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A beacon ignited by the Everflame Torch
Everflame Torch at Broken Oar Cove

The Everflame Torch was a druidic relic owned by the members of Stonelore Circle in Glimmertarn. The torch was imbued with enchantment, causing it to emit potent blue flames. The torch's magical properties allowed it to ignite beacons that emitted orbs of blue light visible from great distances, spanning the entire Galen Island.[1][2][3]


Druids arriving to Glimmertarn

The exact age of the Everflame Torch is unknown. It was traditionally used by the Druids of the Glimmertarn to ignite the beacon at Veil's Bluff in times of danger. This signal served as a summons for all the Stonelore druids on Galen to return to Glimmertarn. It was only used in extreme emergencies.[2]

Several years before 2E 582 it was used to ignite the beacon in response to a rabid creature that was roaming the northern half of the island.[2]

In 2E 582, due to the machinations of Archdruid Orlaith and her Maormer allies of the Dreadsails the village of Glimmertarn was raided. During the attack, the toch was stolen and taken to the Dreadsails' camp at Broken Oar Cove. Upon request by Druid Laurel of Stonelore, a mercenary in service of House Mornard retrieved the torch. After the mercenary retrieved it, they met with Druid Laurel at Veil's Bluff and together they ignited the beacon to alert the Stonelore druids.[2][3][4] A significant number of Stonelore druids, including Archdruid Rahval, arrived at Glimmertarn shortly after, armed with weapons, stocked with supplies, and prepared for confrontation and the defense of Vastyr.[3][5]

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