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Ilni symbolizes the air in Tsaesci culture. She is said to own a colorful fan.[1]

Lord IrarakEdit

Lord Irarak was a minor self-proclaimed god residing in Vvardenfell around 3E 427. Originally named Gulmon Droth, a Dunmer man from Gnisis that contracted Porphyric Hemophilia (vampirism), he came to view himself as a divine being and set himself up as "The Dark Lord Irarak" in a local tomb. He managed to gather a small cult of young and disillusioned followers, who worshipped him and tended to his needs. Although the local population considered him pathetic but harmless, the Quarra vampire clan saw him as a mockery of vampires and had him killed.[2]

Ius, God of AnimalsEdit

The statues one sees throughout Valenwood and parts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr that seem to be of a misshapen humanoid carrying a rod are of Ius, the God of Animals.[3]


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