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Skyrim:Experimental Subject (A)

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For the alternate version, see Experimental Subject (B).

Help Neloth by being a test subject in his experiment.
Quest Giver: Neloth
Location(s): None
Reward: 250 gold
Prerequisites: Any time after speaking to Neloth during Reluctant Steward except when finding him a new steward
"You won't feel a thing. But if you do, try not to scream too loudly. My ears are sensitive."

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Neloth.
  2. Allow him to cast an experimental spell on you.
  3. Enter the water at any point in gameplay.
  4. Return to Neloth to report the side effects of his spell.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Neloth will request you help him with an experiment. Agree and he will cast an experimental spell on you, instructing you to report to him any side effects. The spell will endow you with 25 additional points of health. You can observe the status of the effect through the Active Effects section of your magic menu. The effect is permanent until you submerge yourself up to arms length in water. Doing so will then cause a 25 point decrease to health permanently until you return to Neloth. Streams running through caves, and other shallow water regions should not affect this, nor should wading in shallow water for any period of time. It is therefore possible by carefully avoiding deep water to maintain this bonus for a significant period. By obtaining Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking during Unearthed this bonus can theoretically be maintained indefinitely, provided you manage to stay out of the rain (some players have reported that rain induces the negative effects). Returning to Neloth and reporting the negative effects will result in him removing the spell, which will set you back to normal. He will then reward you 250 gold regardless of your level.



  • When Neloth asks if you are willing to be an experimental subject, the dialogue may end without presenting the option "What kind of experiment". This means the quest cannot be started.
    • It may also break the Research quest chain. Completing another quest for Neloth may restore the proper dialogue functions.

Quest StagesEdit

Experimental Subject (DLC2TTR4a)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
100 I let Neloth cast an experimental spell on me. If I discover any side effects, I should tell him right away.
Objective 100: Watch for side effects
200 I let Neloth cast an experimental spell on me. I've discovered a potentially dangerous side effect. Normally it boosts my health, but if I am in the rain or swim, it reduces my health.
Objective 200: Talk to Neloth
300 Finishes quest 
400 Fails quest  Neloth asked me to be a test subject for one of his experiments. I refused.
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