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Skyrim:Red Kelp Gas Bladder

Skyrim: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Red Kelp Gas Bladder
Red Kelp Gas Bladder
Added by Rare Curios
Value 20 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Regenerate Stamina Regenerate Stamina (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value)
2nd Waterbreathing Waterbreathing (1.6×Duration,1.67×Value)
3rd Cure Disease Cure Disease (0.36×Value)
4th Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value)

Red Kelp Gas Bladder is an ingredient added by the Rare Curios Creation. It can be purchased from Khajiit caravans. They can occasionally be found in hollow stumps in the Solitude Sewers with the Saints & Seducers Creation installed.

A Red Kelp Gas Bladder


2 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
Cure Disease Cure Disease Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka Hunger TongueCC (0.36×Value) (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value)
Cure Disease Cure Disease Regenerate Stamina Regenerate Stamina Juvenile MudcrabCC, Scrib JellyCC (0.36×Value) (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value)
Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka Waterbreathing Waterbreathing Histcarp, Salmon RoeHF (12.5×Magnitude, 0.08×Duration, 1.05×Value) (12×Duration,15.4×Value)

1 EffectEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
Regenerate Stamina Regenerate Stamina Alocasia FruitCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), Bee, Daedroth TeethCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), Fly Amanita, Mora Tapinella, Purple Butterfly WingCC, Scaly Pholiota, Wisp Stalk CapsCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value)
Waterbreathing Waterbreathing Chicken's Egg, Fungus StalkCC (1.6×Duration,1.67×Value), Hackle-Lo LeafCC, Hawk's EggHF, Luminous RussulaCC (1.6×Duration,1.67×Value), Nordic Barnacle, Scalon FinCC (1.6×Duration,1.67×Value), Scrib JerkyCC (1.6×Duration,1.67×Value)
Cure Disease Cure Disease Charred Skeever Hide (0.36×Value), ChokeweedCC (0.36×Value), Felsaad Tern FeathersDB, Hawk Feathers (0.36×Value), Mudcrab Chitin, SpadefishCC, Vampire Dust, Withering MoonCC (0.36×Value)
Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka Blind Watcher's EyeCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value), Blister Pod CapCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value), Briar Heart, Ectoplasm, Emperor Parasol MossDB, Jazbay Grapes, LichorCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value), Red Mountain Flower, SaltriceCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value), Stoneflower PetalsCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value), Tundra Cotton, Void Salts, Watcher's EyeCC (1.25×Magnitude,1.27×Value)