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Forest Wraith
"Have you ever used an axe to fell a tree? Used that wood to craft armor, maybe a weapon itself? Imagine if, upon your first stroke of the axe, the tree you were aiming for struck back."
Druid Gastoc

Forest Wraiths (also known as dray'hoon) are evil nature spirits that are filled with rage and longing, and are said to be embodiments of death.[1][UOL 1][UOL 2] They cannot be reasoned with, and if one has identified you as a threat, it will not relent.[2] They are speculated to be related to the Allwither,[3] the representation of death in druidic culture.[4]

Forest Wraiths are thought to have been created after the death of Druid King Kasorayn at the hands of the Allwither Cult,[3][5] and were originally guardians but went rogue over the centuries.[UOL 2] Some druids willingly "submit to the Green" to become one, allowing wild spirits to possess them and transform themselves into these wooden specters.[2] Some however are forced to undergo the process unwillingly.[6] Like Phoenix Moths and other creatures that inhabit Galen, they represent echoes of the past, when magic was much wilder.[7]


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