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Skyrim:Tel Mithryn Steward's House

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Tel Mithryn Steward's House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Tel Mithryn
Tel Mithryn Steward's House

Tel Mithryn Steward's House is the home of the steward Varona Nelas or Drovas Relvi in Tel Mithryn.

It is one of the four mushroom structures in the settlement, between Tel Mithryn's tower to the east and Tel Mithryn Kitchen to the northwest.


Drovas Relvi **
Varona Nelas *

* Leaves during the quest Reluctant Steward.
** Appears after completing the quest Reluctant Steward.

Tel Mithryn Steward's HouseEdit

Tel Mithryn Steward's House interior

The entrance leads into a small circular room comprising the entire interior. To the north is a crate, a narrow table, an unowned single bed, a sideboard holding a bottle of wine and a copy of Deathbrand, and another bottle of wine and an empty wine bottle on the floor in front of the sideboard. To the east are two crates, a set of shelves holding a mammoth tusk, a horker tusk, six empty wine bottles, a swamp fungal pod, a bowl of powdered mammoth tusk, and a sample of canis root, a narrow table holding another empty wine bottle, and another set of shelves holding a crate, five more empty wine bottles, and seven common books. To the south are two chairs, a small table holding a bottle of wine, and a chest. In the middle of the room are two chairs, two empty wine bottles, and a bottle of wine around a lit brazier.


  • Although Neloth tells you he will reserve a bed and a chest for your use after completing the quest Old Friends, there will still be no chest clearly reserved for your use, and the bed in the steward's house will remain the only unowned bed or bed roll in the settlement. However, the unowned bed here will often be occupied by the current steward.