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Lore:Earana's Notes

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Earana's Notes
Notes for Earana's aid regarding the ruins of Cloud Top

My dear helper:

Most of the text you've given me is well beyond your comprehension, I'm afraid. I found one section, however, that had been appended by the keepers of the Imperial Watch, and their notes will be of use to you.

Return to the ruins of Cloud Top. There you should find a section of pillar that looks remarkably unlike any other stonework present. The carvings on this pillar were made by the Ayleids, and the pillar has been infused with significant power.

The following was scribbled in the margins of the book, presumably by the same men who took the pillar from its original resting place. The notes are smeared in places, so I have included what I could decipher. Do note that this sounds rather dangerous, and take whatever precautions you feel are necessary.

"... only seems to function outdoors, where it reacts strongly to magic... terrible power, capable of striking a man dead on the spot..."

"...transported the stone to a secure location, in order to study it more fully..."

"...guild wizards brought in to focus power of stone. Several severely injured; stone finally 'tuned' to react to shock magic..."

"...Welkynd stone necessary to harness stone's power. Success means powers of shock unattainable through other means. "

From these notes, and the original Ayleid inscriptions, it seems that our Imperial friends were attempting to harness some degree of the Ayleid's magical power, and were marginally successful. I suggest you procure a Welkynd stone for yourself (searching Ayleid ruins will likely be the quickest method of acquiring one) and return to Cloud Top to cast a shock spell at the pillar.

What happens then, I think you can comprehend on your own.