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Liberate a Daedric tome from an Imperial invasion base.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: The Vile Manse — Investigate the Vile Manse.
Quest Giver: Graccus' Journal, Volume I
Location(s): The Vile Manse
Reward: Discourse Amaranthine
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
The Mysterious Tome
I found the journal of Graccus, an Imperial who destroyed a Bosmer village to find a treasure buried below.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find the key.
  2. Enter the cellar.
  3. Find the Mysterious Tome.
  4. Go beneath the cellar.
  5. Find Graccus.
  6. Examine the Oghma Infinium.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

In the mansion of the Vile Manse, there is a book on the desk in the study upstairs titled "Graccus' Journal, Volume II". When activating the book, it will say the following:

<This book appears to be the journal of Graccus, the Imperial owner of the Manse. It rests open on the most recent entries.>
<Read the first marked entry.>
"After years of searching, enduring a maddening hunt, I've found it. The treasure beyond all gold is buried somewhere beneath this Bosmer town."
"I will clear the village away—and the villagers will make ideal diggers."
<Read the last entry.>
"Wouldn't have found the path to the treasure were it not for the tome."
"He must have left it. Wants me to find the treasure. I won't disappoint him. I left the tome in the cellar to remind me of my task."
I should look for this tome in the cellar. It might lead to the treasure Graccus wrote of.

This will cause you to accept the quest, and direct you to look for the key to the Cellar, which is hidden in one of the adjacent rooms. The key's hiding place is in a pair of boots in the master bedroom. Head back to the cellar latch, located in the northernmost point of the house.

Location of the Tome

Into the CellarEdit

Next, you'll need to find the tome. You are not given a direct location for the tome— instead, you are told that it is somewhere within the cellar's first floor. There are multiple places you can find the tome, but the closest is directly north in the room you entered in. Once you grab the book, the voice of Hermaeus Mora echoes within your mind.

Hermaeus Mora: "So another of you comes seeking Hermaeus Mora, and that is me. Perhaps you will prove greater than Graccus. He holds the Oghma Infinium, where lies the beginning of knowledge. Yours if you slay him. Find the descent to the caves below. He is there."

Directly west of the cellar entrance, on the other side of the cellar is a deep hole in the stonework, held open by support beams criss-crossing the length of it and surrounded by platforms. To find Graccus and the Oghma Infinium, you will have to quite literally take a dive.

Beyond the CellarEdit

After a long fall, you will fall into water; get onto land, and Hermaeus Mora once again speaks:

"Down the tunnels, in the ruins of the swallowed city: that is where you will find Graccus, and the Oghma Infinium. Prove yourself his better, and take it. He was once a promising subject, but he will never be an Ageless One. Perhaps you will."

Once on land, you can make a quick detour to collect the Skyshard if needed. If you go westward, pass the enemies right before the narrow path, and either defeat or avoid the elite enemy Xevat-Golok, you can go through a passage in the stone to collect it. Take the narrow passage to the south of the cavern until you reach the main chamber. Make sure to use the map, as there is a loop in the tunnels that may otherwise have you running in circles. The quickest path up is to keep going right at every fork, though the first right turn is partly obscured.

Confronting GraccusEdit

Stop Graccus

Once you enter, Graccus will be standing at a glowing pedestal with the book. As you get closer, Graccus will grow violently possessive over it.

Graccus: "No! I've waited for so long! You won't stop me!"

As you fight him, Hermaeus Mora will consistently stun the both of you with his mind-probing statements, black tendrils emerging from the ground as the screen shakes. Graccus' replies seem to be random

Hermaeus Mora: "Emerge the victor, and my knowledge is yours."
Graccus: "I won't be defeated! I've come too far!"
Hermaeus Mora: "One of you must fall. Let it be your opponent."
Graccus: "All the secrets of Apocrypha shall be mine!"
Hermaeus Mora: "The knowledge is there. All you must do is take it."
Graccus: "I am Mora's champion. I'll destroy any challenger!"

Once Graccus is defeated, read the book. As you do so, you will again get stunned as a mass of black tendrils emerge from the book. Hermaeus Mora will then appear, and will need to be talked to for your reward.

"And so the Infinium becomes mine again. As it always does.
You performed well against Graccus."
Where is the Oghma Infinium?
"Safely returned to its home in Apocrypha. I would not risk you against its secrets.
But I will not leave you empty-handed."

He rewards you with leveled gold and the Discourse Amaranthine memento.

Quest StagesEdit

The Waking Dreamer
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Graccus' journal claimed he was led to treasure by a mysterious tome he found in his cellar. I should find a way into the cellar myself.
Objective: Enter the Cellar
Objective Hint: Find Manse Cellar Key
Objective Hint: Check Graccus' private quarters for the key to the cellar.
I should find and read the mysterious tome that Graccus mentioned in his journal. It led him to some kind of treasure, and he left it somewhere in the cellar beneath his mansion.
Objective: Find Mysterious Tome
After i found Graccus' tome, I heard the voice of a being called Hermaeus Mora, who revealed that Graccus seeks something called the Oghma Infinium. Hermaeus Mora wishes me to find Graccus somewhere below this cellar.
Objective: Find a Way Beneath the Cellar
I've found a hole in the cellar that could take me below Graccus' mansion. I should take the drop.
Objective: Take the Drop
Objective: Climb Out
I've found a way to delve under the Graccus' mansion cellar. I should search for Graccus and the Oghma Infinium.
Objective: Find Graccus
I've found Graccus. I should defeat him, then deal with the Oghma Infinium.
Objective: Stop Graccus
Graccus is dead. I should claim the Oghma Infinium.
Objective: Examine the Oghma Infinium
Finishes quest☑ Hermaeus Mora has appeared in place of the Oghma Infinium. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Hermaeus Mora
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.