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The Rat-god was an obscure Khajitti deity worshipped during the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era.[1] Some sources refer to their followers as the "sand devils".[UOL 1]

Raen, Breton God of AgricultureEdit

Raen is the Breton God of Agriculture, with his associated temples being called The Conservatory of Raen and the associated knightly order being The Knights of the Field. Reliquaries of Raen can be found across the Iliac Bay region.[2] Praying to Raen can result in one's navigational skills being increased.

Raen is mentioned in King Edward, Part X, where Mara mentions that Raen and herself were needed elsewhere.

Rajhin, Footpad, Thief God of the KhajiitiEdit

Rajhin the Purring Liar, also known as the Trickster God, the Footpad, Cat Who Walks, and the Cat-King of Thieves is the Thief god of the Khajiiti people. He has Seven Shadows, each representing different aspects of his being.

Reman CyrodiilEdit

Reman Cyrodiil (sometimes enumerated as Reman I), called the Worldly God, was a cultural god-hero of the Second Empire, founder of the Reman Dynasty, and the greatest hero of the Akaviri Trouble of 1E 2703. His name, Reman, means "Light of Man". Contrary to popular belief, the province of Cyrodiil was not named after him; rather, he adopted the ancient Ayleid name for the province, Cyrod, as his surname.

Reymon EbonarmEdit

See Ebonarm.


Riana is the object of reverence for the Conclave of Riana.[3]

Riddle'Thar, Two-Moons DanceEdit

The cosmic order deity of the Khajiiti, the Riddle'Thar was revealed to Elsweyr by the prophet Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, the Mane. The Riddle'Thar is more a set of guidelines by which to live than a single entity, but some of his avatars like to appear as humble messengers of the gods. Also known as the Sugar God.[4] Those who reached the highest levels of the way of Riddle'Thar are nearly unbeatable in weaponless combat.[5] The Riddle'Thar promised a paradise to the Khajiit known as Llesw'er.[6]

Ruptga, Tall PapaEdit

Ruptga, more commonly Tall Papa, is the chief deity of the Yokudan and Redguard pantheon. He was the first god to figure out how to survive the Hunger of Satakal.


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