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Oblivion:Elder Scroll

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Book Information
ID 00022db0
SeeĀ Also Lore version
Value 0 Weight 0.1
Needed for The Ultimate Heist
Found in the following locations:
  • Handed over by a blind moth priest during the quest
Elder Scroll
The contents of one the mysterious Elder Scrolls

This is an article about a specific Elder Scroll. For information on Elder Scrolls in general, see Lore:Elder Scrolls.

This is the Elder Scroll stolen in the quest The Ultimate Heist. Its symbols are identical to the Thief birthsign.

The background art of the Elder Scroll is a star map of Earth's southern polar region, containing within it most of the southern constellations. The more famous ones are Scorpius (tail part found at the left-hand side), Crux (found at the lower center of the Scroll), and Eridanus (found at the top left-hand side, with Achernar as the large patch).

Elder Scroll.jpg