacred Seed previously kept in nearby Clohaigh were relocated to Vastyr.[21][22][10] There, the Druids and the city Bretons fought against the invading forces of Vastyr. Despite the theft of the seed and the death of Archdruid Rahval, the city was successfully defended.[23] During the defense of Vastyr, the druids ensured the Glimmertarn was not left defenseless. Druid Laurel and the nature spirit Frii stayed at Glimmertarn to oversee the Stonelore druids and guard against potential attacks from the Firesong Circle.[10][24][25] Ultimately, the threat posed by the Firesong Circle and the Dreadsails was brought to an end. After this decisive battle, the Druid King Regalia were recovered,[26] and the Druid King's Staff was safeguarded in Glimmertarn. However, it was later stolen from the settlement by the Ascendant Lord Bacaro Volorus, who subsequently utilized it in conjunction with other regalia to wield the power of the Druid King. He met his fate in Y'ffelon due to Frii's sacrifice during the battle. Subsequently, peace was restored to the Galen island, Glimmertarn included.[10][27] Following Frii's sacrifice, Laurel and the mercenary journeyed to the overlook of north Glimmertarn, fulfilling Frii's final wish to sprinkle the soil from the pouch there. The soil was a part of them, a part of Galen itself. From this soil, a sapling grew, leading to the belief that the Druid King's regalia would once again flourish.[10][28]

The Systres became a part of Hammerfell's territory by 2E 864.[29] At some point before the Fifth Century of the Third Era the Druids once again had a presence on the mainland Tamriel.[30][UOL 1] It is unknown how those events affected the Druids of the Systres and the settlement of Glimmertarn.

Known ArchdruidsEdit


Glimmertarn Ursauk
Glimmertarn Glow
For more detailed information about Druidc culture and Stonelore Circle as a whole, see: Druids and Stonelore Circle.

While encountering non-druids in Glimmertarn is rare, the Stonelore Druids are notably hospitable. The inhabitants of Glimmertarn adhere to a structured hierarchy unique to the druidic community, where titles are earned through merit rather than inheritance. Aspirants, novice druids, embark on their journey, followed by Initiates who have yet to undergo their final tests. Sacred rituals performed by the druids were known for theur undeniable beauty. Upon successful completion, Initiates ascend to become full-fledged druids, constituting the majority of Glimmertarn's population. At the pinnacle of this hierarchy are the Archdruids, esteemed master druids who often lead their communities. It is speculated that similar customs and splendors are present in other druidic circles.[1]

Glimmertarn was known for its ursauks, which served as mounts for the druids. The druids of the area selected some of these creatures as their guardians due to their imposing presence. It's been said that while riding them, one could feel the resonance of their growls deep within the marrow of their bones.[31] One of the Druidic texts, known as the Book of the Leaves, mentions an alchemical ritual for changing one's appearance, which is named after Glimmertarn as the "Glimmertarn Glow".[32]

Druid Braigh playing Tales of Tribute

Madena, a Druid from Glimmertarn, dedicated herself to researching Faun communities. She authored the Fauns' Thicket Research Notes at some point before 2E 582.[33]

It was rumored that ancient druidic tablets, which held some of the secrets of the Forest Wraiths, were kept in Glimmertarn. Some people speculated that the wraiths had emerged after the reign of Druid King Kasorayn, possibly having ties to a mysterious entity known as the Allwither.[7]

Following its introduction to the community by Druid Braigh, some of the druids of Glimmertarn became enthusiasts of Tales of Tribute.[12][34]

Among the Druidic practices of Glimmertarn was the act of communing with earth spirits by a stream.[4] They believed that the spirits had much to communicate at locations where fire and water converged.[35] They engaged in magic associated with the elements, with some believing that focusing on the sound of water and the scent carried by the breeze helped to anchor one's magic. Additionally, they possessed the ability to sense magic within the wind,[36] and make vines grow.[37]

Although not urban and largely isolated, Glimmertarn engaged in trade with the city Bretons, as well as with other Druidic settlements.[38] In some instances, visiting scholars requested supplies from House Mornard and maintained contact with scholars of Vastyr.[39]

Even during the hottest days, the fires of Glimmertarn were kindled, despite the heat.[40]

Sergeant Visbert of House Mornard assumed the guise of a resident of Glimmertarn during his interaction with Captain Siravaen while he was spying for Stefan Mornard. However, his cover was immediately noticed.[41]

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