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Morrowind:Cursed Items

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Cursed Items are almost exclusively found as offerings at the various Daedric shrines. Cursed items appear exactly like their regular counterparts, except they cause a hostile Dremora Lord to appear behind you when added to your inventory. Here is a list of items which may be cursed:

Item Locations
Daedra's Heart
Ebony Broadsword
ebony broadsword_Dae_cursed
Fiend Spear
fiend spear_Dae_cursed
Glass Dagger
glass dagger_Dae_cursed
Item Locations
Imperial Steel Helmet
imperial helmet armor_Dae_curse
Raw Ebony
Silverware Candlestick

Other ItemsEdit

  • Chest (com_chest_Daed_cursed) - One in Ald Daedroth, Inner Shrine, and another in Almurbalarammi, Shrine. Both contain a nice stash of random treasure. These function just like the items, except that of course, you can't pick them up.
  • A nobleman's chest (chest_tomb_Sandas) - Found in Sandas Ancestral Tomb, contains a bunch of Orcish Armor, Cyrodiilic Brandy, and some gold. Opening it causes two seemingly dead Skeletons to get up and attack you.
  • Ancient Silver Dagger (Silver Dagger_Hanin Cursed) - 8 of them found in Ibar-Dad, these summon Ancestral Ghosts instead of Dremora Lords.
  • Dwemer Coin (misc_dwrv_cursed_coin) - 2 of them in Ald Sotha, Lower Level, these summon Dwarven Spectres. They also have a greater value than normal Dwemer coins, 125 instead of 50 gold.
  • Gold (Gold_Dae_cursed_001 or Gold_Dae_cursed_005) - Defined in the Construction Set, but does not appear in the game.


  • Cursed ingredients (Daedra's Heart, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Raw Ebony, Ruby) will not stack with regular ingredients of the same type in your inventory or a container. They are considered unique items, but with the same properties. This means that you can mix a regular Diamond with a cursed Diamond, and get a single potion with all four effects. Using this technique, it's possible to get one potion with up to eight total effects, though of course not all of them will be positive.
  • Unlike normal items, you cannot move cursed items by left-clicking them. This is a good way to distinguish between cursed and non-cursed items.
  • Cursed Items can only summon Daedra once; they cannot be used to re-summon.


  • When used in Alchemy, certain four-ingredient combinations of regular ingredients and their cursed variants — that is, regular ingredient A, cursed ingredient A, regular ingredient B, cursed ingredient B — will reliably crash the game. The crash occurs when adding the fourth item to the mixture menu. The known combinations are: Daedra's Heart and Raw Ebony, Daedra's Heart and Ruby, Diamond and Raw Ebony, Diamond and Ruby, Pearl and Raw Ebony, and Pearl and Ruby. ?