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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in Daggerfall
The area in which Abibon-Gora is found

Abibon-Gora (also known as Albion-Gora)[1] is a region that rests on the western coast of Hammerfell, in the Iliac Bay region. It is a humid subtropical region with beaches and grasslands on its coastlines.[2][3] It shared borders with Kairou to the north and the Alik'r Desert to the east when it was a barony in the Third Era. It is unknown how far south it goes, but the entire region from Abibon-Gora down to the peninsula of Hegathe is a lush plant-filled rainforest.[4] Redguards predominate the region, with Julianos as the favorite deity. Sophists and mystics at his chapel engage in friendly debates during gatherings.[5] The capital city is the city of Abibon-gora,[6][7] and the locality is protected by the Knights of the Wheel.[8][9]:100

After Redguards moved into the area, the local Sload found that their methods of criminal justice provided a good source of material for experiments in necromancy. Despite efforts from the Redguards to rid themselves of the Sload, reports of them surviving as far north as Abibon-Gora lasted into the Third Era.[10]

The people of the region celebrate a holiday called Drigh R'Zimb on the 1st of Mid Year, a festival held in honor of the sun. No other Redguards worship the sun on this day, so scholars have suggested that the holiday might be a direct translation of older Redguard festivals from before their migration to Tamriel from Yokuda.[11][12] They are also well known for their martial arts. Some swings and stances were developed in Albion-Gora, and many counter-attacks, feints, and blocks were imported from Yokuda.[1]

After the Warp in the West, Abibon-Gora became a part of the Kingdom of Sentinel.[10][13]

City of Abibon-goraEdit

Abibon-gora (Daggerfall)
Map of Abibon-gora (city)

Abibon-gora is the walled, capital city of the eponymous fiefdom. It features a palace and has palm trees spread throughout.[6][7]


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