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Hermaeus Mora[edit]

Hermaeus Mora (or Herma-Mora, among others) is the Daedric Prince whose sphere is the scrying of the tides of Fate, of the past and future as read in the stars and heavens, and in whose dominion are the treasures of knowledge and memory. He describes himself as "The riddle unsolveable. The door unopenable. The book unreadable. The question unanswerable." He is vaguely related to the cult origins of the Morag Tong if only by association with his sibling, Mephala. Apocrypha is Hermaeus Mora's plane of Oblivion, an endless library where all forbidden knowledge can be found. The books all have black covers with no titles, and the library is haunted by ghosts forever searching for knowledge. Unlike most Princes, Hermaeus Mora does not take on a humanoid form at all, manifesting instead as grotesque assemblages of eyes, tentacles, and claws, or a featureless purple vortex known as the Wretched Abyss.

His servants include Daedra such as Seekers and Lurkers, but he is known to have mortal worshipers too. The Wooded Eye was a group of cultists in Second Era Valenwood who venerated Mora and served as guardians of the Cradle of Ilmyris - a library of secret knowledge.

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Hircine is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is the Hunt, the Sport of Daedra, the Great Game, the Chase, and is known as the Huntsman and the Father of Manbeasts. Hircine created the various therianthropic diseases which transform mortals into beasts and is therefore the guardian of were-creatures. They reflect his sphere admirably, hunting at night and being hunted by day. Hircine's existence appears to have been discovered later than other Daedric Princes, as he does not appear in the most ancient records and summonings of him were rare or non-existent. Hircine is a sportsman who enjoys giving his prey a chance for victory, however small. He is typically portrayed with a great spear and either the head or skull of a deer. The Khajiiti people believe that the deer's head belonged to Y'ffer's champion, the Graht-Elk. In a fit of jealousy, Hircine slew the Graht-Elk to get back at Y'ffer, who had won the love of Nirni. Hircine is said to be allied with Mehrunes Dagon, and shrines have been erected to him in places dedicated to Dagon. Hircine's enemy is Ebonarm and his summoning day is 5th of Mid Year.

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HoonDing, the Yokudan Make Way God[edit]

The HoonDing, also known as Hoonding or The Make Way God, is the Yokudan spirit of 'perseverance over infidels'. The HoonDing has historically materialized whenever the Redguards need to 'make way' for their people.

House of Troubles[edit]

The House of Troubles (also known as the Bad Daedra) is the Dunmer (and before that, Velothi) term for four of the Daedra Lords: Mehrunes Dagon, Sheogorath, Malacath and Molag Bal. These Princes are the Bad Daedra as introduced to the Chimer by the teachings of Saint Veloth. Rebels whose purpose it is to test the resolve and faith of mortals, they are also known as the Four Corners of the House of Troubles. Ancient, alien temples dedicated to their worship can be found across Morrowind.